Name: RIver Sorciere

Nickname: Water Witch

Color: Cerulean

Occupation: Huntress/Student Teacher

Age: 24

Race: Human

Height: 6' (182 cm)

Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)

Weapon: Dust Choker

Ability: Water

Fighting Style: Agressive

Likes: Swimming

Dislikes: most people


RIver has a pale complection and is rather tall. She has a lean build and rather large breasts as well. She has long dark blue hair that are in large curls at the ends. She has large sea-green eyes that always seem to make her looked pissed off. She wears a dark blue leather jacket with a light blue trim. She wears a dark blue dress with a light blue trim. River wears a pair of fish net stockings and dark blue shoes. RIver also wears a dark blue chocker with lightblue spikes made of with Dust.


River is a tsundere and is very aggressive, she has a very short temper; she rarely smiles. She also has an honorable side, in that she seems to adhere to the fundamental rules of combat. She also despises involving innocent civilians or bystanders into confrontations. Furthermore, she has a tendency to show a softer nature around children and the very few people who actually tolerate her rudeness. River doesn't like to get touched by anyone, and even refrains from touching family. River's most notable character trait is her pride. She sometimes undertakes actions she knows are foolish simply because her pride won't let her back down. It is very difficult to like River and if you can some how get past the rather large flaws, she can be some what fun.


River's power is to manipulate water thanks to her Dust Chocker. As long as she has water she can control it into any form she wants. When she is near a large body of water she is very powerful. She can create almost everything. She can even manipulate the temp of her water. The unfortunet part is that she is a vary stationary warrior and isnt very agile. She is more of a blocker then a dodger so she isnt good against fast moving opponents. Her most common attack is to create large cresent blade like progectiles that can cut through steel. River's aura is a deep sea blue. She can only use her water when she is near bodys of it. River is also very skilled at the Grimm Chance style of Boarbatusk. She uses it when she is not near water and when she needs to fight hand-to-hand.


RIver and her younger sister Ledynas were raised by their mother. She lived in a small apartment in a large city. RIver was never in trouble and was always a strict person and never really had fun. She would always punish her friends if they did something unexceptable. Leading to her not having a lot of friends. She also didnt spend a lot of time with her sister because she would be reading a book. She also didnt see her mother because she worked almost all the time. She also never knew what her mothers job was growing up. River one day followed her sister and saw the boy that rejected her sister. She then hunted down the boy and beat him brutaly and threatned to beat him more if he told anyone what happened. She then went to he sister and followed her to a Dust shop where she got her Dust chocker. She was then trained by the same person Ledynas was trained. On her own she went to learn the fighting style Grimm Chance. She was taught by Torrent who taught her Boarbatusk style. After her training she went to Beacon to be a student teacher and to go on fun missions.


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