Roras Ersatan
Age 24
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Bat
Born 7/20/1993
Hair Brown.
Eyes Gray/White (Blind)
Height 6,2
Weight 115 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Currently A Thief Working Alone
Personal Status
Relatives "None Living"
Additional Info
Likes Food,Adventure,Being With Others
Special Skills Basic Lockpicking


Wears A Gray Tunic With Lots of pockets,His Hair is Scraggly and Brown.

His Eyes Are completely Glossed Over because of his Blindness and has to Wear A pair of Gray Sunglasses To Hide his Cold Glassy Eyes.His pockets Contain Darts Laced With Explosive Dust.

His Left Hand Only Has Three Fingers On it.His Index And Ring Finger Were Cut off Due to Disease...


Adventurous,Sneaky, Can Be Childish Sometimes. Roras Enjoys A good Meal every once in a While.




Roras Is Very Adept With Picking All Kinds of locks.Breaking And Entering Is Not a problem For Him.


Long Range,Close Combat. Uses A Blowgun that uses Darts laced with Explosive Dust.

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