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Age 19
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Right
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 6'1"
Weight 79 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank High Class
Personal Status
Relatives Charlem Ronce (Deceased)
Additional Info
Dislikes Faunus (More of a fear than a straight-out dislike)


Roland is a fairly tall man of a little over six feet. He has a full head of medium-length wavy brown hair.  He has confident blue eyes, fair skin, and an easygoing smile. 

He wears a gold vest with white armored plates on it to protect him. His pants have golden-colored armored plates on them, to provide some measure of protection alongside his aura.  

Across his back is slung Durendal, his Dust Enhanced Bastard Sword, passed down through his family since long before the faunus war.


Roland is an easygoing student.  When faced with a situation requiring it, he will become serious, but in a normal situation he is quite relaxed. Although not one of the brightest in Beacon, he has fairly high scores, averaging an 90% in his subjects, with his specialty being History. 

His main strength could be consdered his tactical knowledge, as he was originally groomed from birth to be a military leader, a goal he had looked forward to.

He has a fear of faunus, caused by the trauma of his older brother, whom he idolized and wanted to be like, being killed in an attack by a faunus extremist group when his family threw a part, celebrating his acceptance to Beacon.


Roland was the second son of the Ronce family, a military line that grew to its current stature when Roland’s ancestor, Martel Ronce, gained notoriety in the Faunus war.  

Roland had an older brother, Charlem, whom he adored and wanted to be like. Roland was intended by his parents to serve a role in the military, while his brother was meant to take the family’s heirloom, Durendal, and go on to become a great Hunter.

When the Ronce family threw an extravagant public banquet to celebrate Charlem’s acceptance into a combat academy, the proceedings were attacked by a Faunus extremist group, and Charlem was killed in the ensuing chaos.

His parents immediately changed their plans, and Roland’s home educations underwent a major shift from basic tactics to combat training. Most of his time was spent training in one form or another, in order to make up for time lost while he was being trained for tactics.

When he went to combat school, he found he enjoyed the far more laid-back environment.  He relaxed, made a few friends. He would always avoid the Faunus students, though, as seeing them reminded him of Charlem’s death.

Weapons and Abilities

Roland uses Durendal, his legacy from his Ronce heritage. It is a Dust Enhanced Bastard Sword. When a Dust capsule is inserted into the pommel, it can emit said type of Dust from the blade, allowing it to take on an elemental power of sorts. Of course, it’s a bit outdated compared to modern weapons such as a MADR, which can change Dust types rapidly. For example, he can light the blade on fire with red Dust, or electrify it with lightning Dust.

He has knowledge of some advanced tactics as a result of his early grooming for a position of command in the military, but not much, and he often had trouble implementing what he learned into actual combat.

His skills academically and in combat are both quite good, but neither are truly exceptional, and he does not excell in either of them. Students who focus almost solely on either academics or the combat aspect often eclipse him in their area of expertise.


  •    Roland is based off of the figure of the same name from the Matter of France.
  •  “Ronce” comes from “Roncevaux”, the location where Roland made his final stand.
  • Charlem, obviously, comes from Charlemagne, Roland’s emperor.
  • Name-Color Relation: the mythological Roland, being a paladin, makes one think of light, often associated with gold.








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