Rene Sigil
Age 17
Nickname Tinker
Status Active
Gender Male
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Blonde
Eyes Crystal Amber
Height 5' 11"
Weight 146 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Current: Student, Mechanic Previous: Revolutionary

"I made my first friend, that says a lot about me."


Rene appears as a more common boy, not much to be said about him from the exterior view, a normal citizen who doesn't speak much. His fair skin and blonde hair seem a bit out of place in his environment, but no one would judge that. His amber eyes are like sap from trees, pure and almost crystal like. He doesn't show much of his body to the outside world and prefers to wear his black and white jacket to cover his orange shirt, and his skin to a further extent. He wears a pair of brown mechanic pants and a black beanie withe the number nine printed on the side which he keeps his soft orange cat ears hidden beneath. On his back is a leather backpack filled with pieces of paper and various mechanical pieces.


You wouldn't think to find someone like Rene around, in fact most people wouldn't find a person like him alive at all. More of a person that would be found to be the victim of a homicide and lying in a ditch somewhere Rene isn't someone who seems like he adapts well to situations. He seems like a passive person who doesn't know too much of anything. On the other hand people might also see him as an ignorant boy who likes to play with toys. Both of these assumptions are far from the truth.

Characterized as more of a "Wait for the best time to strike." kind of guy, Rene isn't really into openly challenging someone with physical threat. He is more of a mental opponent, a master of mind games, he almost treats it all like a joyous game of chess. He is very strategic in his movements both on the battlefield and on the social plane, never once stepping out of line, always knowing his place down to the letter. 

While being a faunis and integrating into society wasn't his plan Rene chose to try to pull it off anyway. Hiding his additions in plain sight he became anonymous. That doesn't mean he is ashamed of his heritage, simply that he doesn't wish to be defined by it.

Rene also has a passion for building automatons. A connection to both his past and his present he tinkers away every day to make new creatures of steam and iron, all the while seeking to perfect his prime companion. Despite his rather reclusive nature he is very open to people when he gets to know them better, an even more expedited process in battle.


Rene Sigil, a name that once brought hope to hearts and lifted spirits to the high heavens. But then one day it all disappeared in a flash. On that day everything changed for the young souls of Orleans, on that day all was lost.

Rene was not born into a long line of nobles or into a fashionable aristocratic family, he was born in the best of places; the streets of Orleans. A broken city of migrants, refugees, and the scum of the earth. To be born an orphan in this city was to be sentenced to death almost as soon as you were born. But some live on, some fight and hold on for long enough to be given a fair chance at life, Rene was one of those orphans. A lost soul that was thankfully found by other wandering spirits of the city, Rene was taken in by the other orphans who had long since given up on fighting against their current situation. It was in the freezing cold camp of these children that Rene grew up, it was here that his life was forged in the rain and snow, it was here that he would come to lead an army.

Years after he was first found and saved Rene was ready for his mission, even though he didn't really know it yet. His mission was to make a stand for his family and for all those who were oppressed in the city, a mission such as this should have been impossible. And yet, he tried anyway. Years they planned for the day when they could take back the city from those who sought to control it, the criminals and gangs, the barons and dukes, anyone who had wronged the poor and weak. Rene had adopted his own fighting style in this time, his own creation. Codenamed Nyx, or Nitrous Yvetal X-1, was his only friend and his army was ready to follow him. Days turned into weeks of fighting, dozens died in those times as the poor fought for freedom and the rich and corrupt fought for control. When the smoke cleared the victor had been named, the city would remain under the control of those formerly in power. It was a crushing blow to Rene and he was forced to leave the city, never to return. 

After his failure to save his home Rene and Nyx traveled the world in hopes of finding a better way to live, and a better way to become stronger. Beacon caught his attention quite an interesting idea it would turn out to be. Stepping out of the shadows Rene erased his past as a freedom fighter and sought to change himself at Beacon.




Nyx: Being Rene's first true friend Nyx is his solemn companion through thick and thin, and not just because she was programmed that way. Rene forged Nyx from weaponry scattered across the city of Orleans and sought to make a companion not only for battle but for friendship. Nyx is very self-aware and can easily think for herself, she had made a bond with Rene that transcends emotion and rational thought, the two would die for each other.  

Weapon and Ability

For physical and mental capability Rene is highly adept in soem areas yet lacking in others. He is very fast and agile, not to mention flexible, but for raw strength he doesn't do so well which is why he had to adapt his fighting style. His intelligence is a ways above average but he can't stand to learn something he has no interest in. Be careful if you play a game with him, you might just find yourself missing more than a few items from your once filled pockets. Like all faunis he has excellent night vision. His aura is nothing special, pretty average for someone of his skill and being.

Combat Style: Rene might have once used his agility to his advantage, but he chose to handicap himself with his weaponry. Now his combat style is more refined, a heavy yet slow style that isn't too easy to dodge but easier than other styles. His style is about maximizing his hits for powerful damage while also being useful in defense for blocking powerhouse attacks. His attacks never put him off balance because of his skill but he can be tripped up if his pathways are obstructed, meaning he can't fight very well if someone strikes at his feet.

Weapon: A weapon of repute indeed. Nyx, otherwise known as Nitrous Yvetal X-1, is a powerhouse weapon with high maneuverability and heavy weight. Nyx utilizes compression technology so her weight shifts in between forms. She has two forms outside of her normal spider droid form; the Revolution X-2 and the Emancipator X-3. 

Claymore sword by Moonasha

Revolution X-2

The Revolution X-2 is a large claymore with a massive weight. It boasts a six foot blade with smooth, yet blazing sharp edges. A simple weapon that packs a massive punch, but it is slightly unweildy so Rene's fighting style with it revolves around keeping it on the ground and using momentum from his body and swing to heft the weapon and hit his opponent.

Halo 4 weapon railgun by spartan22294-d5mcpsn

Emancipator X-3

The Emancipator X-3 is a shining silver railgun, not much more to say. It packs a massive punch with very little kick and does a lot of damage. The chambers are filled with six canisters of high octane explosive rounds that explode upon contact with any surface. The weapon takes two seconds to charge up a shot and is useless for stealth operations due to it's loud sound. However, the power behind this weapon is it's damaging capability, few weapons can compare to a fully activated railgun.

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