chapter 1

when i was young me and a friend used to travel,we would walk clear across town just to get to a sale on candy at the candy shop,but that all ended when a robbery was committed at a local dust shop. Roman torchwick,a criminal who had been robbing the dust shop had attempted to rob me and my friend,my friend had tried to save me and himself and tried to fight Roman,my friend was shot that day,killed.but today,i have joined a special ops team (who travel of course) and we have a mission to arrest Roman.

Arrival at base 22:00

we are now arriving at the base of our special ops team,we have been given a mission to go to an unknown planet know as Raxis. we were told that Roman could be lurking somewhere in that area.we had training to do first though,we trained our hearts out,but we knew we were ready.

chapter 2

we will arrive in Raxis soon,we will ride by ship the planet is a steampunk-like planet but also formed into a city,a city full of junk. we will arrive in Raxis after we pass the test.

Spacial Test 24:00

we are taking a spacial test in which we will train to actually go up in space,it looks pretty fun,actually,but the journey will be most satisfying,especially when we catch Roman!

Launch site

i passed the test,i have the endurance to go to Raxis,me and my team will go to Raxis,my name is jax and my crew including,jason torchwick(Romans brother),dax shredderman,and sgt.fragger. dont be alarmed,jason and Roman never liked each other,jason was good and Roman was evil.

chapter 3

Arival at Raxis 12:00

we have arrived at Raxis,it reminds me of when my childhood friend and i had went to the beach,and the beach had nothing but pieces of scrap metal and some water,that is what Raxis looks kinda like.i have a gps that can locate where Roman is,so we can find and arrest that bastard,i found his ship when we had landed,it looks like it may have crashed,we fix the ship and we fly it over Raxis buildings to make it easier to find Roman,but right when we are hovering over the city we get RPG fire from the Raxis military (go figure) then we are spotted,causing some warfare in the city.

we manage to escape the warfare,but we end up in the middle of nowhere,we found that we had no food and lots of ammo for our guns,we decide to go hunting but,the livestock on the planet was scarce,and we didnt know what to eat or not since,all of the animals were unknown to us.

chapter 4

traces of Roman

we found that on our gps Roman was lurking nearby we found him but he was allready captured by locals,(a tribe that inhabits a planet that has been unknown)we fought off the locals and managed to capture Roman he managed to escape

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