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Title Riikinkukko
Classification Peacock
Ranking C (Alone)

B (In pair)



Riikinkukko is an albino peacock Grimm, with the tip of its tail feathers dyed in red from the blood of the people it has killed. Its eyes are blood red, with pitch black beak and claw.


Riikinkukko often travel with their mate, in a selective area they've claimed as their territory - which they are very overprotective of. They can be a bit of a show off, walking around flaunting their tail to everything else.

When a Hunter spot one alone and it feels threatened, Riikinkukko will cry out and call for their mate, while holding their ground. Once their mate has returned, they will aggressivally attack their enemies till they flee off their territory or till either side died. If their mate is killed during the process, the other one will be much more aggressive than they used to, and attack blindly.

Riikinkukko has an odd method to select a life time mate: The female will join the male in a human hunt, but only watch as the male fights, and will only be his mate if the male managed to kill a human and dye its tail feather in blood.

Their diet are small bugs, reptiles and animals like mice, snakes and butterflies.


  • Strength: They are very light on their feet, and can catch up to human's speed during a run. The sides of their tail feathers are also very sharp, allowing them to slice flesh in a clean cut. They has sharp claws and beaks, but they prefer to fight with their tails.
  • Weakness: Riikinkukko has very little armors to cover themselves, and while they are capable of flying, they can't fly for long.
  • They can shriek in a high pitch, ear-deafening tone.

Recommend Method:

They have no armor, minus their tail feathers, so it's recommended to attack them on their body. Beware of the claws and beak, RIikinkukko won't hesitance to use them if they are cornered.

The fastest method is to cut their neck off.

Additional Note:

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