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  • Name: Rei
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 140lb
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Green


Rei is a slightly slender young man. His hair is medium length with bangs that medium length just barley falling between his eyes. Part of his hair in the back is clipped up so you can see the ends over the back of his head. The color of his hair is dark brown, but appears black. Rei's eyes are slightly big and are green colored. Rei wears a sleeveless undershirt, on top of that he wears a short sleeve jacket that extends a little past his waist. The undershirt is white with light green for the details. While his jacket is black with white and dark green for the details. He wears long black pants with two white patches. Rei is often seen wearing white mask, with a pointed smile on it. The mask also has Rei's symbol on it and the details on the mask are all red, besides the symbol.


Rei is outgoing, laid back, sociable person. Often trying to aid others and make sure they are fine. However he is very quiet, replying with short sentences. In a fighting situation Rei is super silent to stay focused on what he is doing. He is always looking around, keeping an eye on his surroundings. Rei enjoys sleeping, this is due to the fact that when he was younger he was constantly being woken up by his siblings. Rei also does not do well in large groups. He prefers to be in wide open spaces, but if he must he will be in tight areas, with the a few side effects.

Despite his friendly personality and need to help others, Rei really doesn't like anyone. He hides these true feelings behind the friendly has he puts up when around others. When wearing the white mask for missions, Rei shows his true colors. Reveling that he is not as nice as you would think.

Weapons and Abilities

Rei's weapons are two blades that he straps to his right arm. The sharp ends of the blades face him, while on the other end of them is a small gun piece. Strapped to his left leg is a similar device, except there blades are facing the ground along with the gun piece. Rei's fighting style is very speed based. He is constantly moving and keeping his target with in a tight circle. Circling his target is his offensive tactic, but the downside of this is that he can only focus on one target at a time and thus does not do well in fighting groups. His defensive fighting style is resorting to martial arts like moves using his Aura to protect himself and using his opponents strength against them. However once again he can only really do this in a one on one encounter.


Though Rei does not speak of it. he is the second youngest in his family. With two older brothers and a younger sister, Rei was often neglected by his parents as was his brother. The oldest and youngest children were treated that best and had everything given to them. After putting up with this for 10 years. Rei and his brother both set out to do go in the world. They attempted to fight crime, often getting them selves in trouble, and would even try to take out a few monsters every now and then. However this all began to change when Rei's brother would take up a few jobs behind his back. Rei's broth began to take a liking to the life of a criminal and ended up attacking Rei, when he tried to stop him. Rei to this day is trying to hunt down his brother.

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