Reese Draego

Reese Draego

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Eye Color: steel grey

Hair color and style: Black hair that is chin length and kept straight

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185 pounds

Symbol: A top hat with a wand sitting across the top


Head: No head gear

Torso: A black hoodie jacket with his symbol stamped on the back with purple trim and a purple and black T-shirt underneath it

Legs: regular black pants with purple trim

Feet: combat sneakers that are rather worn and old

Accessories: none


Reese Draego live a happy life until the age of 10. When he was born he had 2 loving parents both of them street magicians. Growing up he was taught various tricks from both of his parents who had different specialties in street magic. His father specialized in using disappearing tricks and scamming people out of their money, he was also a skilled pickpocket. His mother specialized in illusionary tricks that would catch peoples eyes while Reese's father picked there pockets. Reese was actually happy living like this. He loved do the illusion tricks his mother taught him while practicing his disappearing tricks when the people found there wallets gone.

Unfortunately, Reese's little heaven on earth was to get a rude awakening. Due to his parents crime spree the police had been chasing them for sometime. Now the police had finally caught up to them and they couldn't take Reese with them this time. So they had to leave him behind, but before they did they promised him that one day they would come back to him and they would be a family again.

When the police arrived at the small rundown building that they had left Reese in he was taken to the nearest station. After which the police went straight to questioning him, however he would not betray his parents and didnt say anything during the whole time. After days of constent questioning the police finally decided to send him to an academy. The nearest one at the time was Sanctum so Reese was sent there and he learned how to fight along with his other skills. He also learned how to incorporeate his skills as a street magician into his fighting style. After  graduating he was accepted at Beacon Academy and is now a student. 

Weapons and Abilities

Reese uses the multi dust action razor whip (MDARW) as his weapon. Rasior Epine is the name of his whip. It has a length of 46.5 inches and has 21 razor sharp segments. Being a multi dust weapon it uses 3 different kinds of Dust. The Dust is stored in the razor blades of the whip and the three kinds are impact dust, fire dust, and ice dust. The fire and ice dust are used for extra damage delt when being slashed by Rasior Epine. The impact dust, however, is used for when you arent hit directly by Rasior Epine. Using the impact dust Reese can damage the surronding area to spray his opponents with debris, whether it is cement or dirt it doesnt matter. Also Rasior Epine is used to make openings for a straight slash by knocking back Reese's opponents and knocking them off balance by hitting them with an overwhelming force made by the impact dust. 

Reese also uses his Aura when fighting to better control the Rasior Epine so the whip never goes off target or is throw off target by its impact dust usage. Reese also uses his aura to act as a shield so when his opponents get to close for him to use Rasior Epine he can still defend himself. 

Accompanying Rasior Epine and his Aura, Reese has his bag of tricks that he uses very oftern. When fighting he will use his disappearing tricks taught to him by his father. The most used is the puff of smoke that is used to conceal his body while he is moving elsewhere. He uses this when his opponents get to close and he needs to increase the distance so he can use Rasior Epine for he does not have any other methods of attack. 

Personality and Misc.

Reese is a kind person always treating people fairly and never discriminating against anyone. He has a hatred of police because he sees them as the reason why his parents left him all by himself. He also has a deep need to be acknowledged so he never really does magic tricks unless he knows that he will be given credit for it.

When performing magic tricks he takes a deep pleasure in seeing joy on peoples faces. He does a wide variety since both of his parent's were skilled in different types of magic. However, he hates card tricks. He sees them as overly simplistic, even the really hard and complicated ones, and will only do them upon request, especially if the requester is a very pretty girl. Other than that he will do pretty much any trick he knows just for fun to keep his skills sharp.

He is constantly looking for information about his parents. One of the reasons he is attending Beacon is to find out where his parents are and if they are even still alive. He knows they will one day return for him and he is waiting anxiously for the day when his parents return.

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