You either have to be a genius, or a total idiot.
— Reyna commenting on Silver's plan the first time they team up

Reyna Naval
Age 17
Title Team SLVR Member/Sniper
Nickname Reyna
Status Active
Color Navy Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Blue (Almost Black)
Eyes Silver
Height 5'9"
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team SLV
Partner Lillian "Lilly" Sachite
Occupation Student, Member of SLVR
Jobs Waitress at a local diner
Additional Info
Emblem Naomi Emblem
Likes Her sniper rifle, combat
Dislikes Politicians
Special Skills Excellent in long range combat, excellent marksman
Weaknesses Headstrong, stubborn and rude


Reyna has shaggy dark blue hair that falls over her left eye. Her eyes are an ice-blue. She wears an open navy blue coat over her body. Her sleeves are rolled up and on each arm in a black arm band is the embroidered emblem of the navy blue crosshairs. She has a black top that stops just past her chest and baggy jeans. She wears shoes and has two black ammo packs strapped to her legs. She wars black fingerless gloves and spare sniper bullets are attached to her waist. Her skin is fair and glows in the light.


Reyna is smart. Incredibly smart, which leads to her arrogant and rude personality. She keeps herself at a distance from most people, because she knows she doesn't quite fit in. She can be snide and mean, even to her closest friends. However, with the help of Silver and the rest of the team, she slowly begins to melt that cold and rough exterior. On the inside, she is a much different person.

She has genuine care for others and is fiercely loyal to a strong leader. She will do what she can for others, but tends to keep it secret because she can't appear to be "weak" around others. Overtime, however, she realizes that her compassion is not perceived as a weakness by others but as a strength.

Powers and Abilities

Reyna is a longer--ranged fighter. She doesn't want anything up close and personal and her training is limited in that area. However, she makes up for it with her incredible skill as a markswoman. She is extremely accurate through long years of practice. Naomi is also an adept thinker, able to see the whole battle and come up with the best strategy for a quick and decisive win. This earned her place as the master tactician on Team VMLN.

Her intellect, for the most part, is unchallenged by most. She can see things and break them down into the core components. She is able to understand most anything, and it is a blessing and a curse to her. Secretly, she envies the others and how they view things in a more spiritual or emotional way rather than pure cold systematic views.


Reyna was born into the Naval Company, a company responsible for build a percentage of the world's tech used. She was the daughter of the CEO Krimson, and she grew up in a sheltered home. Never was she to set foot outside of the mansion walls. Reyna was led to believe that the world outside wasn't all that exciting and staying within the walls of the mansion was a better choice. However, Reyna was curious and wanted to venture beyond the walls. She heard stories of all the Hunters and Huntresses and their grand tales of adventure. Her life within the mansion was boring. Her father didn't care for her and the servants made things too easy for her. She wanted challenge and excitement. At age 7, she discovered the hidden passageways in the catacombs. And then, at age 9, she made her move to escape.

A traveling caravan came to visit the estate and met with Krimson. The younger members of the caravan hung around Reyna and told her that she could come and be a Huntress, since the younger ones were planning on becoming Hunters and Huntresses themselves. All she had to do was leave with them. After the CEO was finished with his meeting, he met a mysterious figure in a hood. Reyna then made her move. She escaped through the catacomb passage and went with the caravan to Vale, never looking back. Once there, she attended Signal and rose through the ranks as a top student. From there, when she turned 17 and graduated she moved onto Beacon.

Reyna met with Lilly and was a little put off by her upbeat personality. She also met with V and Silver and then went off on her own. After a night of quick sleep, she went into the forests for team selection. After attacking a group of Ursas, she was saved by Lilly and the two became partners. Later, they met up with V and Silver and they fought off the powerful Beowolf Alpha and then claimed the white bishop pieces. She then became a member of Team SLVR and was assigned the role of tactician. Later on, Silver showed her to the local diner he worked at and she became a waitress there. And her tale in Team SLVR began.


Her Weapon's name is Bluejay.

Sniper Rifle Mode

Naomi Gun

Bluejay Sniper Mode (Primary)

THe primary mode used by Reyna, most of the steel plating on gun is blue. The barrel has black circuit board markings and the scope, part of the recoil stock, the gun handle and the hand grip are all black. The reloading chamber is on the right side of the gun, and the ammo cases have a black crosshair and the casing is steel. Each case holds about 20 rounds and she carries seven on her so she has 140 rounds. The stand is black and sharp which indicates the second function.

The rotation module on the sniper rifle is a tri-Dust Chamber which has been filled with three different types of dust. Red for fire, light blue for ice and yellow for lightning. As the bullet passes through one of the chambers, it is coated in the dust and sparked so the Dust activates and the shot is elementally charged.

Trident Mode

Naomi Trident

Bluejay Trident Mode

The scope, handle and recoil pad retreat to make the rifle more of a pole. The hand grip retreats back to be the handle in trident mode. The rotation mechanism is still visible but it is inactive. The reload chamber is closed with a steel plate. The stand rotates up to be the dual prongs for her trident. The barrel already has a sharp point, making it a third point on the trident. This steel trident, though rarely used, can be a fearsome weapon in battle.


This is LordKeyZ's fourth OC

The emblem was created by LordKeyZ

Her name used to be Naomi before LordKeyZ changed it

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