Here comes the --- *BOOM* -- AHAHAHAHA!"
— -Raye when setting off an explosive
Raye Kuria Delsun
Raye K. Delsun
Age 17
Title Member
Alias Raye Delsun
Nickname "Sunshine", "Sweetness", "Twizzler"
Status Active
Color Yellow
Gender Female
Race Human
Born August 5th - Leo
Handedness Ambidexterous
Complexion Fair
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Crystal Blue
Height 4'11
Weight 122 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Sanctum Academy

Partner Peyton Bronte
Occupation Student


Personal Status
Relatives Cherri Delsun - Mother

Bergen D. Delsun - Father

Althea La'Folle - Caregiver

Additional Info
Likes The Sun, Explosions, Sweet things, Making new friends, Fightning, Inventing
Dislikes Being treated like a child, Rain, Vegetables, Horror
Special Skills Ambidexterous, Nimble and Quick, Stamina is good.
Weaknesses Impetuous to a fault, somewhat clumsy
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Raye Kuria Delsun is a member of Team PRDT. She is the resident genius and 2nd fastest of the group in terms of agility and attack-speed.

She is the youngest of 3 triplets born to Cherri and Bergen D. Delsun. Although she grew up living in the lap of luxury, she didn't really get the oppurtunity to experience the highlights of that life. She was born in Atlas, in her father's estate, where she stayed sheltered from most of the outside world until she turned 14.


Raye is a petite girl. She keeps her back length hair tied up into two pigtails on either side of her head, secured with hair bubbles that are actually explosives. She wears a white mid-drift/turtleneck shirt with a sun insignia on it. Her "Battle Skirt" is a suspender skirt with the same insignia on the side. She wears biking shorts underneath. Raye wears a pair of floppy socks and gradient orange "converse" sneakers with small belts strapped across the ankle for fashion purposes.

RAYE kuria delsun

Artwork by PitgurlX3 on deviantart

The bow that is on her side is secured to her skirt via a ring of metal sewn into the top portion. One pair of nunchuks will fit into the ring, and this is how she carries her weapons when she's not using them.

Raye likes to accessorize, but not for the reasons one might think. The bracelets she wears also double as explosives, (in case battles get ugly and she needs to make a quick getaway.)  The two heart-shaped earrings were given to her by her caregiver --Althea-- when Raye went away to Beacon, and the ribbon she wears on her ankle is akin to her partner Peyton's. They were Raye's idea, meant to symbolize the partnership between the two.  


Raye Re-design

Raye Delsun's re-design.

Raye now wears suspenders instead of a skirt. Her shirt has thin sleeves as opposed to puffy, and she wears a sleeveless, denim jacket. Her gradient converses are much longer, and her socks are now bandages. (Just for decoration.)

She's moved her red ribbon from her ankle up to her thigh. Everything else is unchanged.


Raye is a happy-go-lucky, hyperactive and very crazy, young girl. Her kooky, childish demeanor can attract others towards her or drive them away. Either way, she loves the way she is, and is well aware of other’s perception of her.

Raye is driven solely by her feelings. She doesn’t put any logic whatsoever into a lot of her actions, giving her a “leap before you look” mentality. She’s the type of girl that usually blurts out the first thing on her mind without thinking of the consequences, dives headfirst into battle without a strategy, etc. This can either be a very good thing, or a very bad thing. Because she’s not completely hopeless, it’s usually a 50/50 shot at either one.

To Raye, everything she does, she does for a reason, and some way or another, things will work out if people just “go with the flow.” Often times, people don’t think as optimistically as she does, so they disagree and do things another way. This angers Raye to no end, because she sees it as a way of treating her like a child by not acknowledging her opinions. Rather than taking the “adult” way of handling such a situation, she does one of two things. 1.) She does it anyway or 2.) she whines…and then does it anyway. 

Needless to say, she has the attention span of a goldfish with ADHD (at times). And she’s a pyromaniac. Raye loves explosions. And she loves using them. She incorporates them in some way into her battle tactics – assuming she has one -- and invents her own explosives. Teagan calls her "Twizzler" because she's "Totally Twisted" when it comes to destruction via the use of explosives.  Before one detonates, she will say: "Here comes the----" Waits for the explosion to go off, and then laughs manaiacally. Every time. She also holds grudges and makes childish arguments.

On the other hand, Raye is loving, smart, and empathetic. She’s an affectionate cuddlebug. She’s the first one to give a crying friend a biiiig squeeze, or give them a good glomping, tackle, or anything of the sort. She’s openly expressive.

Raye is also smarter than a lot will give her credit for. She invents her own weapons and explosives. She’s very good in subjects like chemistry, physics, technology and engineering. Of all the dangerous situations she’s dived headfirst into, she’s always managed to come out alive, meaning she does have the ability to formulate plans on the spot, even if they’re impractical. Often times, people will interact with Raye, thinking that they are taking advantage of her, but she’s very good at turning the tables on such people and playing them for the fool. And she has her moments of wisdom as well, although she’s the last person you’d expect to get it from. 

Because she’s empathetic, she can be prone to mood swings. When a friend is happy, she is happy. When a friend is sad, she’ll cry with them, and try to cheer them up. If she senses something wrong, she’ll go out of her way to figure out the problem and find a solution. In her heart she wants the best for the people she loves. 


Not even the doctors could explain why it was just Raye who had been born with a rare heart disease, and not either of the other two twins. All they knew was that she was born unlucky, and would be confined to a bed for the rest of her life – which would be short, since they weren't expecting her to live past 5 years old. When the Delsun's heard the news, they were devastated and ashamed.

In order to make her last few years as comfortable as possible, the Delsun's put young Raye in a room with her sisters and had nursemaids attend to her every need. But little Raye was always in pain, so she was always crying, disturbing everyone around her. Eventually, Raye had to be moved into a house seperate from the main mansion, where she was hidden away and forgotten by all except the maids that tended to her. None of the caretakers that took on the job of caring full-time for young Raye ever stayed for long – they couldn't keep up with her demands. Her 10 other siblings eventually came to disregard her as “that sick baby”. Her parents especially couldn't be bothered. For starters, her father was always working and paid little attention already to his healthy children. Once he found out that Raye was sickly and would not live long, he stopped caring. As for her mother, she soon divorced Bergen and was not heard from again. As a result, Raye never knew who her birth mother was.

It seemed like the child was destined to live a lonely life. Eventually she would be gone – erased, like a mistake that should never have happened, her existence reassured by only a select few...

...But then one day, a young faunus woman named Althea was hired as Raye's new caretaker. And something changed.

Althea La'Folle was unable to have kids of her own. So when she met Raye, despite her obvious flaws, she was smitten. They met when the child was 2. Raye was bed-ridden and couldn't talk. But she took a liking to Althea early on – she was always fascinated by her fox ears. 

Even though it was very hard at times, Althea was always by Raye's side, reading her stories, rocking her to bed, massaging her when she was hurting, and just being – in many ways – a mom. She never gave up on Raye. Althea was the one who suggested physical therapy for her, although when she ran the idea by Bergen, he wouldn't support it. He considered it a waste of money since, at the time, she only had another 2 years to live. So Althea paid for everything herself. Along with the physical therapy, she also scheduled speech therapy. Little by little as the days went by, Raye eventually started to learn how to walk and talk. And on her 5th birthday, Althea gave her a bundle of books. Raye took a liking to two in particular named “The littlest huntress.” and “Oh my stars! Our sun.”, These were the two books that sparked her interest --which later grew into a passion -- for both huntressing and science.

And although everyone thought that her 5th would be Raye's final birthday, they watched with baited breath as her 6th birthday came...

...Then her 7th. 

...And then her 8th.

And they watched as Raye did away with her wheelchair, graduating from a cane to small, baby-steps to full on sprints. And they watched as Raye sped ahead intellectually, already studying intermediate-level physics by the time she was 11 years old. They watched the sickly, weak toddler evolve into a brilliant and energetic young girl, who exuded warmth and boundless energy wherever she went.

Raye began huntress training when she was 9 years old, deciding to learn how to use nun-chucks after getting inspired from a documentary on Hunters and Huntresses that she'd watched months earlier. It took her a bit of time because her health was sometimes a hinderance – although she would never admit it. There were days when Raye would have to retire early from training because her heart wasn't strong enough to endure the brunt of it. Regardless, she continued to persevere. Raye's stubborness was well-known for all the right reasons. She has never been the type to take things with a grain of salt; nor is the type to go down without a fight. Her stubborness and perserverance is part of the reason why she is still alive.

Raye had always liked explosions, and the thing that sparked her interest the most in them was the sun. She'd spent some time studying Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Injections, and wanted to create one herself. Although she couldn't, On her 12th birthday, she was able to create her 1st firework, and detonated it over her house. 

When Raye turned 14, she convinced Althea to let her study combat formally at Sanctum Academy. When she told the rest of her siblings about her plan, they mostly expressed disbelief in her. Her father surprised everyone however – because when she went to tell him her plans, even though no one was expecting him to, he allowed her to go and even covered all the costs. The reason why he did so is still a mystery, considering the fact that for the better part of her childhood he didn't believe in her, and doubted that she would even live to see 14.

At Sanctum, Raye was not only able to put all her nunchuck knowledge to practice (finally), but she was able to expand upon her scientific knowledge to create one of her signature weapons – compact bombs capable of detonating multiple times, and compact bombs capable of reassembling themselves after detonation. Disguising these bombs as things like candy, jewelry, and the like, she was able to keep the element of surprise while also blasting everything to holy hell.

At 17, she graduated from Sanctum. She applied and was accepted to Beacon Academy, where she is currently studying. She continues to amaze her family members – who still can't believe that she's alive – and Althea, who is still her biggest supporter to date. 

Weapon and Combat


Umbra Vitale and Corona Flare watermark

Umbra Vitale and Corona Flare. All 3 forms. Drawn by PitgurlX3 on deviantart.

Raye's Weapon is a Nunchuck/Pistol/Dual-whip chain 3-way combination. Named Corona Flare and Umbra Vitale respectively. Her weapon is more suited for short and mid-range. It has 3 forms.
  • Stage 1: Nunchuck - In this stage, her weapons are basic nunchucks without any gimmicks. These are the primary form she uses them in. 
  • Stage 2: Twin Pistols - In this stage, the nunchuks become pistols. These have limited ammo she she uses them sparingly, since she tends to forget to carry extra bullets.
  • Stage 3: Dual Whipchain - In this stage, the two nunchucks combine and extend in order to make this strange weapon. It's weilded in a strange way -- like fighting with two jump-ropes connected by a stick. They are very hard to use, but Raye likes it, because it's intersting to fight with. In order to make this form, the weapons will have to be in nunchuck form first. They can't go from gun to whip.  

She is also sure to have at least 2 camoflauge explosives on her at all times. She invents these on her own using any materials at her disposal. She has an entire jewelry box filled with different kinds of explosives (not that she carries them with her), although she sometimes shapes them like candy. Anything that she can carry on her without suspection. Some of the bombs she makes are capable of reforming after detonation, but they are only empty shells for recycling. All bombs only detonate once. The kinds of bombs she has are combustion bombs, smokescreens, and special "eco-friendly" bombs that detonate with plasma-like energy. 


The best advantage Raye has is her agility and speed. She confuses and overwhelms her enemies and opponents, keeping them guessing as to what move she will do next. Another advantage she has is her assortment of bombs and smokescreens. The smokescreens come in especially handy, and the bombs are good for setting off distractions (and killing Grimm). The best part of her explosives is that they are camouflaged -- people don't expect bracelet or earring bombs, but she's got 'em!


Raye is agile and moderately strong, but she lacks significant range. She would struggle against fighting styles that are 1.) Defensive, but have speed (such as Pyrrha) 2.) Exclusively ranged and agile 3.) Fighters that are as quick as she is, but stronger and more calculated in their approach.

Another weakness she has is her stamina. She has the 2nd least amount, followed by Dahlia. The reason is because her whacky battle tactics aren't well thought out and she unleashes everything she has at once. A sustained fight will tire her out quickly. She is trying to tweak this method of fighting during her time at Beacon.

Another weakness Raye has is that she lacks a legit strategy. Her "strategy" is "no-strategy" but its worked for her thus far, so.

In Battle

With the Team - Raye's strength is close-ranged combat. She is strong and quick enough to hold her own, but she most often serves as the distraction. Raye will be the one to distract an enemy or opponent with her dizzying speed, while a stronger teammate -- namely Teagan -- will go deliver the final blows.

1 vs. 1 - Raye uses her speed and weapon's whip function to her advantage. She is not the type to really "read" her oppenent's moves. She operates by delivering a flurry of attacks at once to overwhelm her opponent, and taking advantage of their inability to read her moves. She uses the whip to fight, but also to trip people or constrict them, the latter is seldom used because it disarms her.


  • Peyton Bronte - Raye and her partner are so different from each other that their personalities clash on a daily basis. However, their differences also bring out the best -- and the worst -- in each other. Peyton will scold Raye on how she acts childish, and Raye will blow up on Peyton for being "Full of herself". On the other hand, Raye's handiness and creativity makes her a good teammate, and Peyton's ability to formulate a plan to make the spontaneous creativity useful makes her a good teammate for Raye. These two are like yin and yang. Opposite, but together no matter what.
  • Dahlia Deluna - Raye sees Dahlia as "the good cop" because of how grown up she acts, and like a older sister (despite them being the same age). Raye will go to Dahlia when she wants to rant, or when she wants someone to talk to. And unlike the other girls, Dahlia is the only one who Raye listens to without putting up a struggle. Raye vexes Dahlia sometimes because her "creative inventions" leave the dorm a mess. And then Dahlia goes crazy. Regardless, the two are close and are good friends.
  • Teagan-Blaise Shouree - Is the most like Raye personality wise, only Teagan is wiser and has more experience in wordly matters because of her past. Teagan calls Raye my "Sister from another Mister", because they are so similar. They have the same ideas of what is "fun", they both agree that Peyton needs to loosen up, and they're both surprisingly twisted in their own way. These two are like partners in crime for mischief, but to Dahlia and Peyton's chagrin.  
  • Althea La'Folle - Althea is the only "mother" Raye has ever known. She will stop whatever she's doing to go help her if she ever needs assistance. In Raye's eyes, she owes Althea her whole life. The two have a very good relationship. Even as Raye is away at school, she video messages Althea whenever she can.

Creation and Development

Raye Delsun Reference

Raye's Reference. Drawn by PitgurlX3 on deviantart.

Like the other girls, Raye has 2 inspirational characters. They are Rikku of Final Fantasy and Ling Xiaoyu of Tekken. 

Originally, she was a "sweet" kind of character. Like the cheerful, moe kind. It was changed because it didn't combat Peyton's personality enough, and because with Dahlia, it would be like having two of the same character with only slight differences. Also, it wasn't fitting for a sadistic pyromaniac.

Although she is the second in the Team Order, she was the last to be named and sketched. 


  • Raye: As in the "rays" of the sun.
  • Kuria: This is the Japanese romanization of the world "Clear"
  • Delsun: "Del" is a spanish contraction for "of the" and "Sun" is self explanatory. 

Her name literally means "Clear Ray of the Sun", but is more loosely meant to mean "Raye of Sunshine", which alludes to her cheerful personality, and the perky ones of her reference characters.  


- Her full name is "Raye Kuria Delsun" but she is commonly referred to as just "Raye Delsun." 

-She has the biggest breasts of all of her teammates, much to Teagan's chagrin. This was meant to be ironic when juxtaposing the fact that she is the most childish in demeanor, yet also the most "womanly" in appearance. 

-Her original reference character used to be Vanille of Final Fantasy XIII, but the idea was scrapped. 

-Raye is the youngest of them all. 
  • Raye's very first outfit concept. As you can see, she looked a hot mess so it had to go.
  • Raye's first final. She is shoeless and armless. Her hair was fashioned to suit the "sweet" theme.
  • The current dipiction of Raye. In this picture, there's rose on her shirt as a placeholder for the current insignia.

-Despite her, Peyton and Dahlia having gone to the same combat school (Signal), she never met Peyton, and she never interacted with Dahlia.

-Raye is addicted to Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Lemonade. These are two recipes Althea taught her to make when she was a child, and she made them so much that she can recall them from memory.

-Sometimes when she fights with her weapon in her 3rd form, she hits herself.

-Raye and Teagan have swapped a couple of times. Teagan's eyes were oringally blue, and Raye's were green. Also, Teagan used to be the one weilding dual pistols, and Raye had a rocket lanucher to better suit her "explosive" personality, but that too was swapped.  


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