Roland is on the short side but stalky. He has thick limbs and defined muscles. Hes a large person and imposing figure, which betrays his attitude. He often wears a read skin tight shirt and loose cargo pants. When in battle he wears a heavy vest with cartidges for Dio. His hair is black, short and messy.

Beacon: Year 1

His face is round

After the North:

He grows a pair of kick ass side burns.


Young Roland

Young Roland was particular contradictory to his appearance. He was very stoic and naive, but also very heavily influenced by his father. He didn't feel comfortable around strangers unless his father was. He didn't like strange places unless his father felt comfortable there. This personality was actually conditioned into Roland through the way he was raised.

Once Roland was comfortable he was very open and energetic. It was hard to get him angry.

After his Father:

Roland had a hard time fully separating from his father but once it was done he became much more energetic in general, like how he was before, but without the need for his father.

Skills and Abilities


Roland's Semblance allows him to cancel dust manipulation and aura. This ability is very immature, and is very difficult without help from Dio. Dio Sabiduría can fully channel Roland's Semblance.

Dio Knowledge

Roland is not mechanically minded, except with Dio. After the amount of time Roland has spent working with Dio, he is now able to assemble it from it's base parts, as well as modify it to some extent.

Weapon and Gear

Dio is a bit unrefined. If you want to read about him, go here.


Early Life

Roland Renalds mother died in child birth. Roland was left an orphan and sent to an orphanage. His semblance was quickly identified and the president of a local company took interest in him. He was adopted and because it was at such a young age he would not even know about these events.

He was raised well, his father having plenty of money to support him. However, things were not easy. The people he was in contact with were constantly in rotation. Meanwhile his father was very busy with the company and would only come home on occasion. Growing up, Roland did have fun with a lot of people but his favorite times would be vacations with his father.

As a result of his closeness to his father, Roland always showed interest in his fathers work. His father worked for a company that constructed weapons systems and Roland wished he could get involved in any way. Around the age of 11 he got his chance. Roland's father wanted him to be involved in a new project. Roland didn't know much but he went along with it and everything worked out well. Roland was able to see his father more often and now he was able to help his father in some very important work. As the project benefited from Roland's physical fitness he began training to gain more strength and stamina. Eventually he was introduced to the system known as Dio Estupor. This weapon was to become one of the most effective dispatchers of larger Grimm, and Roland was excited to be part of its development. He began picking up his knowledge of footing in order to better handle the weapon and eventually started becoming proficient with it. Roland's dad was very proud and that meant the world to Roland.

Beacon: Year 1

The thought of going to Beacon was not incredibly exciting to Roland. He didn't want to leave his father but his father insisted, saying that it would be helpful in many ways. First of all, Roland would finally be able to see the greater world, at a normal school. Second, the teachers at Beacon would be able to show him brand new things that his tutors here wouldn't. Finally, if Roland really wanted to work on Dio then he should consider some practical applications of the weapon. Roland could not disagree and said he'd do his best.

As it turned out Roland had developed into a very timid and socially stunted youth. Communicating at Beacon was stressful and this eventually lead him into an altercation with one Edward Emeric. Edward was a bold and boisterous kid and the two would end up on the same team. Edward was the most charismatic force in Roland's life and so he followed Edward around, hoping to learn the ways of the world. What Roland saw displeased him. The world was filled with violence and hatred. Roland would never intervene when Roland began one of this altercations, he was too scared for that, but he'd try to clean up the mess. Edward told him the history of Human-Faunus relations and it saddened him. However, he understood that Hunters could help rectify this, probably better then Edward understood.

The first year of Beacon went like this, following Edward, and it was fun. Roland had never met this many people and although it was stressful, he realized this was a good thing.

The Significant Event That Totally Happened

The events described here are too significant for me to feel comfortable developing. I will leave them as vague as possible. Don't worry, though. This totally happened.

During the break Roland was introduced to his fathers newest plan. Early during the year there would be an attempt to break into the vault within Beacon. However, this vault was protected by a large and powerful shield. It would be Roland's job to take down the shield using his semblance. Roland was unsure about this plan but he trusted his father. Dio Estupor was changed to Dio Sabiduría. The Sabiduría system would finally take advantage of Roland's semblance.

In the weeks prior to the mission Roland was uneasy. He had to cover the fact that Dio was not nearly as effective as normal, and his friends and teachers became suspicious. Edward thought Roland might have become even more timid over the summer and confronted him about it. Roland was realizing how much the people he met at Beacon had actually begun to care about him.

The night of the mission, Roland made his way to the vault and used Dio Sabiduría, and blacked out.

Roland reawakened to a flood of confusing information. Roland had done serious damage to the vault's shield before his semblance exahsted him. Investigations quickly connected his actions to his father and his father's company. His father responded by cutting his ties to Roland. Through his father's work a disproportionate amount of blame was moved to Roland. Roland was so shocked by how fast this was all happening that he went into depression. Only with the encouragement of his friends was he able to gain the courage to face this issue head on. He had to left Beacon to focus on meeting his father on the legal battlefield. After months of work, he succeeded in avoiding his father's legal attacks. His father left, paying no heed to Roland. Roland was left with Dio and his meager life at Beacon.

Late Beacon

Roland, realizing that his life was now in his own hands could think of nothing else to do but stay at Beacon. He began working there, with out any real reason or direction. He excelled in new ways, as he began breaking out of his timid shell. However, this resulted in one surprising result. The more he broke out of his shell, the more Edward seemed to build one. Edward has always had issues, and for the first time Roland was addressing them. Edward did not react kindly, lashing out, but Roland remained persistant. After much delaying Edward finally explained what had happened. Roland didn't really care though, he encouraged Edward to move on. Roland, Edward, noticed the irony in their new possitions and Edward left Beacon to deal with his own issues.

Roland eventually gradiated Beacon and began working as a hunter.

The North

Roland and Edward kept in touch, and even worked together as hunters. However their first big mission together was to investigate an incident happening at a research facility in the northern reaches of Vale. While Edward was normally more of a leader then Roland, Edward insisted that Roland be the leader for this mission. Afterwards, Roland insisted on staying in the north to help rebuild the research facility.

Beacon again

After many years of being a hunter Roland decided to decided to try to come back to Beacon as a teacher. He was able to and began teaching classes on large scale hunting missions, and mission logistics.

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