What happened in Regne dels Dimonis, stay in Regne dels Dimonis
— Idina Caliber

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Regne dels Dimonis - also known as "Realm of Eternal Night", is a city underneath the kingdom of Atlas. This city is famous for its freedom - from both stressful everyday life as well as firm control from the gorvenment above, and is the no.1 go to place every times someone visit Atlas.


Regne dels Dimonis is built to be a labyrinth, with 4 pillars on the very outer circle that leads to above ground, and the buildings become taller the closer they are to the center. It is designed to be a night version of Atlas, with everything from buildings to roads covered in black slate tiles, along with neon glow pattern that change its color based on the time of day.

Regne del Dimonis has everything in here: Casino, bar, stripclub, ect... places that can never be found on the ground above. It is also the city for all type of criminals and black markets. In here, every men are out there for themselves, as there was absolutely no one to control or stop the activities in here.

Currently, the city is supposedly under the Caliber's Industries control, but given the lack of organization and order in here, most people couldn't really tell if it's true.


The area where Regne del Dimonis is built on used to be a base back when the kingdom of Atlas was the kingdom of Mantle, and is used as hideout for citizen who wished to avoid the war above. After the war ended, the place was quickly abandoned by most people, and only a few of them remained.

Since then, the place was used by a small group of criminals as both hiding place and trading ground. It wasn't until a group of illegal weapon dealers found out about the place and started pouring their fund to build the city.

As chaotic as it might be, the city is still under control by the higher up. The way the city "selects" its leader is rather a brutal one: Having everyone competes in a tournament-style battle, with the death of one side as the only requirement for the other side to move on to the next round. It will keep going until there's only one person left, and that person will be crowned as the leader of Regne dels Dimonis


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  • The castle in the very middle of Regne del Dimonis is rumored to belong to whoever rules the city.


  • "Regne dels Dimonis" means "Realm of Demon" or "Demon Realm"
  • The city's design is based on TRON Legacy.


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