"Resistance is Futile. Running is Pointless. Strength alone is Worthless."- Tamurin Ebonwing

"Darkness resides in everyone and everything. Mine is just a little more profound."- Rin Haru

Rin Haru
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Lime Green
Eyes Stone Grey
Height 5'9
Weight 125 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Shaung Xio Mo


Rin wears a loose fitting green and black corselet outfitted with many inner pockets to contain all his extra ammunition, as well as ochre pants and black leather shoes.

He tends to keep his hair long in the back, with sweeping bangs that tend to partially cover his eyes from view, and is often seen with a kind yet stern expression on his face.


Rin is often described as a calming figure in any circumstance, as he tries to keep a kind face on at all times. He'll step into almost any argument and try to mediate the solution, but tends to take action quickly when someone gets bullied. He's a cheery young man, although he appears a little distant to others, even when receiving his aid. There are times, however, when Rin becomes moody, often during the evening while remembering his past, often prompting him to song. Other times, especially during combat, Rin shows a different side of himself: fierce anger and a determination that tends to shock many of the people around him.


Rin was born into the Ebonwing Family, a noble family fallen from grace, as Tamurin Ebonwing. After his 6th birthday, his mother began training him with a ruthless vigor, breaking his mind in the process. After such training, Rin was a powerful force to be reckoned with, carrying a greatsword twice his size with a single hand while swinging it as if it was light as a feather. Back then with his long, spiky, cobalt hair, terrifying plate armor built from metal to resemble Deathstalker chitin woven together with Taijitu scales complete with a white mask similar to a Beowolf's head, sheer strength and frenzy, the people called him 'Blue-Haired Demon'. However, during an assignment when he was twelve, Rin was discovered by a young woman who eventually brought his mind back from the dark haze his mother had induced upon him. This young woman showed Rin the love and care his mother never gave him, and eventually softened his otherwise hardened heart. Rin cared deeply for her and would often try to arrange meetings with her twice a month. Alas, this happy cycle would not continue forever. Rin's mother eventually found out about his change in demeanor a year later, after witnessing him playing with his little sister, Liliana, after shunning and ignoring her for several years, and quickly discovered who had ruined her hard work. She ordered the woman's execution soon after, and although Rin learned of this wicked plan, he was already too late. Rin fled from Ebonwing Manor, the place he had called home for most of his life, but not before saying good-bye to Lilliana.

"Don't worry, I'll be back for you Lilly. I won't let our mother do to you what she did to me. But until then, stay strong for me, promise?"

A few month's later, Rin discovered the young woman's gravestone overlooking a beautiful view from the edge of a cliff. It is here that he swore to protect this world from the pain and suffering he had to endure, and start over as a hunter. Leaving his old gear and weaponry behind him, Rin set off into the woods, to better himself from relying on the darkness that still resides in him.

Four years have passed since that time, and Rin has returned to the world at large, with new weapons, a new look, and a new outlook of the world around him, he tries to find a place that will accept him for a more formal training. That is, until Rin was caught on camera stopping a robbery from a Dust store, to which he was given an invitation to Beacon Academy.


Luna Ignis- One of Rin's teammates. Rin enjoys her company though he could do without her test-throwing her weapon at him for fun, since he's one of the few people able to catch it unharmed.

Cecil Highwind- One of Rin's teammates. Rin tends to act politely to Cecil, even though Cecil considers him to be a rival, although he's still quite sensitive when Cecil brings up the past.

Shuang Xio Mo- One of Rin's teammates and his cousin. Rin acts as Shaung's voice of reason most of the time, and he's the only person she will open up to at the moment.


Rin is a long-range fighter, but is not afraid of closing the gap if the need arises. His weapons of choice are twin Fusion Dust Gunblade's(FDGB) called Suigin Ame. These take the appearance of two .48 caliber semi-auto pistols with the blades and barrel extensions placed under the actual barrels of the guns. In order to switch from pistol to bladed rifle mode, Rin takes both pistols and joins the barrels together, positioned so that the barrel extensions connect to the opposite barrel, then separates them in one swift movement, giving the guns a blade running the length of the bottom of the barrel. He can then further the close-quarters function of his rifles by adjusting the grips to a 45 degree angle, loading special high-recoil impact rounds, and proceeding to slice and dice his foes holding the guns in a unique reverse grip.

Due to the training he received from his mother, Rin possesses impressive agility, which he uses to leap around the battlefield to avoid attacks, although skilled opponents can still strike him and he can't dodge bullets. Rin tends to be a tactician on the field, taking his shots at his leisure and switching to close-quarters when necessary, always trying to keep his attention to the entire fight as a whole.


-Rin's name, when roughly translated means 'Cold Spring'.

-Rin is partially based off of Chung Seiker from Elsword Online, particularly the Deadly Chaser class

-His weapons, however, are based off of Yazoo's Velvet Nightmare gunblades from FFVII: Advent Children

-Rin carries a small knee harp with him at times, and is an avid musician, often serenading the night away when feeling down.

-His symbol is the Iris, the flower that stands for Rebirth. This is shown in his discarding of his old life and starting over from the beginning.

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