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— Rowan Fiarie to no one in particular, after defeating Ursai
Rowan Fiarie
Age 45
Nickname Redwood (by teammates)
Status Active
Color Red-Brown
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Where: Atlas

When: January 15

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Light
Hair Red-Brown
Eyes Brown
Semblance Titanium Protector
Height 6'5"
Weight 198 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Haven Academy (formerly)
Team Team HTHR
Partner Hvita Fiarie
Occupation Huntsman
Personal Status
Relatives Wife - Hvita Fiarie

Daughters - Islingr Fiarie, Istalrí Fiarie

Additional Info
Likes Being with his family. Being busy. Pancakes. Playing card/board games.
Dislikes The White Fang, Grimm. Having nothing to do, rude people.
Special Skills Reading faces and emotions, defense. Supporting and encouraging others.
Weaknesses Low speed, not good at acrobatics. Keeps emotions in.

Rowan Fiarie is a full-fledged Hunter as the fourth member of Team HTHR, which graduated from Haven Academy. He is married to Hvita Fiarie, who's also his partner, and has two daughters, Islingr and Istalrí, the latter of whom is missing. (To be updated to encompass the BoB.)


Rowan is a very tall man, at 6'5". He's also very muscular, which contributes to his weight of 198 lbs (in fact, most of it is muscle). He has reddish-brown hair, parted in the middle, kinda thick eyebrows, and brown eyes.


Rowan usually wears a buttoned, dark red vest over a long-sleeved, reddish-brown shirt. A pair of brown, laced ankle-boots are on his feet, which black pants are neatly tucked into. A dark red sword belt hangs around his waist, with the sheath resting on his left hip. When not carrying his weapon, a brown bag rests on his right hip, with the strap going up to his left shoulder then back around.



- Minor changes


Rowan has the natural ability to calm people just by being near them--quite simply, he's just a calming, cool-headed presence. Always diplomatic and polite, there's rarely a time where he makes a bad impression. This points to extreme patience as well.

Unfortunately, Rowan has a habit of keeping his emotions inside, so as to not affect those around him--especially if they're already upset. This leads to the releasing of emotions in other ways--sometimes bad ones. Thankfully, though, he usually takes out his emotions on the Grimm he fights, so he doesn't accidentally hurt those around him. This can make some people, especially those who don't know him and are seeing him unleash his emotions while fighting for the first time (and not understanding that that's what he's doing), scared or nervous around him. Cause when he does it... he's scary.

As suggested in the above paragraphs, Rowan is very sensitive and intuitive about how others feel. Often times, he'll know exactly how you're feeling before you can figure it out yourself. This makes him the ideal "rock," as some would say. The person to anchor yourself to, so as not to let your emotions overwhelm you and sweep you off you're feet.

There's another side to him, though. The serious, focused, down-to-business side. You will almost never find Rowan with his head in the clouds, as he's almost always focused on the next objective. He's also one to get to the point, and not beat around the bush. This doesn't mean he doesn't know how to make a joke--he does. And he does often. Though sometimes his sense of humor can be a bit... dark.

Rowan also loves to play cards and board games, finding pleasure in the games, as well as using it as practice to keep his face-reading skills sharp.

(More TBA)


Hvita Fiarie

Hvita is the love of his life, and his wife. He loves her for who she is, and trusts her with his life. Rowan's vowed to always be there for her, whether for emotional support, or on the battlefield. He's glad that she can turn to him whenever she needs someone to open up to, or a shoulder to cry on. No matter the situation, Rowan will be there for her.

Travan Aline

Travan, as his teammate, is someone whose hands Rowan has no trouble putting his life in. He greatly respects the man's medical skills, as they've saved his life more than once. They're like brothers.

(More TBA)

Hebline Sifa

Rowan views Hebline as a sister, if a reckless, tomboyish one. He respects her ability to hide her emotions from everyone, including himself. When they were younger, he used to wish that Hebline would open up more, having seen the subtle signs of a tormented past. Now, he respects not only her fighting skills, but her strength in pulling through what she had been through as a child.

Due to their similar poker faces, Hebline is often challenging Rowan to games like poker, both of them finding entertainment in trying to read each other's expressions over the cards/pieces.

Islingr Fiarie

As his daughter, Islingr holds a special place in Rowan's heart. He's protective of her, like most parents, and is quite proud of the woman she's becoming. Rowan supports her, and will always be there if she ever needs him.

(More TBA)

Istalrí Fiarie

Rowan missed Istalrí just as much as his wife. He vowed to not stop searching, no matter how tough it may get. Now that they've found her, Rowan finds himself to be pretty protective of her.

(More TBA)


(To be revised.)


Rowan was born in Atlas, into a family where he was always told to dress nicely and be polite. Even back when he was a boy, all he wanted was to help people. So when he heard of Hunters and Huntresses, he decided that's what he wanted to become. Someone who protected civilians from threats outside, and sometimes inside, the kingdoms.

When Rowan was old enough, he started taking combat lessons. Though he never went to Sanctum or Signal, his skills by the time he was fourteen were almost the same as those who had already graduated from those two academies, due to his parents' obtaining excellent instructors.

Hvita Fiarie

Rowan's parents wrote a letter of recommendation to Haven Academy when he was 17, where he was accepted and put into Team HTHR. That was when he first met Hvita.

It wasn't love at first sight, but neither did their relationship start out badly. Rather, in the beginning, they respected each other for each other's skills. Eventually, that respect turned into a friendship. Then, later, love.

A few years after they graduated, Hvita and Rowan married. Then, Hvita gave birth to Islingr. And a year later, Istalrí. For a while, Team HTHR was inactive as Rowan and Hvita raised their children.


Then, tragedy. At age 10, Istalrí disappeared. As Rowan and Hvita had to keep raising Islingr, Hebline and Travan (the other two members of Team HTHR), along with other family members and friends, searched for the Fiarie's missing daughter. For years, nothing was found. When Islingr was old enough, Rowan and Hvita took turns taking care of her as the other went off and searched.

As the years went on, help evaporated. Now it's just him, his wife, and their loyal partners Hebline and Travan searching, as well as Islingr.

Fall of Beacon & Aftermath





Rowan Fiarie




Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Sword, Javelin

Rowan's main weapon is Omega, classified as a (TBA). As implied, it has a sword form and a javelin form. Both forms can extend themselves in different ways.

Sword: WIP. A straight-bladed, bronze sword.

Javelin: WIP. Shaft can extend.

(More TBA)



Rowan Fiarie



Weapon Derivation

Weights, Handbag

Rowan's secondary weapon is his brown handbag. His teammates jokingly nicknamed it "Ultimatum" a long time ago, and the name's stuck. Even Rowan calls it Ultimatum, now.

Contents: Usually a bunch of books or files, held in place by straps so they don't go sliding around and get smashed when Rowan has to do some bashing.

False Bottom: The bag has a false bottom, where Rowan puts heavy weights for even more power.

Semblance & Abilities

Never underestimate your opponent.
— Rowan Fiarie, on fighting; usually said after beating someone


Rowan's Semblance is Titanium Protector, which allows him to create a shield made out of metal to protect an ally, with the use of a glyph. As he doesn't have a shield, he uses Titanium Protector to protect himself. He can put up multiple glyphs, as well as bigger ones. These make multiple or bigger shields. The maximum amount of glyphs he can create is 10, regardless of size.

Unlike actual shields, though, these don't move, nor can they be made offset of or behind a person's position. They stay in place, meaning that Rowan (as well as everyone else) has to step outside the protection of the shield in order to attack. But despite not being able to make these shields offset of someone's position, he can put these up in front of a charging enemy that they don't see.

The metal shield itself has very high durability, and will only break if something heavy enough hits it (like gunfire from Coco's weapon), or if it takes too many hits (this depending on strength of the attacks). Rowan himself can also take down the shields, by touch.


Rowan has enhanced strength, thanks to his developed muscles. He also has enhanced endurance and durability, taking hits with little problem.

Though somewhat lacking in speed, he makes up for it with quick thinking and tactical/strategic planning while fighting.

As said before, he has a great ability of calming others, and has a lot of patience, rarely snapping at someone unless it's to tell them to get moving and off their bottom or to tell someone to get out of the way.

Rowan also has a natural ability to read people's faces to discern their emotions. As he says, "It's all in your expression." However, this ability fails in front of those whom have great poker faces, like his teammate Hebline, or are trained to not show emotion.

Rowan's Stats :

Primary Role Distraction/Melee-fighter
Secondary Role Defender/Tank
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Rowan comes from rowanwood, which, as it's name suggests, is a type of wood, which is reddish in color. Rowan, in itself, is also a species of tree/shrub.
  • Fiarie comes from the first opening theme song of Fairy Tail, Snow Fairy, in which the singer sings "fairy" as "fee-are-ee."
    • Rowan took Hvita's last name when they married. His previous one was Cloven.
  • His personality is partly based off one of my RL besties.
  • The nickname Redwood comes from several factors: His height, muscle bulk, and his fighting skills.
    • Redwood is a species of tree, one of the largest and tallest in the world.


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