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I am Revan MacLeod, Shield-Thane of the Ebonsteel Tower. You butchered my family, left me for dead, and let my mind shatter. Your head is mine. There can be only one.
— Revan MacLeod
Azure tears of a Darkened soul, Child's mind broken, no longer whole...

Revan MacLeod is the first Original Character, created by The Steve. A warrior from the North with split personality,  his weapon of choice is a Paired Ebonsteel Dustsmoke Scimitar (PEDS) known as Dragan Sciathán with throwing knives, after the theft of his former weapon Dragan Trócaire, a Dust Cannon Katana (DCK).

Revan Cóem-Áinfean-Iorweth MacLeod
Revan MacLeod2
Title Highlander
Alias Revan Cóem-Áinfean-Iorweth
Nickname The Walking Drum
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June 18
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Light (Easily tanned)
Hair Black
Eyes Black, blue ring before pupil
Semblance Dustsmoke
Height 6'2"
Weight 180
Professional Status
Partner Riona Macentire (Beacon)
Detective James Holmes (Police)
Occupation Shield-Thane and Student
Job Types Part Time (Beacon)

Hunter (Post Graduation)

Personal Status
Relatives Azura MacLeod (sister)
Additional Info
Emblem Coat of arms
Likes Curry chicken on rice, root beer, meeting new people, helping others
Dislikes Haggis, lack of fun, people risking themselves for him, harm done to those he loves
Special Skills Five-to-One, Dust Channeling, Athletics
Weaknesses Far Ranged targets, Split Personality Disorder
Character Theme

Battle Theme

Dragon Force


"What do you think -- Wait... Good I have pants on."

Revan has a light, but easily tanned complexion, short, black hair and is six feet tall.

His irises change color between black, blue, and light blue.

In an encounter with the assassin Joseph, Revan was given a slash over his right eye, with his own katana. The wound was left unhealed and left a scar.

He has a personal dislike for formal attire in general, that includes the Beacon uniform. He will constantly refuse to wear his tie and coat and often replaces his slacks for jeans. He still wears the vest while his shirt's sleeves are usually rolled up to his elbows and he usually keeps the leather shoes. This habit wad broken by Sophomore year.

Revan's undershirts are either blue or black and he typically wears blue jeans and leather boots. His belt buckle is a miniature version of his family's coat of arms. He wears a special Celtic ring, under his shirt, looped through a leather cord and a blue ribbon, as a necklace and reminder.

Revan also purchased a blue fez with a white tassel and a black stetson with a blue rim after being thrown into a hat stand.

Coat of arms

The MacLeod Coat of Arms

Revan wears the garb of his city's Shield-Thane, consisting of a leather mantle and wool bodied coat with a matching hood. Along the borders is a blue Celtic pattern. A belt is worn over it along with matching bracers with his emblem on it.

Revan forged Ebonsteel scale armor for himself. He wears a chest and back plate under his battle coat and layered plates over his boots and bracers, providing ample protection when dual wielding.


"You're threatening children, are you? In that case, I have a business proposition for you all: you let them go so I can give them a box of Jammy Dodgers, and I won't put three feet of Dusted steel through you. Sound fair?"

Revan has Multiple Personality Disorder. Broken up into three minds, he is generally spit into Rage, Kindness, and Prime. When he introduces himself, he will only use his middle names, depending on which personality is controlling the body.


Revan's Kindness gives him a light, childlike side; He has odd curiosities in things he has never seen proir to travelling to Beacon; hats, candies, foods, etc. He enjoys meeting others and making friends.

He is, in reality, the part of Revan's mind that does not want to let go of his childhood experiences, meaning that he contrasts his Rage and his vengeance. Cóem typically wears the fez.


The manifestation of Revan's Rage, he harbors deep hatred for every individual involved with the Children of Grimm and the MacLeod Disappearances. In the event of recognition of certain individuals; members of the Children of Grimm, their associates and others who took part in the MacLeod Disappearances, etc., he will be released, lashing out at his enemies or others in his way.

He firmly believes that emotional attachments are nothing short of distractions. Whenever Revan tries to be friendly or "fancies" someone, The Áinfean will always find a way to ruin the non-professional relationship.

In order to keep Rage from hampering his host's progression in being trained in advanced combat, Nolen McCoun hypnotically held The Áinfean personality back, and allowed Proper Revan to progress with patience and stability.

In essence, he is the part of Revan MacLeod that remembers the horrid sights seen seven years ago, having been split from the usually kind, charming, and carefree Revan and becoming the entity that is his deteriorating mental state with a singular goal of vengeance. Áinfean usually wears the hood of the battle coat when unleashed.


The personality that is generally unnoticed, moments of maturity and proper development exist from this part of Revan's mind, having been brought out by the influence of his closest friends. This "normal" personality takes on both aspects of Rage and Kindness;

He has steadfast love for children, often devoting time to Children's Wards in Vale Hospital. This is mostly due to his memory of powerlessness in his youth and a want for not allowing them the same experiences.

Prime is likeable enough to instill a sense of friendship in others, but serious in the things that he believes in, like fairness, equality, workmanship, and personal spiritual strength.

This personality is somewhat what would have happened if Revan's mind progressed normally, not splitting into the two personalities that constantly argue. However, he can serve as the Voice of Reason between his other personalities and can firmly control the two, but does not yet... He wears the stetson.

Aura and Semblance

"Now who wants fireworks!?"

Revan's Aura color correlates with which personality is controlling the body; Iorweth's is a dark blue while Áinfean's is black and Cóem's appears light blue.

Revan's Semblance allows his hands to emit a sort of black-blue smoke that catches the energy of any sort of Dust it is in contact with. With the energy caught, he can use the elemental Dust to deal damage or Impact and its polar variant to propel himself. The Smoke can even be linked to his weapons. Continued use of this Dustsmoke drains Revan's stamina.

Weapons, Skills & Abilities

"Your choice: Steel, Dust, or Attack of the Stuffed-Rabbit. We're fighting in a department store, after all."

Revan grew up with an elite tier fighter and blacksmith that taught him Five-to-One. With this came a great deal of training in both fields. He trained his endurance, strength, and speed to a degree that puts him at par with the best. Climbing comes easily, as does running long distance.

Smithing gave him experience with various weapons and their applications, respectively. This allows him small use with various weapons, however, he is not as effective with anything other than quick, bladed weapons such as Dragan Trócaire or Sciathán.

His years of practice has made him a strong Dustblade. The combination oaf sword, Dust and Semblance to perform attacks and amplify them, matched with his strength and speed makes him a very dangerous opponent:


Dragan Trócaire concept from

  • Dragan Trócaire: His trademark Dust Cannon Katana (DCK), which he forged himself before coming to Vale, holds a small Dust crystal cannon in its hilt that fires out of the mouth of a steel dragon head.
  • Dragan Sciathán: After the theft of Dragan Trócaire, Revan forged an Ebonsteel scimitar that could split into two, lighter blades, for dual wielding combat, and combine into a sword staff. The blades themselves have thin, outer tubes molded to funnel Revan's Dustsmoke throughout the blades, which compresses the smoke into a whip-like form, making his Semblance more deadly.
  • Throwing Knives: Revan carries close to twenty Ebonsteel throwing knives at a time for stealthy sort range combat.

Battle Style

"Give me a proper path and a target: he'll go down!"

Revan has had years of learning combat tactics and ethics while learning how to adapt Dust to his attacks. The only one to best him in combat was his master. Although, entering Beacon may prove to have one who can match him.

Ranged Attacks:

  • Elemental Attacks: When the particular Dust is at hand, he can use his sword or his hands to focus its energy at a short to mid range. [Dependant on whether or not he wields Dragans Trócaire (short) or Sciathán (mid).]
  • Dragon Breath Cannon: Dragan Trócaire's hidden cannon is one use but with devastating effect, until it is reloaded with a Dust crystal. With quick use of his Semblance, Revan can ignite the crystal in mid air.
  • Throwing Knives: Revan can imbue his knives with his Dustsmoke ability to give them elemental power. White Repulsion Dust lets them leave his hand with the force of a bullet.

Close-In Attacks:

  • Five-to-One: Revan utilizes Staring Tiger, Lunging Serpent, Idle Turtle, and Raging Bull with effectiveness, thanks to his uncle. His most recently taught stance is Crimson Pheonix.

Special Ability:

  • Dustsmoke:As his Semblance, Revan can use any Dust at hand to perform tricks and such other than using it in combat. In combat, he can shoot Dust energy at short range and adds elemental damage to melee strikes. Lighting being MacLeod's preference.
  • Will to Survive: When Revan has suffered an injury that would normally break a bone or even kill him, an adrenalin surge peaks, which supplies enough willpower to focus his Aura into healing himself or searing wounds closed with Dust. When this happens, The Áinfean takes control of Revan's body from a few minutes to a few hours. This effect is only usable once a day.


"Who wants to here a dead boy's story?."

Born Revan Áinfean MacLeod, in the highlands of Atlas, not much is known about his life due to destruction of his real records. Speculation from James Holmes indicates that he is the heir to the MacLeod Family Dust Company, a family that disappeared on the tenth birthday of the youngest son and heir, Revan, seven years ago.

Main Article: RWBY: MacLeod: The Dark Morning Sky

IceStorm Crossing

Tired from training, whilst shopping for ammunition and Dust for his team, Revan meets a familiar face from a dark point in his past...

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • I decided on erasing the large tragedy bit of the background to make way for mystery and character development. (Fanfic/background overhaul in the works.)
  • Revan has a form of Split Personality Disorder; which often keeps him torn between black and blue.
  • "Revan" is the shortened form of "Revenant", a being who returns to life after a traumatic death.
    • Also, switching "e" and "a", it makes "Raven", which have black or dark blue feathers.
  • "Áinfean" is a Gaelic name meaning "storm, fury, and violence".
  • "MacLeod" is the surname used by the main protagonists in the Highlander franchise, immortals who can never die unless decapitated. It is also the name of an old Scottish Highland clan that has existed since the 13th Century.
    • Scotsman born and raised in the Scottish Highlands are dubbed "Highlanders".
    • "MacLeod" sounds like "cloud", which are in the blue or dark sky,
  • "The Walking Drum" is a reference to Revan's four-interval drumming of his fingers and his unnatural heartbeat. But also alludes to the Louis L'Amour novel The Walking Drum, whose main character travels to find someone.


Ebonsteel is an alloy perfected beneath Dùn. Ingots are smelted with 2/3rds purified obsidian and 1/3rd of steel, hence the name. It appears as a smooth, glossy material and can only be manipulated under extreme heat.

Weapons forged with this material do not deteriorate. Rusting almost never occurs and it never dulls.

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