The sun is a great treasure that most take for granted. It greets us with rays of light and bathes us all with warmth and affection. Without its presence, life as we all know it would never be the same.
This isn't about returning the favor! All I want is to help you out as a friend.
— By Rina to Amber (Amy) Thysteine
This image and character is property of Takeshi kun21. Don't use it without my permission or I'll get Rina to sick Elucifer on you. :P
Rina Rouge
Rina profile
Age 17
Color Red
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Red
Eyes Gold
Semblance Shine
Height 5'4"
Weight 122 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AMBR
Partner Amber (Amy) Thysteine
Personal Status
Relatives Serenity Rouge-grandmother

Cherrie Rouge- sister

Riley Rouge- brother

Additional Info
Emblem AMBR emblem Rina
Likes Cooking, baking, cleaning, animals
Dislikes scary things, mean people
Character Theme

Serah's Theme ~ Memory FFXIII-2
Battle Theme

Daring Sword- Tales of Xillia


Rina is a normal girl who doesn't care much about wearing fancy clothing. The only thing that stands out is her hair color, because she's the only one in her family with red hair (inherited from her deceased mother). She's fine with her red and white T-shirt (with yellow trim on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt) and brown shorts every day. She wears brown hiking boots and has a pair of brown gloves for minor protection. In simple terms, Rina can be considered a tom-boy, but with some feminine notions as well, like keeping her skin soft and face blemish free.


Rina is a very caring girl who enjoys being around nice people, laughing, and other fun things. Things she enjoys doing are basketball, hiking in the wilderness, and playing with animals, especially her new pet. She also keeps some of her feminine side by having an affection toward cute things and obsessing over boys. Rina's upbeat personality allows her to befriend some of the creatures she comes in contact with whether they be stray, tamed, or sometimes wild animals.

Rina can also be very brave when it comes to both fighting and on occasions letting loose her emotions (eagerness, saddness, compassion, and all of the above). When she expresses herself she'll do it right to your face if there's a problem, never behind someone's back (she'll keep her language as PG as possible because her grandmother said nobody likes a woman with a sailor's mouth). She's also as stubborn as a mule at certain points, but not in a spoiled way, more of an "I won't give up" mindset. Rina doesn't have a killer instinct, which is why she doesn't use anything sharp and pointy; the only time she has killed was when her farm was attacked (backstory). She feels that you don't have to kill someone in your way in order to get things done (different feelings for Grimm, as they're bent on destruction).

Her willpower and courage are her more incredible assets, being able to stand up for what she believes in, and going toe to toe against foes who may be stronger than her. "I know I may not be the strongest member of my team, but... As long as the sun still shines, I won't back down. I will continue to fight for my friends, my family, and the world we live in!" is a line she speaks against one of her toughest adversaries after the Fall of Beacon, showing the passion she has for becoming a Huntress in the first place.

There are times where Rina can be a total scaredy cat as well. For example when she's in a place that gives off a creepy or eerie feeling, she begins to cower a bit. Mentioning horror movies and ghosts can scare her if you do it well enough. Just don't scare her with a ghost costume, or she'll attack you in a panic. She can often be clumsy at times, tripping over ladybugs or dropping things onto the floor.

One thing she has trouble doing is "being cute on purpose". In the case of her crush Mason, Rina tries too hard at what she does and ends up failing completely. One time while preparing dinner for the team on a long mission, the dish she cooked up caused Miles to choke after she eagerly awaited a compliment from him. The food wasn't terrible; quite the opposite actually, it's just he couldn't get it all down the right way with Rina "pestering" him. That event discouraged her, but Rina never stopped trying.

Weapon & Abilities

Rina Stats Chart

Chart by Jollyjo

Rina uses a basic polearm staff in her everyday combat, in a basic form of bojutsu. Because of her nature, she prefers not to kill anyone; however, hurting her enemies is a different matter. Her first staff was made out of a sturdy wood material, handcrafted at Signal Academy, but after team AMBR's initiation, she broke it in two trying to protect Amy. When the team finally became whole, Blaine and the others decided to make Rina a new staff as an apology for how they all behaved and a way of saying thanks for changing their lives.

Weapon: Radiant Soul

Her current upgraded weapon is made out of a light sturdy steel with a grip in the middle and is named "Radiant Soul." With a press of a button she can shorten its length to easily store away on her waist or extend it in an immediate emergency.

There's also another button that opens a compartment for Dust to be loaded, although its not used in all fights she takes part in.

Aura & Semblance

Rina's Aura is a bright orange in color, and is used for the usual protection, perception, and helps trigger her Semblance "Shine".

For the power of her Semblance to activate, Rina's mind needs to be clear and focused. She then readies her stave, and pours her Aura into it, causing it to glow brightly, using it as a point of focus. The intensity of the orange light shows how powerful her attacks will be; the weaker the glow, the weaker its power and vice versa.

Currently this ability can give Rina's blows about a 25% boost in power. It lasts for a 60 second time period, and she has to wait at least 5 minutes for reactivation. Because Shine is a new technique revealed during her first year, Rina mainly uses it whenever she needs to gain a quick advantage in battle rather than immediate activation as constant usage would quickly drain her energy.

As this ability was discovered during her first year at Beacon, she's not fully able to maintain her powers, but with training can be enhanced to greater levels.

After the Fall

After the Fall of Beacon, Rina has practiced hard to develop and evolve her Semblance. She's now able to activate Shine and add its effects to her weapon as though it were second nature, without having to clear her mind. It has even been discovered she can grant the same power enhancement to her allies within a 5 meter radius, expending a larger portion of her Aura.

In correlation with her Semblance, she can also use Dust to give her abilities an elemental boost in battle. Because she's still training, she only uses one element augmentation at a time and is still coming up with a variety of techniques to use. The glow of her weapon also changes depending on the type of Dust being used.

Storming Shine (Wind): Light Green Glow

  • With Wind Dust, Rina can send out bright visible waves of air with each of her swings to attack enemies from a distance. Its mainly used as a means of knocking distant enemies backward/downward or countering projectiles. It can also be used at close range for knocking enemies back as well.

Blazing Shine (Fire): Red Glow

  • With Fire Dust, Rina's attacks will burn her enemies when they come in contact with her staff (her hands are protected by her Aura). If she focuses enough, the tip of her weapon will cause a small explosive blast when coming into contact with an enemy or object (useful for knocking back enemies or knocking down walls/doors).

Frozen Shine (Ice): Cyan Glow

  • With Ice Dust, Rina can stab the ground at an angle with her weapon, bringing up a pillar of ice to pierce through opponents (preferably Grimm). Can also be used to create a quick wall of ice for her own self protection.

Surging Shine (Lightning): Silver Glow

  • With Lightning Dust, Radiant Soul starts to surge slightly with electricity. Rina propels her body forward dashing at the enemy with great speed, inflicting lightning-based damage and may cause temporary paralysis.
  • For a more tactical usage, she'll focus her Aura to create a bright flash of light to blind her opponents temporarily. Makes good for a quick retreat, or to create an opening on an unsuspecting foe.

Basic Abilities: Rina is very athletic because of the work she's done at her family's farm. She has high stamina, and can make speedy strikes with her stave. The only thing she's lacking in is more strength, but her methods in battle prove to be more efficient than muscle could ever pull off alone.

Hinderances: There are times where Rina focuses on her friends more so than her enemy, which can be bad in terms of a real fight. It can be a big distraction to her if she notices one of her allies fall because the enemy can easily take advantage and strike. Amy told her this one time during a training session at Beacon. Another thing is that she can become really hesitant when facing an opponent who seems too strong for her, but after taking a few blows Rina will get over it and stand back up to fight.


Unlike her teammates, Rina is just a normal girl. Her parents weren't murdered, she wasn't found alone and helpless, or anything like that. Rina has always lived on her family's farm far away from the city with her dad, older brother Riley, little sister Cherrie, and grandma Serenity. Her brother and father worked in a small town down the road at local shops, while the women of the house managed the farm. Tending the animals (cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, etc. whatever the RWBY-verse has) became something enjoyable to Rina rather than a chore (she even made friends with all of them at age 12). Her Grandmother taught her everything in regards to cooking, cleaning, and keeping the animals happy. She also shared some family secrets on "how to attract a man" which Rina always enjoyed listening to.

It was at the age of 14 where things started to get intense for her. One night when Rina was messing around with the rabbits, she heard a howl. It was a small pack of 3 starving Beowolves that had wandered onto their peaceful land. One of them had cornered Rina's little sister outside. With her grandmother being too old and the men being away, Rina felt it was up to her to protect her family and friends. She grabbed a pitchfork and fought them off single-handedly while her little sister went for help. She didn't want to kill them whether they were monsters or not; she had a big heart for all animals. With no other option but to die in the hands of these feral beasts, killing was the last resort.

When the help arrived, there were only corpses found; of the wolves that is. Rina had managed to kill the Beowolves and escaped her death with a few big injuries, but nothing fatal. She was seen standing over their decomposing bodies breathing heavily leaning on the pitchfork holding on to her right side. Her brother Riley said she was reckless, but a man in the crowd said it was brave. This man was a teacher at Signal Academy who was going to lend a helping hand to the family. He said to Riley "If she hadn't done what she did, your whole family could've been slaughtered." After seeing this display of heroism, he gave Rina an opportunity to attend Signal to hone the potential he sees in her. She smiled and accepted the offer right before she fell, her brother caught her before she reached the ground. Rina told him that she just got a little too excited. The teacher had taken her inside the house to get treated as soon as possible with a medic at his side; she wasn't dying but her wounds were still pretty bad.

After three years of training, Rina finally got accepted to Beacon Academy. There she met and changed the lives of three people Amber Thysteine , Mason Donovan, and Blaine Azuria, the other members of team AMBR. Rina may call herself an average girl, but her teammates find her special. She's the rock that has kept the group together ever since their first meeting, and always will be there for them.

The Fall of Beacon:

Even after the school fell, Rina was able to keep her positive attitude. Admittedly, she was scared for her future and almost fell into a hole of despair, struggling with the option of running away from everything or joining the fight to defend the school. She decided that she couldn't leave her peers behind, and stuck around to fight off as many invaders as possible until they were forced to evacuate. Though times are now dark, with a bit of help from her friends she realized she had to keep on smiling. Even in the darkest times, there's always a ray of hope to look forward to.

She had returned home with her team, providing them all shelter and giving them a chance to sort out their next plan of action.

Rina's Themes

Normal Theme: Serah's Theme, Memory from FF13-2
Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST - Serah 39 s Theme Memory
Battle Theme: Daring Sword from Tales of Xillia
TALES OF XILLIA OST Battle Theme 2 Daring Sword

Rina's Emblem

AMBR emblem Rina

Rina Rouge's emblem

With the power of Microsoft Paint, Rina's emblem is supposed to be a representation of her stave and the sun. Her weapon "Radiant Soul" is in the center and the sun's solar rays appear on the left and right side. The sun is also a reference to her Semblance when used on Radiant Soul as well as her kind and warm heart.

Since Rina's character design is basic, I thought her emblem would be basic too (yeah not just because I suck at MS Paint, if you buy that... it's actually pretty decent work now that I think about it because it's nearly symmetrical. If you're Death the Kid you probably would've noticed that without me saying so. I'm not telling you where the minor mistake is, -ahem- anyway back on topic...).

Her emblem is seen on the armor guards in her elbow pads, the center of her pajama shirt, swimsuit, left pocket of a tan leather jacket she wears in cold environments with a matching pair of gloves, and other material possesions.


  • Rouge is literally red in French, as well as a cosmetic product used to add color to cheeks.
  • Since the color rule applies to first/whole names, take into consideration: from Japanese, the ri in Rina means jasmine (also village; na meaning vegetables, greens or a phonetic character).
    • Other meanings of her first name are "melted" in Sanskrit, and joy in Hebrew.
    • Using the sanskrit meaning of Rina, her full name can mean "Melted Red" which helps fit the sun motiff further.
    • The Hebrew meaning is also a reference to her kind and positive nature.
  • Rina was quite difficult for me to figure out a look and personality on, so I went for basic.
    • She was the only character I had to draw a second time to get right.
    • A third drawing was made just to take out some red in her outfit.
    • Her new current design was drawn by my friend Cherry.
  • Because of the Team AMBR Motiff that is supposed to revolve around the basics of the Solar System, Rina and her emblem represent the Sun.
  • She's the only member of Team AMBR who doesn't initionally use Dust to power her weapon. If necessary, she will combine elemental properties of Dust (obtained from her friends) with her Semblance.
  • Her fighting style is inspired by Leia Rolando's from Tales of Xillia. In battle example. Coincidentally, her being good with stamina matches up with Leia's Lilium Orb which focuses on stamina.
  • Originally Rina was meant to have a glaive for a weapon, but I thought of her as more of a peaceful person with no intention of killing (that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have the courage to knock you senseless either).
    • This factor only applies to human beings. She's perfectly fine with slaying Grimm as they are a threat to humanity and all...
    • The only time she has taken anything's life was when she was protecting her family from Beowolves. Because it was an act of self defense, and she didn't have enough skill at the time to keep them at bay until help arrived, it was the only choice she had.
  • Her Semblance Shine is a representation of her desire of strength. She knows that she's not the best fighter among her friends and fears she may drag them down at some point. Rina wanted to gain more power, not just so she can keep up with the others, but in order to protect those closest to her.
  • She was the one who started calling Amber "Amy" in the team. It shows their sign of friendship.
  • Rina befriends a lone black and gray wolf pup, although the team advised against it. His name is Elucifer.
    • Since I can't draw animals, think of his appearance as a Poochyena  or rather a gray wolf pup.
    • As well as obedience training, Rina's also training him to help her out in battles.
  • Rina has a crush on Miles and she's too shy to tell him (girl problems).

​Full Image Gallery

The photo collection of Ms. Rina Rouge. Anything hand-drawn was by me (Computer art done by friends) and everything is given proper credit.

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