Name: Regen Noctua

Title: The Weapon Miester

Race: Faunus

Type: Owl

Age: 17

Likes: Weapons, inventing, learning

DIslikes: Weapon Malfunctions

Weapon: Mecha Aranea

Semblance: Inferred

Theme: A lulluby her mother would sing.




Regen is cute but in quirky kind of way. She is a very short person only standing at 5 feet tall, and only weighs 90lbs. So she is a very light weight person and is easily looked over by people. She has a very pale skin tone and that is because she spends a lot of time in her lab. So she rarely comes into contact with the sun also causing her to sunburn easily. Regen has very long dark blue hair and she only cuts it rarely. She keeps her hair in two very large pigtails so it stays out of her face.  She may already look pretty weird but the oddest part about her is her eyes. She is a very unique Faunus in the way her eyes are very, very unique. They are owl eyes, so they are very large. Her eyes are a yellow color with massive pupils that change sizes. Regen’s eyes are actually rarely seen because she wears a pair of very large glasses so they can’t be seen. They have a pink tint on the outside but clear on the inside, so it works like a one way window.

Her weird appearance just doesn’t stop at her body, but her clothing is very odd also. She wears a lab coat, dress combo. It is white with a light blue trim. It is made out of a very odd material that is incredibly hard to cut or destroy. Her dress covers almost her whole body except her head, feet, and hands. It also has many pockets all around it, so she can store Dust for her team. Regen wears a pair of light blue leather gloves with a white band around them. She wears a pair of white thigh high stockings and light blue boots with white laces. She has two pink hair clips that keep her pony tails up also. Regen is also never without her blue back pack, which is actually very large.  


Regen has a unique personality to match her unique appearance. She is very quirky, and is actually fun to hang out with. She enjoys learning and reading books, she is the person that teachers yell at to stop reading. She never is without information, so she is always the first person to give her team info on the situation. Regen is also very kind to people and will love to help people when she isn’t reading or working on something. She is so dedicated to helping she is her teams “pack mule” and carries all of the teams extra Dust. She is also somewhat of a hacker and is good at it too. She enjoys hacking things for her friends and especially on missions. Part of her hacking motif is her cell phone that she has tricked out to allow her to snoop through other peoples messages (which she does to her friends). Her most interesting trait is her love of weapons. She loves to design weapons, and spends hours upon hours of coming up with amazing weapons. She can even fix or improve her friends weapons if they need help.   


Mecha Aranea is Regen’s pride and joy. It is her favorite weapon she ever created. It happens to be kept in Regen’s large backpack with is also specially made by Regen. All she has to do to activate it is say “Mecha Aranea feast on my foe.” Its appearance is eight, 3 meter long spider legs. They are each dark blue and there are 4 on each side. They are made out of an incredibly strong material, and are very difficult to break. Each one of the eight legs has Mecha Aranea written on it in bright blue paint. Mecha Aranea has many uses and is a great weapon especially for someone of Regen’s build. She can use them to help her run faster, climb faster, and even jump higher. Not only does her weapon help her with simple things it also has many battle uses. She can use her phone in order to control Mecha Aranea. 


Gatling Gun: This is Mecha Aranea’s most generic firearm attack. Their legs can move in all directions and shoot Red Dust Bullets, at high speeds. It allows Regen to give her teammates cover when they are fighting large groups of Grimm. This attack goes through Dust at a rapid pace so she can only use it for few seconds before reloading.

Canon: This is Regen’s most powerful attack. All of Mecha Aranea’s limbs combine and start rotating, charging up all of its Dust energy inside of it. It takes about 2 minutes to charge but gives a massive blast of energy that can turn an entire Nevermore into a roasted turkey. The unfortunate part is that Mecha Aranea needs to cool down for about 6 minutes before it is used in anyway.


Spear: This attack requires no transformation. All that happens is Mecha Aranea trusts its legs at high speeds and stabs its opponent.

Chained Kuni: The 3rd and last of Mecha Aranea’s transformations is that the tips of the limbs dethatch and can attach to anything, like kuni. Also with the chain she can use it as a whip.


Shield: Mecha Aranea can also move at great speeds to block Dust blasts, and slashes from Grimm. Being impossible to break the limbs they make great shields.

Regen’s semblance is very special, combined with her owl eyes.  She can use her semblance to see in inferred, also since she can see at night being a Faunus, her semblance makes her a foe to be reckoned with. With the combo of her semblance weapon and weird abilities she makes great support and heavy artillery. The down side is when her weapon is recharging or she is reloading she can be easily beaten.    


Regen was born to, a pair of young students who weren’t ready to have a child. So when she was born she was sent to an orphanage where she was raised by a kind old woman. Half of the children there were children from killed hunters, and the other half was Faunus children. So you could say it was a very special place, and the children were all very unique. Since half of the children were Faunus she didn’t stick out with her odd eyes. All of the children had unique talents and gifts, but Regen was even special by their terms. When she was very little at the age of four, she was very self-sufficient, like making her own breakfast, and picking out her own clothing style. Despite being able to do this stuff, the caretaker of the orphanage noticed that she would sometimes bump into walls and fall over things, so she took Regen to get glasses. As soon as Regen got them she instantly knew which pair she wanted, which just so happened to be her glasses now. As Regen got older she noticed that more and more people were being adopted, except her, and soon it was only her and a few new kids. Regen was mainly alone and didn’t have many friends, until one day a beautiful woman came to the orphanage wanting to adopt a child. She looked at all the children but none of them seemed right to her, until she started to walk to outside and she saw Regen reading under a coat rack. When the women saw her reading all alone, she knew that she needed a home more than any of the other children, so she filled the forms and adopted Regen. The woman it turned out was a teacher at Beacon and was a very good huntress in fact. Soon Regen studied all she could about Hunters, and her favorite subject was weapons. She couldn’t get enough information about weapons no matter what it was about them. At the age of 10 she created her first designs for her weapon Mecha Aranea. Finally when Regen was old enough, she was sent to Signal so she could follow in her mother’s foot steeps. When she got there, she was excited to find out that she could make her, dream weapon a reality. Of course since she was new to making weapons, she didn’t make it quite the way she wanted it too and had to frequently, give it modifications. But by the end of her time at Signal, she perfected her Mecha Aranea, well almost. While at Signal, when she wasn’t making weapons, she was studying and worked hard on her school work, and was always reading. When she finally graduated Signal, she applied to Beacon and was accepted, with a little help of her mother.     


  • Regen means rain in Dutch her color is blue

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