Age 19
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Complexion Fair
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Height 5'8"
Weight 160lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Additional Info
Emblem Ririi Emblem
Weaknesses Dust (the kind that collects on things) slows her down.

"Victory comes not from strength of the body, but strength of the soul!" -Ririi

Ririi is the property of CeroWest


She has no scars and is of a typical figure of a woman who works out regularly. Her outfit is a complex all bronze bodysuit, painted black with red white and pink trims. She also has a pitch black helmet that is shaped like a beowolf's head. (The original, not the new.) Her bodysuit, boots and helmet have a spandex inner layer for comfort and to keep sweat from coroding the bronze. Her helmet folds into the collar of her suit when she doesn't wear it. When she wears it it unfolds and the white mask part covers her eyes.


She has a strong will and a confident Type-A personality. When she gets a job she sees it through regardless of the obstacles. On the job, she has little tolerance for failure, unless it couldn't be avoided. She is not cruel by any means, she just wants people to do their best.

Due to growing up watching beowolves, she has a fondness for them. This causes her to hesitate fighting them unless one attacks first. This has caused tension between her team mates on multiple occasions.

Weapons and Abilities

The bronze wrists of her gloves extend claws when she is in combat. Her fighting style is very similar to a beowolf, except she is more agile. If necessary she will put a fire dust crystal in a holder in the wrists and heat the claws. For emergencies she also has blades in the heels of her boots.

Her ability is high agility and flexibility, as well as being able to run moderately faster than most humans. She can run faster than most humans only due to her training.


Ririi grew up in a rural area close to the Snowy Forest. From her back window she could watch the Beowolves hunt and was inspired by how they do it. So much so that she adopted it into her own unique fighting style. The unique style earned her the moniker "Wolf Flower". Wolf from the Beowolves and Flower because her name is the Japanese way of pronouncing Lily. When she was 15, she met the other members of her team and formed The Rain Falls.

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