Saffron Stag

Lovell Family Crest

Rita and Nathan Lovell are identical twins and graduates of Sanctum. Their dream is to become a Huntress and Huntsman respectfully. Both seek to bring prestige to their family name and protect people from the dangers of the world.

Family History

Those of the Lovell Family are the decendents of a group known as the Red Stags. The Stags were formed during a time of great conflict in an attempt to protect the village from which all of the members originated. Unfortunately the village was lost but the survivors continued to fight. When at last the conflict ended only a few members were left. Most reentered society and chose to forget their pain but two of the survivors were determined to preserve the stories of their past. They came together and started a family of their own. The Lovell Family to this day continues to honor the Red Stags for their bravery and even adopted their banner as their own.

Their father Wayland Lovell runs a well known weapon shop. He and his staff design, forge, and sell weapons to the general public. They also accept special commissions. Although it's relatively small scale it has even been featured in Weapons Weekly, the top weapons periodical in Vytal.

Their mother Esmeralda Lovell helps run the shop and is an incredible housewife.    


Rita and Nathan are identical so they share many of the same physical traits. They have high cheek bones and sharp features.

Race: Human

Age: 17

Hair Color: Auburn (Rita wears hers in a braid while Nathan keeps his short)

Skin Tone: Olive

Eye Color: Black


Rita – 5 feet 6 inches

Nathan – 6 Feet

Outfits: They both wear white hooded coats with the Lovell family crest stitched into the left shoulder, black combat pants, knee high leather boots, and armored breast plates with matching bracers.

Personality and other traits

Rita: Rita the elder of the two is serious and down to earth. While she may come across as somewhat short tempered her friends know her to have a bright sarcastic sense of humor and a deep seated loyalty for those she cares about. She's completely helpless when it comes to household tasks such as cooking, sewing, etc. but her tenacity and pride keeps her from giving up on anything she sets her mind on.

Nathan: Nathan is a carefree devil may care type of guy. He enjoys poking fun at his sister but still cares deeply for her wellbeing. Because of his reckless nature Nathan sometimes gets himself mired in problems that he otherwise wouldn't have to worry about. Rita does her best to keep him from doing something actually foolish but sometimes even she gets pulled into his schemes.

Fighting Styles/Weapons

Rita's combat style focuses mainly around stealth and agility. Her weapon Blackfyre is a highly advanced verson of the traditional Bow and Arrows combination. She moves quietly from place to place, taking enemies down from afar. In the event that she is forced to fight up close she uses her agility to dodge incoming attacks and counters with a free flowing martial arts style that emphasizes putting distance between her and her opponent.

Nathan uses power and speed to his advantage. His weapons are bladed Tonfas called the Crimson Vipers. They are a deep shade of red and have built in high caliber pistols. His Escrima like hand to hand fighting style utilizes seemingly random movements to confuse and unbalance the enemy. His Tonfa pistols allow him to attack from a distance or blow his opponents away at point black range.

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