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Reiner Gorion
Age 22
Title Janitor 05
Alias Game Breaker

The Sorrow

Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Varies according to preference
Eyes Varies according to preference
Height 1.68 metres
Weight 59 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Janitor

Beacon (formerly)

Occupation Janitor


Reiner Gorion is one of the Janitors, in charge of the fifth and smallest continent, and is thus designated Janitor 05. She is the youngest out of the group, but even then is considered as the fourth strongest and based on every other member, the one with the greatest potential. Her power is Normality, using Dust to reject the current reality and redefine what is considered the 'normal' reality, essentially allowing her to resew the very fabric of reality with no one able to reject her power's influence. However, her power is still severely limited due to several strict rules, causing her to remain as the fourth strongest.


Reiner is noted by many people to be extremely attractive, with pale smooth skin that can send models into rabid tantrums of jealousy, large doll-like eyes and her long hair that perfectly frames her face. She wears an assortment of hairbands that vary in colour and design, from butterflies to puppies to demons. Her Normality power allows her to change the colour of her eyes and hair, which she fully takes advantage of, changing colour at least every two days, though Baby calls her palette choices to be rather predictable. The same applies for her clothing, which changes every day with a new design, though Baby once again states that Reiner seems to have a fascination with the beautifully simplistic and modest.


A student from Beacon Academy, Reiner has shown herself to be an individual who sets high standards for herself, but does not apply this to those around her, as she has the compassion to consider whether or not they even have the capability to match her standards. Her standards resulted in her being highly diligent in her training, manifesting in  her putting more hours into it and reading than anyone else during her tenure at Beacon. This garnered huge amounts of respect from both staff and student bodies, but also raised concerns about how she views her well-being. Even with the Janitors, even her mentor Istafuron, who himself is also a highly dedicated individual, calls her a workholic and is thus extremely strict on their training time so as to persuade her to rest. With regards to her work, Reiner is notably not as enthusiastic, preferring to spend her time on something else than to clean up, as she views the Janitor job as a very low point in her career and she feels that she is not making any significant contribution to helping the lives of Vytal's people, despite the fact that she is part of one of the most powerful groups in the world.

In the free time she allots herself, Reiner, unlike all the other Janitors, refuses any alcohol, instead settling for simple black coffee, and she spends her time burying herself in books and research papers, as her Normality power also benefits from her expanding her knowledge. In conversation, Reiner is very forward and willing to speak her mind, being rather optimistic about both herself and others when she does. Her usual conversation topics are about tips for training, comparing among the Janitors for the best in certain categories and her rants about Zephyr. As stated before, she is quick to anger, impulsive when enraged and hence quick to put the blame on others or herself without fully considering the situation. A great number of men in turn consider this, together with her beauty, to be highly charming, as in Zephyr's words, it made her seem like an 'unpredictable mystery that not even Zherlack Colne can solve' and it 'fulfills the fetish in some men for a little girly rage'.

In a battle, Reiner likes to keep her personal feelings separate from her in-battle persona, as being a former team leader, she understands the necessity to be alert and on the ready to perceive the weaknesses and movements of her opponents. She communicates very well with those around her, not only verbally revealing her deductions about the enemy, but also directly confronting the aforementioned enemy to demonstrate what she meant. 


Reiner's weapon is a MAWPM - Multi-Adaptable Weapon Platform Mace, made from her own design in order to maximize the usage of her power. Called 'SineLimites' (Latin for Without Limits), its base form is that of a typical two-handed flanged mace that can deal a rather nasty dent in steel, but its real power comes from the five flanges designed after the rails of assault rifles that allow the attachments of accessories. With this along with her ability, Reiner is able to materialize a multitude of different weapon components that she can attack to the flanges, resulting in a wide array of weapons all stuck onto a single handle. Different triggers and switches allow her to alternate which part to shoot, but when firepower is necessary, a single press on the main handle allows all of the parts to fire at once. She, however, has to be careful with the weight so that she can lift it and aim it properly

Reiner has generated and put together onto the SineLimites: an accessory version of Istafuron's Rocket-Propelled Great Axe, Baby's Blade Throwing Gatling Pistol, weaker versions of High-Velocity Sniper Scythes, Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Multi Action Dust Rapier, Varient Ballistic Chain Scythe (basically all of RWBY's weapons) and a multitude of normal blades and guns.


Leadership Skills

A former team leader from Beacon Academy, Reiner is recognized by the teachers as an excellent leader, who not only trained herself constantly to protect her then teammates but did not show her ability much to allow her other teammates to shine as well. Both her perceptiveness in battle and style of communication made her team succeed in some of the hardest operations there were in the Academy. She is thus one of the Beacon Academy's main contacts when they want someone to demonstrate to team leaders an example of effective leadership.

Physical Skills

Her diligent nature and constant will to train allowed Reiner to heavily expand her physical capabilities in her tenure as a student at Beacon Academy. Being among the Janitors had helped her set even further standards in her training, especially with regards to her main mentor Istafuron, whose land-cleaving Brute strength left her in awe. In imitation of him, her strength is trained to an exceeding degree, enough such that her unenhanced punches can break stone and create damaging shockwaves upon hitting a person's body. This strength through her legs is further translated to speed, able to move as if she was teleporting by exploiting her opponent's blink intervals. She has trouble, however, with acceleration and deceleration and is consulting Zephyr, the master of speed himself, for tips on control.


Reiner's true ability, Normality is measured by Aura researchers to be the Grand Prize of the Superpower Lottery and any chance to study it extensively has been pursued by them. Normality is in essence the ability to warp reality, but researchers note that the method at which Reiner alters reality makes it seem as if she was on the same level or mimicing the original creator. In other words, while other reality warpers distort the fabric of reality to their whim, Normality is able to disassemble and completely replace the fibres of the fabric, meaning that no other reality warper is able to remove whatever Normality adds. This also made it immune to those who reject such supernatural phenomenon as Normality simply re-dictates what is considered natural. However, due to the rarity of both classes of abilities, this aspect of Normality has not found much use, though John comments that it might have a bigger impact than a mere anti-negation. When in use, Aura observers will notice that it seems that Reiner's Aura twists and distorts their perception of things close to it.

Because of her awareness of the extensive damage Normality could do, Reiner had placed upon herself mental blocks that limit Normality to several clear rules that she could not overcome, along with specific rules that Normality itself has due to its advanced nature. 

  1. Mental Block: Normality can only be used to bring in, move or remove matter. Manipulating energy, concepts and powers are impossible.
  2. Mental Block: Normality comes in the form of 3-second bursts and cannot be used for continuous manipulation of the environment. Whatever reality-warping must be quickly and consciously thought out in those 3 seconds. Reiner cannot use her ability for five seconds after every burst.
  3. Mental Block: Normality cannot be used directly on or within living beings.
  4. Mental Block: When Reiner is in an emotional state, Normality is automatically cut off from her.
  5. Mental Block: Normality can only be used at an area that Reiner has a line of sight.
  6. Mental Block: Normality can only bring in one instance for each type of matter Reiner wants per burst. It is perfectly alright to 'duplicate' it by slightly altering the 'copy', but it will have to be thought out in the same mental burst.
  7. As something that directly interferes with normal reality, Normality needs specific descriptions of the materials and inner workings of the matter Reiner wants to bring in. A simple condition like 'harder than anything else in the world' is insufficient, as she needs to find or create an actual material with specific properties that fit that criteria, such as a more atomically condensed version of the hardest known material. It is essentially reliant on her knowledge and imagination, needing the structure, nature and constitution of the desired matter to be fleshed out before it can truly turn it into reality.
  8. With regards to Dust, Normality has a unique relationship with it and cannot directly create Dust, but instead transmute it to a different form of Dust.


  • Reiner's Normality was a concept I created myself when I was creating a parallel antagonist character to Touma from A Certain Magical Index. The mechanisms of Normality is a direct counter to Touma's Imagine Breaker, which changes the abnormal back to the normal, so Normality's mechanism was to redefine what is normal in the first place.


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