Me vain? Baby you don't know the half of it!
— Rosso summing up her personality

Rosso Grimhilde is The Leader of Team ROSA. Her vanity is only matched by ferocity and now she is more then willing to show why she considers herself the best.

Rosso Grimhilde
Age 17
Title The Vain Battle Master
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Height 7'1"
Weight 220 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team ROSA
Partner Shirley Loto
Occupation Leader
Additional Info
Likes Herself, Shows of strength, strawberries, fighting, blood lust
Dislikes Any one that is not her or her teammates, Chocolate
Special Skills Swordsmanship, Fighting, Marksmanship
Weaknesses Her Vanity can be used against her, She can get too prideful


Rosso is a slim, flexible yet a very strong woman. She has a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around her left arm.

She has black hair tied into ponytail, she is known to have hazel eyes.

She is know to wear a black bodysuit covering her arms, back and neck, as well as black gloves, a red halterneck and red jean pants with black leggings and high-heeled boots.


Though she would say that it purely confidence others would often describe it as her being very full of herself, She is often trying to show that she is the best and by no means hides the fact that she she sees most as inferior.

Even with her vanity she will fight anyone that doesn't believe that she is also a hard worker often training hard so that she can fight stronger opponents. On top of that she has a bit of a blood lust often wanted to keep fighting, longer, if people have shown to be able to keep up with her.

She also understands how vain, or shallow, but in her mind she feels as though she owns it and will often agree with people who call her either of those things.

She is only shown to care about only her team and her family. Though only her family gets a much nicer visage as she is still argues with the rest of ROSA. She also knows when to stop her haughty behavior when the moment calls for it as she often claims "I'm Vain, shallow but not heartless".


She was born from the Grimhilde family, a prestigious family that built their reputation through riches and investments with their only rivals being the much more successful Schnee Family, though Grimhilde has never meet any of them in person. Unlike that family they never before sent their family members to any academy for a more hearing warming reason, not wanting their family to suffer, as they detested fighting and tried to avoid unneeded violence.

Rosso felt different as she was fascinated by combat and violence and taught herself her fighting style secretly to find out why she was so interested. Rosso found that she enjoyed fighting after she fought off would be kidnappers on instinct with what she taught herself over the years.

With this experience she decided to use her personal finances and right kind of applications to find a way to an academy to build on her skills and finding anything to fight. Her parents were abhorred by this when they found out but decided it would be the best for her to explore her passions though they would prefer if she not bring it up during their visits.


She met Shirley first, it was a rather violent meeting, Shirley was a lot more aggressive those days and didn't believe that a rich girl like Rosso could fight. Rosso quickly proved her wrong, with evasive moments and knowing when to attack she put Loto in her place. This was met with Rosso plan to on getting Shirley on her team first. Shirley was just very disturbed by how much Rosso loved fighting.

Amethyst was a straight forward story, Rosso was one of the few people that she ever spoke to, as Amethyst is drawn to strength and despite her haughty attitude, Rosso seemed to fit what Amethyst sought out.

Olivia Huile was an interesting case, though Rosso seemed like the type to get annoyed by cheery types, Olivia actually amused Rosso to no end, she wanted to keep her around to amuse Rosso, however, Olivia's fast fighting style was a great use to Rosso.

Weapons & Combat

She fights with a Revolver "Rose Spinner" and Zweihander "Crimson Thorn", With the Fanzi Quan fighting style she uses her six chamber Revolver allows her to force opponents to run or get closer in hopes of tricking them to get in range of her Zweihander to try and get a strong blow on her enemies.


Her weapon has range and slicing ability which allows him to change tactics at a drop of a hat. Her marksmanship with the Revolver is quite good allowing her to even ricochet shots off walls at times with impressive accuracy. She can be quick with her blade surprising many with it due to the size of the weapon and the fact that she uses it one handed.


Her range can be impressive, unfortunately the ammo amount on it is not up to par, when it hits it can hit with the strength of a Rhino, but she will often need to reload. Her pride can be used to goad her into making mistakes. Also despite her speed with defending with Crimson Thorn, there is a long wind up to her attacks, giving her opponent time to counter attack.


Rosso means Red in Italian, Grimhilde is named after Queen Grimhilde from Snow White.