Name: Rosea Hexe

Title: The Pink Witch

Color: Coral

Age: 17

Race: Human

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)

Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)

Weapon: Finger Claws, Dust

Ability: Energy Orbs

Fighting Style: Acrobatic

Likes: Reading, being sarcatic, and witches

Hates: Idiots, and People who dont read


Rosea has a lean build and a large bosom. She is about average height and has a fair skin tone. She has deep red eyes and and short snow white hair. She generaly wears a witch out fit because she is ubsessed with them. She wears a large black witch's hat with a hot pink Belt. She wears a long black dress and hot pink stockings. She wears a pair of pink heels and a large DUst crystal necklace.


Rosea is a silent person and only really speaks when she has too. SHe likes to be alone and read in a quiet place in a library. She enjoys honing her aura skills and her fighting skills. She studies hard and never gives up on a mission. She loves witches and thinks they are amazing. She wants to become a Huntress so she can use her skills to help people. She enjoys meeting new people, mainly to learn differnt Dust and aura skills.


Rosea uses her aura to create ten orbs of energy. She can manipulate them however she wants. SHe can make stairs ot of them, or even use them as a chair. They can travel extreamly fast, at its fastest the human eye cant see them. When useing her orbs she cant use her aura shield which means she cant take many hits. Her aura is a hot pink.


Rosea was raised by her parents in a small town. She loved to read about witches and huntress. SHe aspiered to be one. She loved to fight with her aura and would go behind her house and practice using her aura. Growing up she got mocked by the kids of the town because of her witch obsession. So, she had to learn how to be strong. She applied to signal and got accepted were she was taught to use her aura even with more skill. After her time at Signal, she applied to to Beacon. She got accepted and is now a student.

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