Life is a beautiful thing. Cherish it, else you lose it in sadness. Now let's catch ourselves an Ursa.
— Riona Macentire

Riona Macentíre is the third Original Character created by Imthesteve'97, inspired by Robin Hood. She hails from the Northwestern Continent and arrived in Vale for Grimm Hunting certification.

Riona Greenwood (Macentire)
Age 17
Alias Frost Arrow
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Light
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Talen Multis (Romantic)
Revan MacLeod (Beacon)
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Hunting, Competition
Dislikes Losing, Nobility
Riona Macentire is the property of Imthesteve'97
(Ask permission, I'm a nice guy.)


"If you even suggest that I wear that, I'll kill you."

Riona appears as a young woman in a green/white reversible hunting coat that helps her camouflage with the treeline and snowy plains of her homeland. She wears very modest and conservative clothing to suit her needs; turtle-neck long-sleeves, often to match the color of the terrain she travels to, cargo camouflage pants and black combat boots. In battle, she wears quivers, that tightly bind and secure arrows when moving around, on her belt, thighs and back in pairs.

More recently, she dons navy blue trousers with a matching jacket to lessen visibility at night.

She wears her short, red hair in a ponytail to keep it away from her eyes, which are green. Her light skin is easily sunburned and is never covered with makeup. She wears a focused expression and does not smile often.

Riona wears silver earrings, an emerald, moon-like necklace with an etched figure of a wolf, and her silver engagement ring, with a fox head engraven on it, signifying her fiance's emblem.


"She's a Faunus. But compared to you I may as well shout 'Grimm' and kill you!"

While focused and not one for gossip, Riona is never afraid to speak her mind and defend someone. Growing up in a hardworking community that relies on everyone to work to survive winters, she finds "working together" to be important in a school body and reminds others of it.

However, she is better suited to solitude. Her duties involved hunting big game in the forests surrounding her town. She would be out for days at a time, returning to drop off her kill and resuming her hunt. So she is naturally lacking many social skills and finds it hard to connect with her peers.

Aura & Semblance

Riona's Aura gives her heightened perception in her hearing when hunting, giving her the advantage of hearing a stalking predator or to hear her prey.

Her Semblance gives her the ability to move the direction of a projectile, be it hers or another's. But, she can only divert one projectile at a time, making multiple attacks against her difficult.


ShallGeri-Toraí - Literally meaning "Hunter-Hunter", this steel bow has been Riona's constant companion. Its powerful draw weight makes it a lethal and long range weapon. Accompanied by powdered Dust arrows, elemental support gives her an edge. Interestingly enough, it was one of the first weapons forged by Revan MacLeod.

Battle Style

"Keep them at bay, and I'll snipe 'em."

Years of hunting fast game and always delivering has made her a marvelous ranged combatant.

Ranged Attacks: 

  • Archery: Her most basic quick attack, using steel arrowheads, makes quick and accurate strikes.
  • Elemental Archery: Adapting glass vials to replace an arrowhead, Riona can fill the vials with powdered Dust and shoot them with just as much accuracy and range. The only issue is the expense and inventory space.

Close-In Attacks: 

Garrote Drawstring: As a last resort, Riona can use the heavy drawstring as a garrote to strangle her opponents with her agility and strength. This only works on one person at a time and requires time to really take effect

Special Ability: 

Redirection: Ri can divert or control the direction of a single projectile at a time. Either to move an arrow to strike a target with cover or to make an opponent's ranged attack miss.


With her family of former nobles hunted by contesting nobles, Riona Greenwood and her family were forced to run to the Northern Continent and hide. The mountain town of Virik provided geographical protection, being overly disconnected in terms of communication and travel.

They set up themselves quickly, starting an inn and tavern. Mother cooked, Father worked the counter and hired help. All the while, Riona hunted for the town at a young age. Trapping was how she started her apprenticeship but yearned for big game. At the age of eleven, she was given a new steel bow, crafted by the blacksmith from the peak of the mountain. She quickly mastered its draw weight and was able to set out for the woods after a month of conditioning.

For the next few years, Riona spent time in solitude, only returning for supplies and religious sermons after delivering her catches. Her experiences were shared by the occasional visit to her family's inn, giving her a reputation in the community that travelled with the caravans that eventually caught the ear of a visiting Beacon talent scout. Finding her, the teacher offered Riona a scholarship and admittance to Beacon after seeing her talents against a pack of Beowolves that happened upon the town. Taking the opportunity to hunt monsters and bigger game, she accepted.

She took a flight to Vale and happened upon the forger of her bow. The mysterious Revan MacLeod that happened on Virik and disappeared into the mountain.

Lonesome Wolf No More

Riona's heart has always been empty of something... Until this day...

New Diggs

After a challenging scenario with her newfound love, he and Riona need a fresh start.

The Vytal Festival

Having not been in a fine dress in over ten years, Riona has some difficulty with readjusting her fashion choices...


  • Her first name is derived from Irish "ríoghan" meaning "queen".
  • "Macentire" derives from the Irish word for wolf: "Mac tíre".

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