There will be a time where you will eventually have to throw in the towel and call it quits - that one and only time should be the moment after you breath your last breath.
— Reiku
For now, you keep pursuing that ambition of yours. You can do it – I know damn well that you can.
— Farrah to Reiku in her farewell letter
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Reiku Hogosha
Reiku Hogosha Concept Art 2
Age 17
Title "Auric Insanity"
Nickname Rei
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Unknown
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Jet-Black
Eyes Deep Crimson
Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Team Team AERO (Future)
Partner Auralia Amythyst Zakynthos
Occupation Student, drummer, gamer, writer, former criminal, mentor
Personal Status
Relatives Sister: Keiri Aozora Hogosha (Doesn't know it...yet)
Additional Info
Likes Video games, playing drums, music, cars, auto racing, writing fictional stories, reading, playing piano, technology, parkour
Dislikes Letting go of anything he deems as valuable, people who are annoying, obvious distractions, smartasses who aren't smart, homework, being stressed and frustrated, failure
Special Skills Utilizes Aura with an excellent amount of skill, excels in close-medium range combat, very determined, lightning quick (movement and attack-wise), agile, very precise, excels in hand-to-hand combat, implements creativity and improvisation quite well, fairly unpredictable
Weaknesses Mediocre skill in long range combat, has almost no skill in using Dust, somewhat clumsy, impulsive, procrastinator, has ADD
Character Theme

"Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation
Battle Theme

"Constant Motion" by Dream Theater

Description Summary

Reiku is a calm, quiet, reserved, yet defensive and determined boy. He wields a primary weapon in which he calls Aura Blaze - an Aerodynamic Propellant Utility Gunblade (APUG) - and dual Compact Reconnaissance Elbow Blades (CREB) named Masai & Kisu as his secondaries. He is usually seen in a blue and black hoodie with headphones, jeans, and black sneakers: the result of his casual nature. Reiku's personality at present may be due to his interesting backstory, as he was annoyingly active and hyper when he was young. A former student of Signal Academy, he is currently a year one student at Vale’s prestigious Beacon Academy.

Additional Info

Aura Colour: Blue

Pronounciation: RAY-koo Hog-OH-sha

Combat Discipline: Divas Virtus, Various

Combat Style: Defensive, usually lets assailant attack first, sometimes utilizes creativity to offset disadvantages gained during battle.

Semblance: Reiku receives a massive boost of Auric quantity and potency.


Reiku is a very casual person, not fazed by the fads of fashion (unless he is participating in a formal event). 

Screenshot 8

Reiku's Emblem, Ascendance

Because of this, he is usually seen wearing a blue and black full zip-up 


Concept art with sketches and concept weapon design. All credit goes to my awesome friend!

hoodie and black over-the-ear headphones decorated with blue decals. Underneath, he wears a plain, white t-shirt, while a round his neck is a necklace with a peculiar crystal pendant on it. To complete his casual outfit, Reiku wears a simple pair of denim jeans topped off with black sneakers. The boy isn’t all that worried about his short, jet-black hair - he dislikes having it spiky - so it almost always looks flat yet slightly untidy, with bangs swept to the left. Topping it off in that area is a small lock of his hair at the front dyed blue, following the direction of his bangs. With an average height and weight, he doesn’t seem like an interesting person in terms of appearance. But, he stands out in his own way: his eyes. Deep crimson, piercing, mimicking that of a Grimm monster; it’s hard to imagine a calm, friendly boy while looking at them. Overall, he looks very casual, with a hint of natural uniqueness.


As a child, Reiku was loud, active, energetic, hyper, active, and even annoying. He was very mischievous and frequently pulled pranks on his friends and family, even strangers. That’s what he would do all day. Then at night he would go to bed reading books about legendary Hunters and Huntresses. This made eventually decide his path in life, to ultimately become a Hunter himself.

Reiku’s parents, on the other hand, had extremely high expectations for him. They would always push him far beyond his limits, which put him under a severe amount of stress. Every time Reiku came back from Signal with a grade that was deemed unacceptable to them, he would receive an endless barrage of yelling, smacking, screaming, and punishments – ignoring the fact that he almost always came back with a decent mark. Even worse, his parents strongly disapprove the idea of Reiku becoming a Hunter, stating that it is a dangerous yet useless occupation. They thought that the best job for him was to be at the Shnee Dust Company, although Reiku aggressively disapproves the idea.

At the age of just ten years old, the pressure put on him by his parents became unbearable. This left him with no other choice – he would have to run away. And so he did, dropping out of Signal altogether.

For four long years, and after learning from witnessing the masters of crime at work and stealing his own weapons, he made a living as a criminal of his own right: robbing shops, and stealing priceless valuables – all while escaping to the cover of darkness. Of course, young criminals are surely destined to make a mistake; Reiku did occasionally get caught performing an act of injustice but luckily he was able to escape capture every time this happened.

Although he had gathered a decent fortune, Reiku bought almost nothing. He thought that he would be an easier target should he be seen wearing a tuxedo, penny loafers, and a golden watch. So he kept all his valuables in a secret underground hideout in an abandoned building to the north, just outside Vale. His plan was to save it all until he had hit his golden years. Only then would he indulge in his wealth, and spend until every last penny was wasted or until he died. For now, he would live the life of a low-class man, buying only what was necessary to survive. On occasion, Reiku would spend a little more than usual to add new traps to his already well secured-hideout, though he was already confident of its security from the start; “You never know what might happen,” he would think to himself. “So it’s best to stay well prepared and well equipped.” Reiku would also purchase new clothes every now and then to wear the night before his planned scheme would take place, making sure to include a hoodie, something to cover his face, and (if possible) find something that would make it appear taller or shorter than he actually was (i.e objects in black look smaller than they appear) in his shopping list. This would ensure that his criminal description would vary as much as possible. 

Life was good so far. Very, very, good. Unfortunately, the year Reiku turned fourteen was the same year when it all went downhill for him…

Everyone has their own enemies. In Reiku’s case, he had very dangerous enemies; the product of pure jealousy and greed. One day, he walked into his hideout, only to find everything he had gotten over the years, gone. At the middle of the room was a note:

Do you want your precious valuables back? Meet me at the temple at Emerald Forest unarmed and I’ll be more than glad to negotiate with you.



I must say that - as much as I hate to admit it - I am very envious of your talents, especially from a person as young as you.

The note was, indeed, very suspicious – and Reiku wasn’t stupid enough to not notice. But, he longed for the wealth he had amassed over the countless hours he’d spent trying to get it. So he set off to go to the temple…

Only to be ambushed as soon as he got there.

Men armed to the teeth with guns, swords, axes, and knives surrounded him, cutting off any chance of his escape. Although Reiku was outnumbered by ten-to-one, he was determined that he would bring them to their knees. That wasn’t the case. Within mere seconds, he saw himself on the ground, bloodstained and wincing in pain, with a gun trained on his head. Just as his life flashed before his eyes, a pink-haired woman came to his rescue. Reiku only blinked his eyes a few times, and then all of his assailants were lying on the forest floor, lifeless. Eyes flung wide open, he knew at that only one type of person could bring down enemies that fast, and that the woman was the very occupation he had dreamed of being four years ago – a Huntress.

After being treated by the woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties (it was hard to tell), Reiku reflected on his life. He had realized the terrible, terrible person he became over the years – stealing countless dollars and priceless items, performing acts of pure injustice, and throwing the city of Vale into dismay – and asked the woman to become his mentor, to teach him how to become a Hunter like her. At first, the woman was shocked to hear that a criminal with a high price on his head was asking her to teach him her ways…so she refused. Reiku kept asking her - up to the point of literally begging the woman - stating that he had looked back on his life and wanted to change.


I looked straight at the teenage boy, my face holding no discernible expression. Yet inside I feel disgusted and confused...

Does that boy think I'm crazy!? No way will I ever take in someone as horrible as an experienced criminal as an apprentice of mine!


Wait a minute...

At first, it seemed like my brain was only conjuring up illusions. But as I looked closer into his eyes, I noticed something that triggered my mind into displaying once forgotten memories.

I know those eyes! Can it be?

The constant flow of brief flashbacks confirmed my doubts. Now, I am torn between two very significant things. I knew that if I took him under my wing, it would be like betraying Beacon Academy after the four years I had spent working tirelessly to prove to my superiors that I can become a successful Huntress and to fufill my respectful duties as one; all that hard work for that graduation certificate would might as well be for nothing. But at the same time...this ways that would simply be too difficult to explain, he was very special to me - and he still is. I would be walking away from an opportunity I've been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to me...

So I made a decision...and for sure my colleagues would be furious and worried when they find out.

Even if my friends would strongly disapprove of my decicision, there's still my partner back home, who will surely be beyond ecstatic when he hears this. Hopefully, the boy will stay true to his word and become a man pure of his current evil ways...


Without giving a reason, the woman finally agreed. At that moment, Reiku’s life would begin anew, the slate cleaned and ready to start a new beginning.

The woman never revealed her real name, but she introduced herself as Farrah. For the next three years of his life, Reiku would study in the guidance of Farrah, learning the ropes of what it takes in becoming a full-fledged Hunter. Reiku described Farrah as being encouraging and fun yet very strict (and even scary) when need be, stating that “She wouldn’t make you do a certain task over and over again until you got it right – she would make you do a certain task until you could do it smoothly and flawlessly…”. During this time, Reiku started to carve his future by learning a variety of things from the Huntress: learning how to shoot properly, studying on various fighting styles and techniques, how to maintain his weapons, utilizing Aura to its maximum potential – everything he can learn so that he would one day achieve his childhood dream.

It's not to say that either of them had any fun together. Among the various activities they did included going to the arcade, shopping for new clothes, swimming in a nearby lake, and, in rare cases, having a shooting competition...while falling hundreds of feet in the air (of course, bonus points were awarded for a stylish landing).

Every time either of their birthdays would come, they would hunt Grimm monsters – from hordes of Beowolves to giant Nevermore – and they would slay any beast that dared to cross their path…all while having one hell of a good time. And of course, they would give each other a small present to commemorate the special occasion.

The two formed an extremely strong and inseparable bond, watching each other’s backs, cheering each other during fights with bad guys and monsters, and even taking one for the team. Overall, Reiku and Farrah became the best of friends.

Three long years have passed when Reiku decided to go back to Signal and finish where he had left off. With Farrah supporting him all the way through, he was pushed up all the way to his final year almost instantly upon impressing the school’s principal. Graduating with exceptionally well marks, Farrah was filled to the brim with pride. However, Reiku never got the chance to make his own weapon – he had missed the year he was supposed to do so and borrowed Farrah’s instead. So, as a graduation present, Farrah decided to bring out her special “blacksmith kit”. It was then did Reiku breathe life into his very first true weapon: Aura Blaze. The very embodiment that is Reiku Hogosha was put into that gun blade, making it a true extension of him.

That same year, Reiku made the decision to visit his parent’s house in hopes of impressing them with his newly learned skills. When he arrived, however, the inside of the house was completely engulfed in flames – screams from within the building filled his ears. Reiku knew very well that the enemies of his past came back in search of surprised they would be if they found out what Reiku did next. After a few moments of thinking, Reiku pulled an explosive magazine for Aura Blaze from his pocket and tossed it into the flames - and walked away without looking back. To this day, he shows no remorse for his actions on that night...

A few weeks later, Reiku decided to go to the prestigious school that is Beacon Academy. He demonstrated his skills under the watchful eye of Professor Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch. Ozpin saw great potential in his becoming of a Hunter, so he was accepted into the Academy. 

Overwhelmed with joy, he went to Farrah to tell her the wonderful news…

But instead of seeing the pink haired mentor he’d known for years, he saw her “blacksmith kit” and two elbow blades - engraved with the names "Kasai" and "Aisu" - lying on the floor, with a letter attached to it.

My dear Reiku,

You have no idea how happy I am right now! I watched you show off your skills to Professor Ozpin, and I have never seen anything more impressive! I knew you could do it – I even signed your application form beforehand! Unfortunately, I am deeply sorry that I cannot congratulate you in person, so I am forced to do so here, in the very letter that you are holding in your hands right now. And I am also very sorry that I had to abandon you. 

But you have to understand this: it seems that fate has finally caught up to me. I know what it’s like to cheat your way into things, and I know you do, too. But this…this is different. 

Do me a favour, and please don’t ever attempt to do what I did a long, long time ago. I thought I could get away with it, but fate…well, fate had other plans. 

So I left, leaving you with my final gifts to the person who has grown to be a strong fighter, and I know how much it must hurt you. Again, I’m sorry. But, in the end, I was extremely proud of the warrior you have become and I know that you can the very Hunter you wish to be. Do not let my absence faze you – you’ll make new friends at Beacon (trust me, I know). From those three years we’ve known each other you have never let me down; do not let today (or any other day) be the day that happens. 

Stay strong, my friend, and pray that you will see me again. I swear on my life that I will live to see you once more. For now, you keep pursuing that ambition of yours. You can do it – I know damn well that you can.

Goodbye, Reiku.


Upon reading the note, Reiku shed no tears and did not feel any pain in his heart – he felt determination. He vowed to achieve his dream for his dear friend. He would not let her mysterious disappearance distract him from his goal. And so, Reiku continues his next chapter of his life, as a student at Beacon Academy…


Primary Weapon Type:

Aerodynamic Propellant Utility Gunblade

Primary Weapon Name:

Aura Blaze

Description (Basic):

A twin barreled PDW caliber sub-machine gun that morphs into a custom-designed sword and vice versa.

Description (Gun Form):

Holds 40 rounds of modified FN 5.7×28mm calibre Burn Dust ammunition with dense brass shells consisting of a thin layer of Impact Dust inside as well as 7 short fuse Dust explosives in an independent magazine. Has four firing modes: three to deal with varying ranges, one to use as a utility. Its muzzle velocity clocks in at 752 m/s. Includes a custom heat-resistant design and a unique cooling system in both barrels (Single Fire and Launch Mode only) to speed up the rate in which the temperature falls inside the barrel.
  1. Full Auto: Standard firing mode, fires at 808 RPM, used for close ranged combat. Medium-high recoil.
  2. Burst Fire: Fires three bullets in each time the trigger is pulled. Highest RPM out of the four firing modes, clocking in at 954 RPM (per burst). Fires bursts at 0.5 second intervals. Useful for medium range skirmishes. Medium recoil.
  3. Single Fire: Shoots one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. Used for medium-long range firefights. The layer of Impact Dust within the bullet's shell is ignitied along with the Burn Dust inside the shell, therefore assisting in increasing bullet velocity to 816 m/s. Although the cooling system is activated after each shot, a 0.75 second cool down is required as explosives heat up the barrel to 122 degrees Fahrenheit every time the trigger is squeezed. Slowest ROF at 80 RPM. Medium-low recoil.
  4. Launch Mode: Fires explosive shells from a separate clip in an independent barrel to increase the wielder's momentum, effectively useful as a propellant. Ineffective for combat as the explosives ignite and go off just outside the barrel. A mandatory one second cool down between shots.

Description (Sword Form):

An original design from the ground up, this one-handed sword was made to suit Reiku's preferences during battle. The blade is carefully crafted to be aerodynamically efficient all while staying significantly sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. This allows the wielder to slice through materials as strong as bamboo with devastating ease. The sword’s manufacturing process is highly secretive and the metallic alloy used is said to be one of the strongest in the world, yet extremely light.

Secondary Weapon Type:

Compact Reconnaissance Elbow Blade (x2)

Secondary Weapon Names:

Kasai & Aisu


Custom-made elbow blades that sports a foldable handle for easy storage. Comes with unique arm bands with a compact drawer-like rail system to store the blades in place for stealth attacks - just a simple flick of the arm and the rail will unlock and slide down to a certain length, which, in turn, unlocks and unfolds the blades. The wielder will have to make sure to catch them as they fall out of the user's sleeves, however.


Reiku is well trained in various martial arts, using all four of his bare limbs to deliver rapid blows, either to stun or to disable completely. Being taught in the art of Divas Virtus, he can add a more power to his punches, though it does comsume a fairly large amount of Aura with prolonged use.

Abilities/Combat Style

Reiku Hogosha's Stats :

Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Being well trained in utilizing Aura, combined with the fact that he emanates one that is abnormally strong and that he posesses an immense amount of it, Reiku's abilities and attacks are primarily based on this precious energy. Despite this, he can use his own weapons effectively without the use of Aura. He does, however rely on it fairly heavily, which wears him out over time.

Reiku's approach to combat is usually defensive, often letting his enemies attempt to strike first. But after that, his impulses usually take hold, often getting him injured heavily. Despite this, he can get creative during battle as an offset to his impulsivity, improvising usually to utilise the environment to his advantage. Reiku's slightly unpredictable nature during combat stems from this characteristic.

His defensive strategy is usually augumented by his evasiveness, avoiding his opponents attacks or deploying tactical retreats rather than being on the attacking end. Reiku's escape plans are always fast and swift, thanks to his agile parkour skills. These retreats usually follow with something that will (hopefully) throw the opponent off before attacking.


Reiku is very calm, reserved, and a little shy; he keeps to himself most of the time, though his friendly nature suggests that approaching him isn’t much of a problem. He can be seen as a mellow person, usually staying cool in tough situations. He’ll talk when need be, and when he does he'll sometimes makes comments that are quite sarcastic. But unless he’s around his friends, he’ll stay quiet most of the time. Reiku, however, can be a little defensive; anyone who dares touch Aura Blaze without permission may find themselves with a broken finger. He is also a determined person, finding it difficult to abort a project that’s already started. Despite constant reminders from his mentor, Reiku often thinks before he leaps, especially during battle, which usually results in him constantly having to use his Aura to heal himself.


  • Reiku can be described as a friendly, mild version of a "tsundere”.
  • His colour scheme is based off of “Lucario”, a creature from the popular Japanese anime television series/critically acclaimed RPG, “Pokémon”.
  • Reiku suffers from a slight case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder).
  • “Reiku Hogosha” translates into “Aura Guardian" in Japanese.
    • However, the proper translation for “Aura” is “Reiki”
    • Incidentally, "Reiku" is Japanese-Engrish for "Lake", which retains the color meaning of "blue" pretty well.
  • His current artwork is only a concept.
  • "Kasai & Aisu" - Reiku's secondary weapons, translate to "Fire & Ice" (respectively) in Japanese.
  • Alternate Main Theme: 
    Blue Foundation Eyes On Fire Zeds Dead Remix
  • Due to numerous adaptations and overhauls, his profile's total development time clocks in at five years.
  • Reiku Hogosha is a complete OC with an incomplete profile...
  • His "inner turbulence" comes in the form of memories...



Shout out to Ray for helping me with Reiku's secondary weapon names!

Thank you Calamity Y for giving me a better reason to NOT change Reiku's name! :P

Props to Jollyjo and Sam for the super cool stats template!

And a huge thank you to my awesome friend (who's name I shall not reveal for privacy reasons) for drawing the equally awesome OC art!

Author's Note(s)

  • Farrah's thought process in the backstory, though seemingly obscure, plays an important part in my upcoming RWBY Fan-Fiction (currently in its planning stage). Please note that this is not an attempt to get around the rules of OC creation; it is only there to (in a somewhat subtle way) explain why Farrah - a dedicated Huntress - would risk getting into serious trouble with the Vale authorities and major Beacon Academy representatives to teach a (former) criminal like Reiku.
  • Here is proof of the Semblance being accepted by a reviewer: Source

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