"Who are my heros? I have none, heros don't exist, only people who protect the weak and defenseless, Those people I respect." -Riku Sedatus
Riku Sedatus

Riku Sedatus

Name: Riku Sedatus

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 156lb

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue(Naturally), One stained red after incident

Skin: Tanned

Team/Partner(s): None currently

I.Q. : 184

Vocation Before Beacon: Thief, Musician, Mercenary(when in desperate need of money)

Likes: Piano, violin, guitar, games, reading(sometimes), fighting creatures of grimm, sparring in class, people who defend the weak and defenseless, cold, silence.

Dislikes: Manipulators, Idiots, creatures of grimm, abusers and oppressors, Roman Torchwick, White Fang, his past, ranged weaponry, loud and/or over-crowded places.

Fear: Failing others, being seen as a hero

Skills: One handed swords, duel wielding swords, above average perception and reaction time,  high pain resilience, pick pocketing, lock picking, stealth, adept in Piano, Violin, and Guitar.

Weaknesss: Romance, his past, identity crisis, ranged weaponry, team work(in some cases), clear communication with other.

Aura Colour: Midnight Blue


Riku is of average height and is pyhsically fit. His hair is light brown and sweeps to the left side of his face in spikes. His eyes were naturally blue until an accident happened during a dust raid mission with the White Fang, making his left eye permanently red. A prominent scar from a large Ursa from his time hiding out in the emerald forest, cuts across his remaining blue eye. His black boots fit comfortably and tightly on him, allowing for comfort, and mobility in combat.

His dark gray over-coat is always on him even when he sleeps. The inside of the coat is lined with secret pockets and pouches that are filled with extra dust in both cut and powdered form. Besides his coat, Riku wears a black t-shirt and dark gray jeans along with a lighter gray belt. He has a gray bandana he wears around his neck to be used in combat in order to avoid breathing in any toxic chemicals or substances, when not being used, it always remains around his neck.

The sunglasses that sit on top his head are there for both style, and in case he needs them to protect his vision, a lesson learned once his eye turned red. Keeping with the gray theme, he uses them when traveling on an open air vehicle, or when something that is toxic or hindering his vision is around. despite the limited use they get, they never leave his person. His sword is kept on his back with a clear sheath allowing for others to admire it's blade.


Riku is fairly quiet and reserved about himself because of his past, only opening up to those he trusts, respects, or considers a true friend. While others see him as a cold, and heartless person, that is not the case. Riku greatly cares for others and will often try to do what he can to help, even if it puts his own life at risk. Even through helping others he has trouble trying to understand exactly who he is, and what his role in the world is, often leading to trouble in his quest to figure out who he is. Although he rarely speaks to others without good reason, he is very opinionated and intelligent. He doesn't view anything as morally good, or morally wrong. This perception often makes others question if he is a good fit at Beacon due to their training to become hunters and huntresses and turn into heros. Although training to be a hunter, he doesn't want to be thought of as a hero, evening condemning the whole word entirely as "made up" or "fantasy", this has got him in trouble with some teachers at the academy due to his way of thinking.

Although reserved, Riku walks with confidence, silence, and a fierce determination, giving a chilling vibe from him if you didn't know him. He often handles himself well in crowds if he has to attend the event or gathering, otherwise he slips off to a quiet place away from others to contemplate his future and present situations, Because of this his peers deem him as a loner, but when he does work with others, he proves to be a valuable ally, and great team player for the most part. If he knows something that has to be done but it is considered "wrong" by his peers, he'll due it anyway unless he is given a good reason. 

Riku has some sides to him that others sometimes fail to see. Despite his way of thinking and his past, he has a burning desire to be with someone that he can love and protect that will love him back. However this is difficult for him to readily announce, even amongst his friends. Another side is his fear of failing others. Riku will strive to no end trying to keep succeed in anything he is doing, so as not to let somebody down, however this mind set has landed him in the hospital on a few occaisions. 

Weapons And Abilities

Riku's primary weapon is a one-handed sword of his own design called Renegade. He forged the blade specifically so that cut dust can be fitted into the blade just above it's hilt to add an effect to the sword. This has helped him in many situations allowing him to freeze enemies with cyan dust, and then burn through them with red dust. He is extremly proficient in using this sword and has even been able to duel wield with it. When his sword is drawn he moves very fast and is on par with most hunters and huntresses in combat with one handed weapons. He uses multiple special attacks with the sword to land different hits, his favourite move in combat is Midnight Storm, a skill he created himself after learning how to extend his aura just enough to give the sword a second edge, his speed also increases allowing him to deal multiple strikes before he wears himself out due to his lack of mastery of such a demanding skill. Other skills he uses are Fire Strike, Icicle Blade, Spin Slash, Reverse, and Block Breaker.

While his combat abilities with his word are excellent, he has other skills such as above average reaction speed and perception. He is able to react to anything quickly if he is aware of the threat, and is also able to keep an eye on a lot of what he sees, processing it and determining if something is amiss. Despite these abilities he sometimes springs traps in order to test and hone his skills.

Before Riku went to Beacon he picked up a couple skills from some questionable mentors. He is able to pick most locks easily and is very tedious about the subject. This ability is frowned upon by his peers who know he possess this skill while he views it as an asset. Another skill he learned was to pick pocket other people's stuff from them. Altthough not as good at it as lock picking, he can be very crafted in order to get what he needs from his mark.

Outside of combat he is trained in Piano, and Guitar, and has recently taken to the violin whenever he has time to himself. When he worked as a mercenary and thief, he used these skills in order to make his way into fancy parties for his missions, or if he just likes the quiet and atmosphere of the formal party.


Riku's aura is midnight blue in colour and has only been activated for a few months. Still his aura is fairly impressive and is able to heal his minor injuries and enhance his speed. Using his aura with his lack of formal training oftentires Riku out so he refuses to use it unless it is absolutely necessary, but even then he refrains from prolonged use, relying on his skills and dust more than his aura.

Team Postion

Riku's skill is very advanced compared to his peers, however due to his quiet nature and questionable past, with his lack of formal training, he isn't the best to have in a leadership role. In his time working as a mercenary, Riku was always ready to attack when giving the command and would do so without hesitation until the teams goal was met. This made him a highly sought after asset in his mercenary days and his commitment and determination along with his skill, would make him a valuable asset and partner to have on the frontlines of a fight.

Back Story


Riku Sedatus grew up in Vale with his mother and father and trained in the musical arts under his parents tutelage. However while they were on vacation in the Emerald forest, a group of Beowolves attacked the family, killing his mother and father and sending him to the hospital with serious injuries. After he was released he was sent to live in an Orphanage in the downtown area of Vale. The place was loud and he often resorted to slipping onto the roof for some quiet. After he turned 13 he ran away from the orphanage because he wanted to figure out who he was. 

During his days on the streets he learned how to pick pocket and lock pick from local street urchins and began to sell stolen goods to fences for some quick cash. It wasn't long before he became one of the top thiefs in the city. However after the fences and black markets werre shut down a man who called himself "Shroud" took the youth in and trained him how to fight with a sword, even helping Riku to forge his own sword he called Renegade. In his time trainign he read a lot of books on dust and eventually used that knowledge to modify Renegade so that it could use dust to increase its power. After a couple years he struck out on his own desperate to make a living, taking jobs like being a body gaurd, infiltration missions, recon, and sabotage in order to be his primary financial gain until the fences were released from prison.

When he was 15 he was hired by Roman Torchwick to work with him and the White Fang in a dust raid. During the raid him and a squad of five others stumbled into a testing facility within the warehouse, one of the squad members tried to take an experimental weapon that triggered an alarm sealing them all in. It wasn't long before security mechs had arrived and began to open fire on the group. After all but one of the White Fang memvbers being incapacitated he tried to find a way out, however the White Fang member began tossing powdered dust around to desstroy the mechs sensors, causing some of the red dust to get into his right eye, burning and staining it red. After they escaped the room and left for the rendevouz point, they discovered that Torchwick and the others were taking off without them. Riku cursed at Torchwick demanding his pay only to be blasted away  with a shot from his cane. 

With no where else to go and avoiding the police, he sought solice in the quiet of the Emerald forest, getting away from the population that was currently in a frenzy over a festival that was quickly approaching. A couple weeks after the festival was over, and the search for him called off, Riku remained in the forest in order to train himself in peace. After a his 16 birthday he decided to return to the vities of Vale. On his way out he was attacked by three large Ursas. He easily fought off the two but was at his limits against the third. The Ursa slashed him over his remaining blue eye and kept on attempting to kill him. Luckily some students from Beacon were in the area and managed to save him. Riku thanked them and began to make his way, only to be stopped by Glynda Goodwitch, who was impressed that he took care of two Ursa's by himself at his age. When she asked about his past and how he learned to fight he remained silent and walked off.

On his 17 birthday, Riku was sitting in a bar admiring a couple who were there on a date, the two being romantic sparked something in him that he didn't know existed, compassion. After the two left he remained and finished his birthday dinner by himself. He left the bar and began to walk aimlessly around the streets trying to figure out what he was doing and who he was. At the sound of a scream Riku sprinted to the noise to find a White Fang member mugging the couple he had seen before. Without hesitation he jumped in for their defense  and managed to beat the White Fang member with little more than a scratch. As he looked at the loving couple his scratch healed and the female informed him about aura and praised him for being a hero, to which Riku disagreed that he was. With that the couple walked off.

A few hours later Riku ran into Glynda Goodwitch once more. She remembered the boys skills and asked why he was out so late. After he explained he had nowhere else to go she offered to bring him to Beacon for the night. At the academy, Riku found his way into one of the class rooms and began to read one of the text books to occupy his time till Goodwitch could find him again. He learned about extending aura from the text book and managed to make it cover his swords blade for a small amount of time, after she found him he was brough to a large sparring ring and pitted against some senior students. After skillfully defeating them with Renegade and discovering that his aura increased his speed and the blades strength he was offered a position in the academy to start as a first year student, an offer that he excepted. 

Riku's Friends/Teams

Currently none(will change eventually)

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