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Um, it's a ball, that um, explodes, and stuff?
This belongs to DragonBossGala, please don't touch mai shit.



This Guy.

Rojor Recoon
Age 15
Title The Rhino
Status Alive
Color Maroon
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Slight tan
Hair Blue
Height 5'10
Weight 187
Professional Status
Additional Info
Emblem 50px

Siblings: Dorada Granate

Friends: Jr Azulon


Weapon: HEM Named Cardinal Lily

Cardinal Lily is a Hiltless Exploding Mace. The spikes on the mace are filled with dust, and they explode on impact. the weapon weighs 85 kilos, and is a great burden for most to carry. He wears armored gauntlets, so that the chain does not chaffe, or strip his hands. They are fireproofed, thanks to an annoying incident with Jr.

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