"Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're automatically weak. What it does mean, is that you have unimaginable strength that you can hone and strengthen."

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About the Stone Rose

Seventeen years of age, five feet eight inches in height, with 28B chest size. Her hair is shoulder length raven black and her eyes are a sky-like blue. Despite her name meaning “Stone Flower”, Ishi is considered to be a really soft, playful, and delicate person outside of battle. But when in battle, it isn't a smart thing to underestimate her. Her symbol can be seen as a Pink Rose tatooed on both her shoulders and carved into the side of her weapon.

Unlike most girls, Ishi doesn’t wear a bra. Instead, she wraps her entire chest area in bandages. This being because of a few things. 1) The harness she made for Stone Thorn has a strap that goes along her chest under her breasts which with the heavy weapon in the harness can ride up and hurt quite a bit, 2) She finds the bandages much more comfortable, 3) with the complexity of how she wraps the bandages around herself and thanks to their water-proof qualities, she finds them more protective of her chest and she has no need of unwrapping when getting into water since it can seep under or through the wrappings perfectly and still get her chest clean. 
If someone makes fun of her small chest or touches her in a way she does not approve of, she will the ribbon that she has usually around her neck or wrist, wrap her hand with it, then punch them.

Her home country was quite peaceful in her area, thus, no-one within her small home town made weapons or used them. In this town, Morimachi, there were very few residents. Little under two-hundred residents but just over one-hundred and twenty-five. Thus, her school was fairly empty with about six different teachers with six different classes of different students. This small amount of people has been what she has grown used to, such making her a bit uneasy or nervous and intimidated when in a place that has more people occupying the area. 

During her first year of self-training, a group of thugs from a larger town a few hours away drove into Morimachi and started to make chaos. Killing people at random, destroying or setting buildings on fire,  and beating women and children. Being the only one with a weapon and having self-trained to use it, Ishi fought the ten or more males and defeated them well within a quarter of an hour after initial confrontation. A year later, however, on her way to the nearest port she could board a ship to Beacon at, she was confronted by the thugs which had survived from the previous fight. This time, they had at least twice as many people as last time and guns. Though it was more challenging, she was able to fight them off while only sustaining a few small cuts, scrapes and some bruises.

As far as Aura goes for Ishi, she has heard about it, been told lots about it, and puts a fair amount of spare time into learning how to use and control it. From what she has been able to accomplish so far, she can heal minor cuts, bruises, and some sprains depending on how bad it is. As for the shield part of it, she has yet to be able to learn that ability.

Stone Thorn (Dust Rocket Boosted Warhammer)

Since no-one in Morimachi made weapons, she had to make her own. And after having three or four part-time jobs at once throughout two years from when she was eleven, she got enough money to buy the tools she needed and the material she needed to make her weapon at thirteen. It then took until she was just a month and a few weeks shy of sixteen to finish the construction of the weapon before she could begin to train with it. The biggest part of her time making the weapon that surprised her neighbors is that it was carved, designed, and customized from the strongest stone found within her country. This stone known as アンブレイカブル地球(Anbureikaburu chikyū) or Unbreakable Earth; is known to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and able to withstand up to 50 metric tons of weight being pushed on it, and falling over One-hundred kilometers with only a small crack forming on impact. Thanks to use of such materials, it is highly durable and unlikely to break.
Stone Thorn

A Warhammer called “Stone Thorn” this Warhammer being able to be compacted from it's seven feet and six inches height warhammer into an average sized sledge hammer for when it’s not in use. Even though it is compact-able, the weight stays the same two-hundred pounds or ten times the average weight of a sledgehammer. The way that her weapon will collapse to it’s smaller size, is that the two halves of the handle will turn to match in shape and the top half will slide down into the second. The spike on the far end retracts into the center of the hammer head, and the tenderizer-like end will do the same before covering over with a flat cover. At this point, it is little bigger than a normal sledgehammer. Then with a flick of the compacted state, it will expand to the warhammer form as seen in the given image. When compacted, Ishi will carry the sledgehammer sized Stone Thorn on her back in a harness which she created along with the weapon.

While in full state, the warhammer has a Dust powered rocket boost which can be used during battle or for travel. Inside the hammer head on the spiked side, she had installed a set of torch-like mechanisms, powered by a single yellow Dust crystal or the equivalent of in the powder form, the mechanism will release high-temperature flames at a strong level to provide the boost. One crystal worth of the yellow Dust can amount to a total of two hours use before need of a replacement crystal or refil of powder is needed. This boost function is activated from one of two buttons on the weapon. The first being on the top half of the middle for the handle, this one being for the quick boost while in combat. The other, located on the bottom of the handle, is more like an ignition for a vehicle, one press and the torches will propel the warhammer and the one or two passengers towards their destination. Luckily, the shape of the handle has been done to work like a rudder for a boat, turning it one way or another will turn the weapon, thus changing direction.

If she so wishes, she may trigger the boost from the button on the bottom of her weapon, wrap the ribbon she has around it, and then use it to control where Stone Thorn goes while in battle. Eventually able to reach an unpredictable frenzy of deadly spins which can help to clear the area around her from any threats.

 Having her weapon with her always seems to calm her nerves and help her throughout the day. If she doesn’t have it within it's harness on her back, then she can tend to be more shy and cut-off from others or maybe even stress out.

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