You... are my target.
— Rayne Annarosé
Rayne Annarosé
Rayne Bust
Age 18
Title Blood Rayne
Nickname Ray-ray
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Deep Purple
Height 5'7"
Weight 140 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Huntress
Personal Status
Relatives Selena Schiess

Alice Schiess

Additional Info
Emblem Rayne Emblem
Likes Asher Stahl
Dislikes Heart
Character Theme

Reversible Campaign by DECO*27 English ver. [rachie]


Mkuchima's Rayne 1

Post-Fall Rayne wielding the sword-spear form of RAISER - (mkuchima)

Rayne is a moderately tall 18 year old female with bright, jaw-length black-hair, mesmerizing violet eyes and a fair, but mostly emotionless, complexion.

Post - Fall of Beacon

Rayne is retrofitted with custom equipment developed for her during her time in the White Truth. While they were meant as a form of control and surveillance over her, these features have been forcibly disabled by her step-mother, Selena Schiess.

The outfit retains the same iconic white coat trimmed in red with the addition of a hood. She rolls up the sleeves of the coat and wears a pair of durable white gloves. The base is a grey sneaking suite, a departure from the formal shirt, tie, and skirt, which is renforced with cushioning pads stitched in red. Over top, she dons a set of black armour covering her chest, abdomen, shins, and right shoulder.

In addition, she has access to a carbon-fiber tactical mask which houses an on-board A.I. capable of basic trajectory calculations, general data-bases, and multitudes of vision filters. Rayne tends to not don the mask as she finds it distasteful to look at in addition to the fact that to operate the A.I. she needs to call it by its name, Mum.

Rayne has also started growing out her hair, evident by her developing pony-tail akin to her step-sister, Alice Schiess. 

Pre - Fall of Beacon

Her attire, apart from the school uniform she has to wear, consisted of her signature white jacket with a red-edge trim (a memento of her past as an operative of a cult/assassination contractor), gray sleeveless dress/collar shirt, black skirt and black stockings. Complimenting her hair are two cyan hair pins placed the right side of her face. Her attire suggested she means business and it reflected her professionalism.


Post - Fall of Beacon

Rayne is still lacking in speech and the desire for conversation post-Fall, however, she no longer uses her notepad and appears more open about the way she feels through her facial expressions as well as actions. Rayne has developed a concept of valuing the individuals around her, namely her team and especially her team leader, Asher.

Her opinion of her mother has changed somewhat from an agent of the cult to a caring mother.

Pre - Fall of Beacon

Rayne rarely opens up to others and decent conversations are non-existent unless required. She is not shy, but more an unsocial type of person; she can be reckless or aggressive if she has a goal to fulfill.

Having been raised by the White Truth, a cult believing around the concept of a god that punishes humanity through the Grimm, Rayne is insanely disciplined and only recently knew of how to act of her own will outside of her organization. The Rayne now is still stern and serious, yet, is intelligent and knows how to constantly run her mouth with uncharacteristically teasing statements. She has found solace in cracking ironically relevant jokes, however, this attitude is only something she shows within her team.

When she does communicate without the presence of her team, she writes on a notepad in complete and unusually formal sentences. This habit stemmed from her injury at the hands of Asher, her teammate, during their first encounter which damaged her vocal chords.

Rayne Annarose New

Pre-Fall Rayne wielding the V.I.P.R. - (DustpeltX)


GH - 000 [RSR]

The GH - 000 [RSR] or Recombinant Sword-Spear Reaper system, codenamed: RAISER (pronounced: RYE-ZER) is an all purpose, component based weapon designed and produced by the Research and Development unit of the White Truth. The weapon is contructed from two shorts swords, designated as GH - 000 [SS], and two firearms, designated as GH - 000 [FA-A/B].

GH - 000 [SS]

A pair of short-swords make up the first component of the sword-spear. The blades have a crimson core while its guard is a mixture of carbon black and mateallic grey.

The weapon is made from two types of experimental alloy developed for the purpose of extreme heat and shear resistance. However, they were not viable for mass production and was ultimately discontinued. The first type, Type-S is flexible and malleable but does not tear easily. This alloy is used to from the weapon's core components while a second type, Type-K, is rigid and strong, but does not chip easily and so is used as the material of choice for the outer layer and cutting edge.

Mkuchima's Rayne 2

Post-Fall Rayne wielding the [MR] and Matriarch Mask -(mkuchima)

GH - 000 [FA-A/B]

The GH - 000 [FA] refer to two asymmetical fire arms that make up the shaft of RAISER and are designated as [A] or [B]. They only slightly differ in attachments but take the same size of ammunition, including Dust-based ones, and perform at fully automatic or semi-automatic settings.

The [A] variant sports a integrated holographic sight while the [B] variant features flip-up iron-sights. In addition, the stock of the [B] variant hides a magnifier that can be attached to the [A] variant.

GH - 000 [MR]

Raiser Weapon Concept

GH - [RSR] Concept - (DustpeltX)

The combine version of both [FA] variants, the [MR] variant is a standard Designated Marksman Rifle. In this form it is able to accepte higher caliber rounds without damaging its internal components and provides a longer effective range. However, this form is only limited to semi-automatic fire.

The GH designation dictates RAISER as a "God Hunter" variant of weapons, a series of one-of-a-kind prototypes with personal modifications catered towards a specific user.

OD -  [000]

Furthermore, the RAISER was designed with an Ordinance Deployment Unit (OD UNIT) similar to the Rocket Lockers used in Hunter Academies. OD - [00] stores all components of RAISER within it and can be called upon by a bracelet given to its wielder. The deployment unit has universal tracking and runs on Dust cells that need to be replaced after every launch into the battlefield.

The unit is about the size of a large shield and can be used as a form of deployable cover. The unit is housed within a nondescript location in Vale's mountains and returns when it is instructed to.

Matriarch Mask

A carbon-fiber mask with a built in heads up display that keeps tract of temperature, position, time, ammunition, etc. In addition, it features a voice modulator, night and thermal vision, and an on-board A.I. assistant.


The on-board A.I. in Rayne's mask, the acronym was coined by its creator, Selena Schiess, and stands for Mapping Utilities Matriarch. The A.I. itself is not very smart but is capable of calculating basic trajectory problems and data-base searches as well as give basic suggestions. It was a side project by Selena while learning the inner workings of coding and thus, shares her voice and personality traits.

VIPRS (Cleaned)

V.I.P.R. - (DustpeltX)

V.I.P.R. (Lost)

Rayne wielded the Versatile Impact Positioning Reaper system (V.I.P.R.) or simply The Viper, a war-scythe with a few tricks up it's sleeve. It originated from the Research and Development branch of the organization she once belongs to. the White Truth, and is a second iteration of the concept. The first being her step-mother's weapon, the Wanderer.

While not as compact as Cresent Rose, it does eliminate the basic problem of a combat scythe - it's inefficiency as a combat weapon.

The difference is, while sacrificing its ability to function as one powerful firearm, the V.I.P.R.S. is able to break into a multitude of weapons, preventing any unfavorable battle conditions related to the clumsiness that is, a scythe.

The V.I.P.R.S. consists of two weapons, its blade which can act as a curved sword by itself and a pair of shot-gun tonfas. The two weapons functions as 2 other weapons when combined in certain order, namely two tonfa can be combined to form a pole and attaching the blade to the pole reverts it back into its war-scythe form.

Opting for a more historically accurate war-scythe model, the V.I.P.R.S. is closer in relation to a halberd than the curved harvesting tool. 

This weapon was lost during the Fall of Beacon. 

Fighting Style and Abilities

Post - Fall of Beacon


Drawn by ekalos (stormcow)

Rayne's fighting style has since departed from her quick charges into battle decided by the first striker and she has acquired the will to assess the situation in the same way her team leader does.

This change came hand-in-hand with her re-purposed weapon which forced her to be more selective about which fights she participated in and their approach. She can decide between a long distance battle with the marksman form, a full-out firefight with the firearms, or a melee brawl that is quick or spaced out with the shortswords or sword-spear.

Her hand-to-hand is not as developed compared to her step-mother and step-sister but she does have pre-requisite knowledge on both Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun. Thus she incorporates the two when disarmed.

Pre - Fall of Beacon

As a person whose vocabulary consists of every word but failure, Rayne's fighting style is lethal and to the point. Any fight will start with the exploitation of any available opening or glaring weaknesses and her combat endurance, stubbornness as well as finesse can make the experience of fighting her feel more akin to surviving in a tropical storm.

She prefers charging straight into battle with her scythe in hand. By gauging the battle-style of her opponent, Rayne can adjust her approach accordingly through the use of Viper's component weapons. She can switch from the 3 weapons flawlessly as she sees fit, use them separately and use them in tandem.

Each fighting style has its own disadvantages.

The war-scythe combat style uses long sweeps and thrusts; it is also heavy on its head which will leave the user wide open for counter attack if the attacks miss and it also easily tires out the user. In this form, the shot-guns are not usable as the barrels have been joined and locked to acts as the war-scythe's shaft.

The sword-play style imposes the use of a curved sword which is lighter, faster and more consistent but lacks the ability to stagger opponents who can take pain to a certain degree.

The use of the tonfas provide a deadly force in close quarters combat but severely lack in range, thus posing a threat to safety. However, this style is also the most mobile of the three due to the enhanced firearms implemented into the weapons.

In addition to ranged attacks through the use of bullets in the Viper's firearms, Rayne has often employed the self-developed technique of, what her team leader, Asher Stahl, calls, "Blade Launching". Simply put, the attack consists of throwing the Viper's sword into the air and, with the aid of the tonfas and some ammunition, spiking the the butt of the sword, sending it hurtling into whatever direction she chooses with great force.

Semblance: Transcendent Crown

At first glance Rayne's Semblance, Transcendent Crown, simply increases the amount of Aura, channeling into her weapon. The resulting energy heats her weapon until it glows white hot, about 1315 °C (2309 °F). This lasts about half an hour before needing to rest a full hour after.

However, it appears this is only a side effect of Rayne's Semblance as its true nature is similar to her step-sister's Semblance, Guardian, which summons an armoured, glaive wielding paladin. The entity, known as Crown, has no mind of its own, and can only copy its user's movements to a fault or be controlled directly in a range of about 2 meters from her. It stands about 6 feet tall and possesses raw strength and speed about double that of an average human. However, unlike Alice's Guardian, Crown shares 100% of its Aura reserves with Rayne, meaning any damage taken by Crown will be dealt straight back to the user.

In addition, the entity is able to heal any injury, provided the target has not died already, but has high requirements as well as drawbacks, these include:

  • Rayne must have at least 20% of her Aura left in reserve

  • The target, after fully healed, will be out of commission for at least 24 hours

  • Healing any would would result in complete Aura depletion from both user and target, leaving them both exposed

  • Application requires Crown to pump Aura directly into the target's heart to ensure proper healing.

  • She cannot self-heal via this method.


Rayne Annarosé is illegeitimate child of a cult leader by the name of Fred Philips and his mistress, Mary Annarosé. Her father was the leader of a well-funded, radical organization by the name of White Truth which now specializes in the training of skilled and fanatical mercenaries for high. It also doubles as a fanatical cult dedicated to bringing out the will of their rich elites. The cult is most notorious for extorting divine protection money from its followers.

At an early age, Rayne was already being trained to fight. The organization wasted no time in sending her out on various hits, as early as the age of ten, on important individuals, political figures or rivaling company officials. If there was money to be had for their services, the organization will perform.

She lived in the City of Vale along with her step-mother, Selena Schiess, and step-sister, Alice Schiess (both of whom eventually left as she entered her teens) at the request of the organization in an effort to provide a better vantage point for her operations. There, she the attended the same academic schools as Asher Stahl, her future team leader, like any un-battleworthy adolescent.

During her third high school year, right at the start of a rainy March Break, she had received another task from the organization to eliminate a wandering daughter of a blacksmith, killed a decade ago, who would appear at a certain park. She enlisted Asher of its location who happened to have met her during one of her shifts at the Heart à la Mode Café, a coffee shop where she acts as an employee and still currently.

Later the same night, she completed her task as expected and quickly disposed of her target. However, she would later encounter her target again, now going by the name of Heart accompanied by Asher, tracking and losing to the both of them during her second attempt of disposal.

During the last day of March Break, when Rayne found herself in the Forever Fall Forest accompanied by Asher at her request. It was there they sparked a realtionship and also apologized to a girl by the name of Tana Bunsen for the murder of her parents by her hands. 

On the first day of school after March Break, Rayne resumed her seemingly normal life until she was notified of an on-going attempt on Asher's life. Despite being unarmed, she managed to defend long enough for the coincidental arrival of both Tana and Heart and was able to repulse the assassins.

RvH by narukkod

An Eye for an Eye drawn by narukkod

The story was covered up for privacy reasons. As for Rayne, she suddenly felt responsible for the events that had unfold and visited Asher at his home only to find a chuckling Ozpin and the members of her future team gathered there. All four were later offered the chance to enter Beacon which all four accepted.

Post - Fall of Beacon

Rayne and her team defended a student shopping distict during the Grimm invasion of Vale but was kidnapped by her step-mother, Selean Schiess, and her squad of White Truth operatives who took advantage of the confusion.

She was taken a safehouse where Sleena confided her history to Rayne and explain that her actions where a motherly effort of keeping her safe, something Rayne recognized. The two somewhat reconciled and Selena outfitted Rayne with new equipment as a gift. Rayne was released afterwards into Vale once more to reform her team.


Selena Schiess

Rayne's step-mother and acting mother for most of her childhood. She is also her trainer for the weapon that she formerly used, the V.I.P.R., and as well as every single skill she possess came from this woman.

As a mother, Selena was like any other, she took care of both her own daughter, Alice, as well as Rayne. Rayne and Selena had decent mother-daughter relationship and Rayne respects her both as her mother and teacher, but after Rayne cut ties with the group, they have not seen each other since.

Alice Schiess

Rayne's step-sister and daughter of Selena Schiess. As far as she can remember, Alice has always been a loving and caring member of the family. She and her mother, Selena, filled the gap that was the abscense of her real mother, Mary Annarosé. They were often tasked to go on hits together and teh two looked out for one another.

Unfortunately, after a certain task of disposing a wealthy businessman, she disappeared without a trace. Devastating revelation at first, but after defecting herself, Rayne has since sought out any means to located her once again.


One of her previous targets and the first not to die when confronted. Rayne has no positive or negative feelings about her nor does Heart provoke any interest to her. Rayne constantly has to deal with the threats and insults spewing from Heart but she never appears distressed or upset.

Tana Bunsen

The daughter of the businessman she killed on the last mission with her step-sister. Rayne feels guilty for her actions but holds no positive or negative feelings about Tana. The two communicates sometimes.

Asher C. Stahl

Her boyfriend, although she prefers the term lover, Asher was one of her classmates during her time in the both elementary and high school since her entrance into the education system by the will of the organization. Rayne is quite jealously protective and affectionate of him despite what her personality lacks to show.

Maroon Rockbell

Rayne's boss at the Heart à la Mode Café at which Rayne works at part-time. Rayne has no significant qualms with Maroon and both treat each other with common workplace etiquette.


  • Animated rayne 60 by porforever-das8dcd

    Post-Fall Chibi Rayne -(porforever)

    Rayne's colour is gray, like the colour of rain on a cloudy day.
  • Rayne is modeled after Hanekawa Tsubasa of the Monogatari series, Death Scythe of Black★Rock Shooter, and Rei Ayanami of Neon Genisis Evangelion
  • Her personality is collection of suggestions from characters such as Rei Ayanami from Evangelion, Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live, and Senjougahara Hitagi from the Monogatari series.
  • Rayne's Semblance is based off the Stand: Crazy Diamond from manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
    • The Stand's ability allows it to heal or repair anything to its original form or to the user's desire.
  • Rayne is the personification of her creator's religious background and views