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Rosso and Amaryllis Rosario explained.

Character and art by me, don't steal. You may however use the CEBB for your own character, but credit me.


Name: Rosso Belloni

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Color: Scarlet

Weapon: Combustion Enabled Battle Beads (CEBB) called Amaryllis Rosario.

Team: None as of yet.


Rosso dons an elaborate and ornate black and red dress with silver ornaments and pearls, jewelry and black high heels. She has short, black hair over her shoulder and a long fringe covering her right eye. She has brown eyes and a tanned skintone. Despite being seemingly latin, her dress resembles mid-eastern fashion. Amaryllis Rosario's beads are scarlet in color. She wraps her CEBB around her left wrist and goes up almost to her elbow. 


Rosso might give away an impression of a seductress, a cold person and a heartbreaker. However, she's a very kind person once you get to know her. She will always try to help friends in need. But when it comes to fighting, despite her looks and personality, she gets deadly. Especially with people that get on her bad side.


In combat, Rosso weilds the lethal Combustion Enabled Battle Beads, a long bracelet made of spectacularly hard metal, Alloy, covered in a regenerative surface which gets destroyed with each detonation, but covers the metal again in seconds. The beads must be refilled with Dust after detonation, giving her no time to reload during battle, this being the reason she uses it as an emergency, or detonates one at a time. Amaryllis Rosario is used similiarly to a 9-section chain whip, requiring great skill to weild, which Rosso gained with family training. With it, she relies mostly on her own speed and the weight of the beads.

Rosso is also quite experienced with Kung Fu and has derived into her own, more agressive style based on it. 


Rosso was born from a rich family, her parents spoiled her with everything she wanted. She didn't want toys, though. She showed interest in weaponry and martial arts ever since her earliest years. Because of their love and desire to make their only child the happiest child in the world, they provided her the training she wanted. Her past, other than being a child prodigy, is rather considered "normal", as no life-changing accidents happened to her or her loved ones. Despite being so spoiled, she stays humble to everyone. 

Her desire to become a Huntress lit up when she only heard about that being a possibility, as she could finally do what she loved, in a productive way.


  • Amaryllis Rosario is based on Evil Harvest Rosary, an accessory in the Sega game Bayonetta which, when equipped, produces an explosion with a successful dodge.
  • Amaryllis is a type of flower.
  • Her fighting style is based on the use of the 9-section chain whip.

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