All stories must come to an end...

Life is like a flame: a spark is produced, creating a small fire that flickers ever so dimly. Then fuel is added, strengthening the flame, intensifying it, as we reach the climax of our lives...

Then the raging inferno starts to wane, struggling to stay alive. But to no avail. The once radiant blaze is back to where it started: a simple flame. The last of its fuel is consumed, and the fire flickers and dies.

Life's unfortunate, unbreakable cycle, ending from where it began.

All stories must come to an end...

Does it?

Each one of us is a phoenix, living, breathing, and alive. The unfortunate difference is that we can never seem to rise again.

But what if...what if we can re-ignite that flame? What if someone had the ability to add fuel to a dead fire, and create a spark?

We would be born, live, die, and be re-born again. We would ascend from the ashes, ascend from what was left of us, and create an entirely new beginning.

Life's unbreakable cycle, at last, is broken.

Author's Notes

After weeks of planning, I have finally decided to create a RWBY Fan Fiction called Redemption, starring my own OCs (which I'll post soon) and, of course, Team RWBY. I will not reveal any details about this fan fic should you get curious (I may reveal a little under certain circumstances). Please provide constructive criticism, NOT destructive critism, please. Thank you.

Jet ;)

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