Remus Romulus is the third member of Team SCRL(t), led by Samael Thanatos. His pet "Tiny" makes up the unofficial "t".


Remus Romulus, first and foremost, is a wolf faunus.

Remus is physically small, which classifies him as a Beta in his village. Remus is still muscular for his size, but only in muscle tone; he is not actually physically strong.

Remus has a couple of very distinct facial features. His jaw is slightly elongated, and has very pronounced canine teeth. His eyes have larger irises than a human's eye, and are a grey shade. He also has a pair of erect silver-grey ears resting approximately where a human's ear are the highest.

Remus walks around with a distinct slouch, and stands at an 5' 4"with the slump.. He is very pale as well, which compliments his short blonde crew-cut.

He wears a pair of very baggy tundra camo army pants, and a long chain in place of a belt. Remus also dons a white button-down shirt that can be seen underneat a tight, unzipped light grey hoodie.  Around his neck he wears two silver dog tags; One with his own name, and one enscribed with "Tiny".He will only ever be seen barefoot, and refuses to wear shoes, or even socks, as he is used to the harsh wintery climate and doens't feel he needs them for warmth. He also rarely removes the claw aspect of his weapon, Alpha Feud.

Remus will also almost always be seen with a large Siberian Husky, named Tiny, who has a mechanical prosthetic instead of a front right leg.


Before attending Beacon, Remus was a troublemaker at Signal. He went out of is way to pull pranks and stunts, and purposely performed poorly in school. He was your generic badboy figure, taking out his frustrations with the world on his classmates. He was only accepted at Beacon due to his obvious skill and consideration of his unique circumstances.

Before even attending Signal, he was a proud member of his village. He was a very in-line, by-the-books child, and did as he was told for the greater good. He also believed that he was a ladies' man, but do to his status as a Beta, he had no shot. He is also very fond of his pet husky, Tiny, and exhibits a more playful, childlike attitude when with her.

He came to Beacon with the same attitude that he had in Signal. However, after being placed on a team with Samael Thanatos and Catherine Thompson, and learning their history, he began to loosen up. With Samael losing all the family he had, and not knowing their love before hand, and with Catherine not even knowing her real father, he realized that he was being obnoxiously over-the-top with his attitude. He began making attempts to be a better person and apply himself in school. Now that he's no longer in his village, and not acting like he hates everybody at Signal, he is again attempting to be a ladies' man, but is very bad at it.


Remus Romulus grew up in a small village in the far north of Vytal. This village was inhabited by wolf faunus, and separated into 3 castes: Alphas, Betas, and Gammas. The Alphas were the leaders of the village, stronger and larger than the others. Betas, including Remus, were smaller and weaker than Alphas, but far more agile. Gammas were the dregs of society in the village, paling in comparison to both Alphas and Betas.

When a child in this village turned 11, they were given a hunting companion in the form of a dog, and taught to hunt. Every buck, bird, bear, boar, etc. that they brought home was added to a communal food store that was shared throughout the village. One's status within their caste was determined primarily by their contributions to this supply. Their status could also be raised by showing the skills required to take down various Grimm (not that this village was a traditional hunting village, and there were no advanced, "magitech" weapons).

"With Torrent's teachings added to my arsenal, in order to prove myself to be on par with the Alphas, I set out one evening to  take down a pair of Ursas. Two Ursas under my belt in a single trip would drastically improve my own standing, and put me at least at the level of the lowest Alphas. At the same time, Fenrus, who now viewed me as a threat, left the village, aiming to take down a deathstalker that was known to live up in the mountains. I spent two days finding, tracking down, and preparing to fight the Ursa pair, while Fenrus went right to the mountains to confront the deathstalker.

Eventually, seeing my first real chance, I jumped the two Ursas, impaling one on my hunting spear. The raging Grimm connected with Tiny while it was flailing about, and took a solid chunk out of her front. I threw my last spear at the remaining Ursa, and retreated into the forest, where it pursued me, leaving Tiny alone. I kept going, and eventually led the Ursa into a large pitfall I had prepared early that morning in the area. After running back to retrieve my spears, and to make sure Tiny was okay, I headed back to the village.

Fenrus had been fighting the deathstalker up in the mountains. I don't know the story, but he had to retreat and ran back to our village. By the time I got back, there was not only one, but two deathstalkers, who had both followed Fenrus back to the village and were rampaging through it. I watched the village being demolished by the destructive power of the two great beasts, and with most of our most capable hunters already slain, I ran. The village was done for, and I had no home or family any longer. I came south, closer towards civilization, relying on my hunting skills and keep myself and Tiny alive before I managed to get into Signal.

And that's my story. That's why I'm here, and why I do what I do. I don't want anybody to suffer like my village       did. I want to be a protector. When I'm done here, I'm gonna head back north and live in those forests, keeping       the Grimm under control. We weren't the only village up there, and many of them were more vulnerable than we     were."

"Wow. Man, I thought I had it bad. I'm sorry man." Catherine was shocked, amazed at the boy's tenacity and       determination.

"Good for you kid." Samael was impressed with the goodwill behind Remus's goal.

"Heh. . More than I've heard you say all week." Remus and Catherine laughed, at Samael's expense, as he           scowled and went back to his work.



Remus meets Torrent

Remus's goal was to prove that, even though he was technically a Beta, he was on par with, or even better than, the Alphas of the village. Why should he be subjugated just because he was born from different parents? Through hard work, he became a young prodigy among the Betas in the village, and a god to most of the Gammas, but was still kicked around by the Alphas.

Remus had proven time and time again that he was better than the Alphas. His contributions exceeded all but the Alpha elites. He decided eventually that the only way to gain the Alphas' approval was to beat them directly in a fight. He stood up against Fenrus, a young Alpha who had also proven himself to be among the best, in a head-to-head fight. And lost.

Humiliated, Remus left the village with Tiny and headed deep into the woods. He didn't care where he was going, or when he'd be home. He just knew that he'd blown his only chance to be where he rightfully belonged. Sitting at the base of a large tree, splinting up his arm, he heard a voice from his right.

"That's not going to cut it. You have to secure it both above and below the bone, otherwise it'll just heal itself deformed." A man, seemingly in his late twenties, walked out of the shadows.

"Ya? And who are you to mess with my business?" Remus was already in a bad mood, and didn't feel like dealing with a know-it-all trying to boss him around.

"I'm a bystander. I'm a helper. I'm a lover and a fighter. . . And by the looks of it, I'm a better one than you. My name's Torrent."

"Open your mouth again and I swear I will kill you." After adding insult to injury, Remus decided that he really didn't like Torrent.

"Listen, kid, I'm-"

Remus had jumped up from his spot and drawn his sword, while Tiny flanked Torrent from behind.

". . . I'm just trying to help."

"I don't care." Remus began to close the gap between himself and Torrent, while Tiny came from Torrent's blind spot.

Torrent hardly seemed to notice until both aggressors were nearly on top of him. At the last second, he flipped forward onto his hands, with the backs of his legs and ankles underneath Tiny. Using the momentum, he continued to flip, launching Tiny into Remus and continuing the motion to land back on his feet. Remus, after already having lost to Fenrus, was knocked unconscious, and Tiny refused to fight without her master.

"C'mon. Let's get you all properly fixed up." Torrent took over Remus's splinting, and fixed up a couple other bruises and lacerations that he found.

A couple hours later, Remus woke up exactly where he had been knocked out, with is wounds stinging less and Torrent cooking some sort of meat over a fire. Tiny noticed that he was awake, and ran over from the fire with a slab of the meat and dropped it on Remus's lap.

"Not now girl. And you, why are you still here?" Remus stood up, dropping the food on the ground and walking over to Torrent.

"I was just making sure you weren't going to die out here, that's all." Torrent didn't even look up from his meal, but extended another piece to Remus. "So what exactly happened to you?"

"I lost. Good enough for you?"

"You obviously lost. You're all beat up. Then you lost again, to me. . . Ya know, if you want, I can help you get better." Torrent made eye contact with Remus this team, and Remus could tell he was serious with his offer.

"I just blew my last chance to really shine. The only thing left is taking down Grimm. Unless you can do that, get out of our forest."

"Funny. That's exactly what I meant. I've mastered Grimm Chance. I've mastered an entire concept, a series of steps and ideas, a unique skill set designed specifically to fight Grimm."

"I'm only proficient with a sword and spear. Any other of your fancy weapons and you might as well be talking to a wall."

"But you see kid, that's the beauty of it! You don't need a sword, you don't need a gun. You just need yourself. Are you a speed demon? Fight like the Taijitu. Are you a powerhouse? Model yourself after the Ursa. Its all unique. The Grimm Chance lets you be you, without having to change you!"

"Taijitu then. That's what I want. I'm a Beta. I'm fast."

"Taijitu it is then. Focus on speed and evasion. Agility and maneuverability. Get in, hit, get out. That's the way of the Taijitu. I can start working with you as soon as your all healed up." Torrent stood up and re-offered the food to Remus. "Now eat, or we'll never get there."

"There's just one more problem. I can't pay you." Remus had gotten very excited, and had changed his mind and decided he liked this man who was trespassing in their forest.

"You know what? Don't even worry about. This one's on me for beating you up earlier."

Maybe Remus had changed his mind too soon.


Remus's 1st weapon, Alpha Feud, is a large metal claw resembling a wolf's claws., which he wears 

Alpha feud claw 2

A (very bad) 3D model of Alpha Feud.

on his left hand. It covers the back of his arm going about halfway up to his elbow, with dark leather straps underneath. The actual claws fit on his fingers almost like gloves, with joints on the claws matching up with the joints on his fingers, with the claws themselves extending farther outward than his fingers reach. (Not that his palm is left bare, as it is only the actual claws that slip onto each finger, and are attached to the main brace on his arm and wrist.)The brace of the claw itself is a dark grey, with ridges running down the top, while the claws are a deep crimson all the way through.                                              

Remus's 2nd weapon, Alpha Victoire, is a large bastard sword (approximately 32 inches) that protrudes from a dark grey hilt in the shape of a wolf's mouth. The blade of the sword is the same shade of crimson as the claws on Alpha Feud, while the hilt is a slightly lighter grey than Alpha Feud's brace. The handle of the sword is a solid 

black color, with juts from the wolf's mouth down 6 inches into a grey knob consisting surrounded by 4 triangular studs. Extending from the handle of Alpha Victoire all the way to the very tip is a 

  • A 3D model of Alpha Victoire from the side.
  • A 3D model of Alpha Victoire, seen from the top, with the rifle's barrel visible.
cylinder (the runs through the inside of the sword). The knob at the end of the grip turns, opening a thin cylinder used as the barrel for an old, traditional, for-show .22 caliber hunting rifle.


-Remus is an incredibly fast person. He was able to match, if not outrun, most of the other members of his village.

-Remus is an accomplished hunter, and Hunter, and capable of being patient and fighting  with stealth and quiet when he needs to.

-After meeting Torrent after his lost to Fenrus, and training with him in secret for months, he has become proficient in King Taijitu style Grimm Chance, but has far from mastered even the first style due to a limited time-span of training.

-  Remus's weapon Alpha Feud prevents him from actually gripping Alpha Victoire with two hands, so he must         instead just lay Alpha Victoire on top of the brace of Alpha  Feud. This leads to extensive amounts of recoil           that can end up eventually hurting his arm. Although his accuracy is not immediately effected, after the first           couple of shots his arm begins to twitch, and he gradually loses accuracy during extended fights.

-Remus is also able to use Alpha Feud  as a makeshift shield, although its relative small size makes it ineffective against most larger enemies.


(To be sung like a slow folk song, with a short pause between each line. Not that anything in italics is more of an angry chant than music)


Long ago. . .

So far away. . .

There were the hunters,

and there was the prey.


The hunters preyed

Upon the small

Then the small prayed

For the hunters' fall



When night descends

We seek amends

The legacy of death. . .

Is the sorrow of their friends


The moon comes out

We hunt you down

To the ends of the Earth. . . .

For the sake of our revenge

*End chorus*


The darkness swept,

Across the land

and the Sun never

Would rise again


So in the dark

The people ran

But could not escape

The fall of man




The men evicted

A boy returns

To debris and rubble

Of death he learns


The sole survivor

Beneath the moon

He swears his vengeance

To be swift and soon


The boy sets out

Too seek revenge

For his village

His family, and his friends




The fates betrayed my faith an trust!

In the dark, a child's innocence is lost.


-Remus and Romulus are two twins in Roman myth who are accredited with founding the great empire. According to legend, they were born by the God of War, Mars, and abandoned to die. They were recovered and raised by a great she-wolf.

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