Everyone can be redeemed. It's their choice if they want to saved or not.
— Rojo to a Criminal

Rojo Borgino
Age 30
Status Alive
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Born August 26
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Black (Originally)

Red (Right)

Neon Green (Left)

Eyes Emerald
Semblance Unleash
Height 6 ft. 7 in.
Weight 200 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter (Current)

Mobster (Former)

Personal Status
Relatives Hitori Kazami- Adopted Son
Additional Info
Likes Peace

His Team And Student

Exotic Foods and Cultures


Meeting New People

Helping Others

Dislikes Avoidable Violence

His Semblance

His Past


Complaining About His Problems

People Getting Hurt

Special Skills Highly Agile

Proficient Negotiator

Utilizes Grimm Chance

Skilled in Stealth

Adept in Close and Mid-Range Combat

Weaknesses Often Holds Back Against People

His Semblance

Glass Cannon

Relies on His Team to Stay Calm

Rojo Borgino is an OC of Maelstrom14. He’s a reformed mobster and a fully graduated Huntsman.


Rojo is easily identified by many as handsome. He has a fair skin tone, with dark emerald eyes. His hair is short, brushed flat down, and is dyed different colors. The left side of his hair is dyed a bright neon green, while it is dyed blood red on the right, making him easy to spot in a crowd.

His attire is also eye-catching. An open bright red leather trench coat, collar popped and up, with a dark green dress shirt underneath. His bottom attire is composed of dark red dress pants and black formal dress shoes. Borgino also wears white-colored Dust-infused gloves, each with markings. The one on his right is Red-Dust infused with red colored markings, while his left is Wind-Dust infused with green markings. His primary weapon, Shōkan, is held within his jacket.


Rojo is a gentleman to all people, friend or foe. A constant optimist, he is a ray of hope and calmness in his team. A frequent compliment-payer, he looks to the bright side of people. Borgino is also a peaceful fellow, not liking things to result in fighting, and often tries to talk things out, when possible. Rojo believes in second chances, as he was given one, and thinks every person can be redeemed. However, if he believes a person has threatened to harm someone close to him, he won’t hesitate to use more ‘forceful’ methods.

Borgino is also an eccentric person, ranging from his interests to his unconventional appearance. He likes to partake in weird activities and to try many exotic delicacies, that would make others want to hurl. Though, this sometimes leads to Rojo having bad stomach problems and the rare event of food poisoning.

As the leader of his team, Rojo often puts them before his own well-being. This has earned him multiple scoldings from all of them, from his time at Beacon to the present. Despite not being blood-related, Rojo cares for them all, as a family, and is rather blunt about it. In a way, he relies on them to keep himself sane. As he tries to be a pacifistic person in a world of violence, his team keeps him grounded and able to properly think.

He shows an even greater amount of care for his student/adopted son, Hitori. For eight years, Borgino has bonded and trained with Hitori and greatly cares for the boy. Rojo would easily kill for his son's safety, as well as for his teammates.

In battle, Rojo tries too often end fights quickly. If fighting people, he will often try to persuade the fighting to stop, and often leaves them alive. In rare events of him killing people, he'd either have to be enraged, protecting one of his "family" or in the murderous trance of his Semblance, Unleash. However, if Grimm is involved, he’ll keep his mouth shut, and not hold back.


Rojo had a privileged life. The only son of a mob boss and heir to the currently small, but violent Satan's Legion, Rojo had his life planned out. He was to take up the mantle of mob-boss and lead his gang to rule all of Vale. And that's what was drilled into his head, for almost all of his life. Every day, Rojo was trained in the many arts of combat, persuasion, language, and .


A fully graduated Hunter, Rojo is a powerful combatant, but often holds back in battles with people. Extremely agile, Borgino can easily dodge most attacks and quickly counter with his own. In hand-to-hand combat, he makes use of the rare martial art known as Grimm Chance, specializing in the Nevermore Style. With it, Rojo uses a composed fighting style of quick palm-strikes and deadly kicks, while dodging his opponent's blows with a relaxed and balanced stance. An intelligent and natural leader, he knows how to quickly plan strategies, and has thought his way out of dangerous situations. While he is extremely thin-skinned, he makes up for it in speed and power.



Rojo Borgino


Melee; Ranged; Dust

Weapon Derivation

Kama; Machine Pistols; Double-Edged Scythe

Shōkan is Rojo's primary weapon in the form of red and green kamas. They reside in Borgino's jacket, where they are kept in their baton form. They have three forms, not including their default form of a baton. The weapons are Dust-infused, with both being infused with Wind and Fire Dust. Due to constant usage, the large conduit the elements are held in, and Rojo's skill with Dust, the Dust quantity is quite large.

The weapons' first form are kamas, with the blades being Dust-infused. The Fire Dust lights the blades on fire, and the Wind Dust sharpens the weapon and extends its range. Rojo can also launch a Dust or Aura energy wave from them. Its second form is dual Ingram MAC-10 Machine Pistols, with their bullets being Dust infused. The Fire-infused bullets are lit aflame, and the Wind-infused bullets are faster and have piercing effects.

Shōkan's final form is a combination of the kamas, forming a Double-Edged Scythe. Rojo only brings this form of his weapon out against Grimm, as well as when he's using his Semblance. Like its past two forms, the Scythe is Dust infused, with the same effects as its primary form.

Kōjin and Fūjin

Kōjin and Fūjin are Rojo's secondary weapon in the form of Dust-infused gloves. Unlike Shōkan, one glove is Wind-infused, while the other is Fire-infused. However, like Shōkan, the Dust quantity is large, being able to last long in fights. Rojo shows immense skill with the Dust gloves, able to wield the elements to a high degree, as well as utilize them in his Grimm Chance attacks. Rojo's Kōjin glove allows him to wield fire in a variety of ways, such as simple fireballs or large heatwaves. His Fūjin glove allows Borgino to control the air in ways like creating gusts of winds or small twisters. The Hunter can also use the gloves to form elemental constructs, such as small barriers and weapons. 


Unleash is Rojo's Semblance and is something that he dislikes immensely. A five-minute buff, all of Rojo's stats are increased dramatically, at the cost of his morality. To activate the buff takes about of 5 seconds of charging, and has a ten minutes cool-down period. During the buff, Borgino gains a ravaging blood-lust and abandons his 'no killing' mentality. However, he can be snapped out of it, by those he lets close to his heart, which is his teammates and student. In his trance, Rojo can deactivate it through a surge of will and the usage of a small amount of Aura.
Rojo Borgino's Stats :

Primary Role Assassin
Secondary Role Mage
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Personal Skills

Rojo is not only a skilled person in battle, but he is fluent in his manner of the tongue. His calm and peaceful ideals have forced himself to learn how to appeal to a person and try to persuade them to follow in his manner. He is knowledgeable of human behavior, able to read most people, and can tell if they are lying or not. Despite the Hunter not being a mobster, anymore, he still maintains connections to the criminal underworld, and won't hesitate to 'pull some strings' to gain information on certain subjects. Borgino also knows how to efficiently pilot most vehicles.

When not doing his job and relaxing with his friends, Rojo is shown to be a talented singer.


  • Rojo is Spanish for "Red". His last name, Borgino, came from the Italian last name, Borgnino. This name means "Blind in one eye".
  • Shōkan is Japanese for "Redemption", referencing Rojo's belief that all can be redeemed.
  • Rojo's hand-to-hand combat skills are inspired by a French martial art called Savate.
  • Kōjin is the Japanese god of Fire, and Fūjin is Japanese god of Wind, referencing how Rojo uses his Dust gloves to manipulate the chosen elements.
  • Borgino's birthday is on the date as the birthday of my best friend, who I have known all my life. Also, Rojo's secondary color of neon green is my best friend's favorite color.

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