My family lives on in me and I will end this war of Man and Faunus for peace once more.
— Roy Zaffire
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Roy Zaffire
Age 17
Title Sapphire
Alias Demon of the White Fang
Status Active
Color Sapphire
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Wolf
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale White
Hair Black/Dark Blue
Eyes One Teal and One Gold
Height 5'11"
Weight  !85 Ibs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team ARAM(Suspended)

Team ARAS (Active)

Partner Amet Revfold
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Deceased
Additional Info
Emblem Roy Symbol
Likes His sword
Dislikes His past
Special Skills Skilled in close quaters
Weaknesses If his friends are in danger he will put his life on the line instead.

Roy Zaffire (Roy stands for Royal blue and Zaffire means Sapphire)  was one of the members of Team ARAM, now active as a member of Team ARAS . His name is "Roy" which was meant to represent Royal Blue. His weapon of choice is a Katana


Roy is a young male of pale white complexion. He has short spiked up hair that is black and dark blue, and his left eyes iris is gold while his right is sapphire. He has the fangs of a wolf and wears a black mask that come up to the bridge of his nose to keep them concealed.

He wears black combat boots which are complemented by his silver like grey pants that tuck into the boot. He also wears a sapphire sleeveless shirt under his blue and gold haori (tailed), has black armor plating on his shoulders and a black shelled collar. They complement his black strapped fingerless bracers. On the back of his bracers (hand section) you see his logo in Sapphire.


Roy is a reserved and serious person in battle at time where it's needed but is more likely to have fun with his fights. Roy loves a fight where he and his blade are facing challenging opponent. He also has respect for other people’s lives and holds it closer to himself due to his captivity, though he strongly despises those who judge and discriminate others. He is an open person and likes to pitch into conversations when he feels it is needed.

Roy likes to be in the company of others, but is used to being alone and is fine with either or. Roy is extremely fond of his blade, which is shown as it never leaves his side, even when he sleeps. Due to his Faunus heritage, he is a realistic person who has been used in the war of Man and Faunus by Nicholas Kirkwood, which also has made him want to achieve one goal to achieve a world of righteous world.

Even though Roy is serious and reserved, he doesn't lack any social skills and is quite friendly. But if he is provoked, he can lose his temper, causing him to get aggressive and very feral due to his wolf side, though that is rare to do so. He will also act the same way if someone tries to take his food while he is eating.


Roy has had a rough history - one that has broken him, but made him a stronger, sharper warrior.  He is a man of honor and silence, but also of care and love.

Roy's story starts where any other did - growing up.  He grew up in the outskirts of Vale, near the agricultural district.  His parents were loving and supportive, as well as the rest of his pack.  From a young age, Roy had been interested in fighting and weapons.  Roy's parents, noticing this, enrolled him in combat training with the pack's fighting instructor.

During this period, Roy was instructed in kendo, laido, and kenjutsu.  Wanting more, he started experimenting with weapons, researching them.  His parents, seeing once again his lust for fighting, asked the weapon smith to take Roy under his wing.  Roy learned about the signature weapon of his pack, the katana.  He learned it was a tried and true weapon, however common.  Determined to set himself apart from the nord, Roy learned how to change the form of a blade, breathing new life into weapons.  In his spare time, Roy also learned about Dust and its elemental properties.

After years of researching and trial-and-error, Roy had crafted his weapon - a katana that uses cyan dust.  This dust augemented the blade to flash-freeze and create small cresents of ice.  It does this via the trigger - however many times it's pumped determines the outcome of the dust usage.  He named this blade Toketsu Kaiho.

When he was in his young teens, Roy's village was attacked by an unknown threat.  He was abducted trying to defend his pack.  Soon after, he had found out that his abductor was a man named Nicholas Kirkwood.  Kirkwood put him through much training so that Kirkwood could use him as a pawn that could and would do his bidding. In those years, he managed to drug Roy in a military-like fashion.

For what felt like years, Roy remained captive.  While under Kirkwood's influence, he learned about his pack's fate.  Filled with rage, Roy rebelled against Kirkwood, nearly killing him.  With Roy having Kirkwood at swordpoint, staring his death in the face, Roy forced Kirkwood to give him the antidote, as he recalled another young girl under his control and wished to liberate her from Nick's control.  Together they fled the territory and came to Vale.

While residing in Vale, Roy learned this girl's name was Midori, and she, too, was bestowed with a gift.  He took comfort in her, viewing her as a family he had lost long ago.  One day, Roy and Midori had been venturing around wondering if they would ever be able to be accepted into society and learned of Beacon a great instatute in which was accepting of thoes who whised to put thier talents to a great use and distinguish the evil Grimm. Roy and Midori looked around and learned that Beacon accepted faunus and found a way to arange a meeting with Ozpin and told him of thier hardships. Soon after they had gotten letters at a shelter they had found and received the news that they were accepted.

Roy and Midori fought their former captor, Nicholas Kirkwood. Although the girl had fallen to the man, she made Kirkwood weaker in the process. Roy killed him, and buried Midori in the forest, taking three gree garment from her before laying the girl to rest.

The Fall of Beacon

After spending so much time at Beacon Roy much looked forward to the Vale Tournament.He had looked forward to fighting with Team ARAM, though when applied they were told the slots were full. Roy had learned to be more personable over the course of events as well as learning much more on new fighting techniques and tactics he had seen through so many teams and fighters. He was with ARAM when the Grimm began to attack Beacon, the ambush no one saw coming. Using such techniques he had learned, Roy, as well as the rest of ARAM cut through to the Emerald forrest, hoping to defend that front knowing what lingered amoungst it. Though when it came to a silence over the Forrest Arro left to fight with those standing for Beacon and Amet asked for them to look for his clans hideout. Torn with conflict Roy and Midori where caught off gaurd, when they heard the sound of a gun. Roy looked to Midoris' now limp and covered in red dead body. Roy lost in rage turned to see an old evil, Nicholas Kirkwood. Roy having been lost in his fury cut nicholas to ribbons in a bloody dance of his blade and returned to his dead partner. He buried his close friend there and tore from her pieces of her dress for his team and himself to ever wear in her memory.

Fighting Style

Roy’s fighting style is much like any known samurai, though he is more physical than ranged, making him lethal in up close and personal situations.

He fights his opponent by being quick and lethal but is very observant to look for fighting patterns or mistakes in other’s fighting styles. He is devastating and lethal in any situation his blade can be used in close combat and if the opponent fights from a distance he will do his best to close the gap. He will also work in hand to hand combat if his blade is lost, as a means to knockout, or to put distance between his opponent and himself. In hand to hand combat he has a touch of knowledge in most hand to hand combat styles, but mainly uses Aikido and his own style of fighting.

He mainly fights with his blade which is named Kahio. He was trained in and is now very skilled in the art of Kenjutsu (The art of killing with the blade), Kendo (The way of the sword), and Iaido (The art of drawing the blade). He is tamed and mainly fights with his blade and is lead of his pack, being on par in skill with his father and the elder. He can also use the sheath to secrete cyan dust onto his blade, making it so his next slash (Depending on how much dust he puts on the blade) will either at least freeze over the area of his next slash or with a lot of dust can produce a close range shock which can freeze anything within four feet of him or knock away projectiles if timed correctly.


Toketsu Kaiho is the blade Roy had made when with his previous master for to be accepted into the Zaffire pack, the child must forge a weapon of their own choice. Roy had, much like most of the pack, grown a liking to the katana and followed this by then working onto how to form the sheath correctly in order for it properly accept, hold, and secrete dust. He finally finished Toketsu Kaiho at the age of ten, spending four years making it with the elder of the pack.

He learned how to use Kaiho (The Blade) more than learning how to use Toketsu (The sheath). He went weeks to months on edge learning how to master their deadly combos and focusing on aura practices with the rest of the packs whelps. Kaiho was hard for him to master for it's overall length was just a little over three and a half feet.

Toketsu is the sheath of the blade/dust chamber where it secretes dust onto the blade when the trigger is used. Toketsu is, like many other sheaths of katanas, a solid black case with blue accents, and at the bottom there is a slot that will open into a holding where the dust is held until the trigger is used.

Kaiho is the blade made of the best metal possible found by his pack when finding shelter in a cave not far from the Agricultural District as shown which was circled on the map that Roman had. It can use dust in its slashes which, after a cut could basically cauterize the wound by flash freezing it, or with enough dust and upon being thrust into the earth, can release a tiny shockwave of ice in the air, slowing projectiles and/or people.

Abilities & Powers

Roy's Semblance is Tekio. He can impliment other's moves and fighting styles into his own.  He watches their movements, using a heightened sense of understanding to learn their movements and adapt his style. This essencially makes the foe fight agaisnt their own tactics, to an extent.

Roy has also shown the highest level of skill with his blade Kaiho, as he more or less displays what we know as Bushido, which is the mastery of the blade and a sense of honor to a master. (Roy’s master’s condition is currently unknown, for he was within the pack which Nick has captured) He can easily slash through opponents at blinding speeds and deflect incoming bullet fire with enough focus using just his blade.

The blade is able to cut through metal and stone due to its amazing tempering, given it cannot cut through other weapons. Roy’s fighting style is critical and precise, even though he is slightly self-taught after separation from his master.



  • He is the first in the group to have talked to another member in his "Battle Trailer Write Up" When he tells Midori to leave with him.
  • Roy murdered Midori's family as his first mission to ensure his families protection from Nicholas.
  • Roy's family has been dead since his capture.
  • Roy can at times have separation anxiety if he is separated from his blade somehow in or out of battle.
  • Roy's "pack" is his immediate family of both his mother and fathers side, and the "Elder" is the grandfather of Roy off of his father's side who has mastered a vast amount of bladed weapons.

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