Good evenin', and welcome to the Brew and Bunk! Take a load off, got an empty seat right here with your name on it. Now, what can I get for ya?
— -Royce Blenheim
Royce James Blenheim
Royce, close-up
Age 27
Nickname The Blue Blazer
Color Royal Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Average
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Blue
Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Signal alumni, Beacon student (dropped out)
Occupation Bartender
Personal Status
Relatives Mary Blenheim (Mother)
Additional Info
Emblem Royce Emblem Thumbnail
Special Skills World class barkeep, "Freeform" dusting techniques, lucid aural control.
Weaknesses Foes who can avoid or absorb his attacks, he has very frail defenses.
This man probably isn't the type of character you were expecting. I bet you're looking for more of those fancy hunter types, right? Well, round these parts closest thing we have is the Beacon Academy dropout behind the bar over there. That said, I bet he'll know somewhere you could find a hunter. Hell, even if he doesn't, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not having at least one drink. Oh, and try not to start any fights, yeah? Barkeep gets kinda... protective over this here place.


Royce has been described by some as an attractive man. Being a six-foot-tall, lean specimen with feathery brown hair and light blue eyes tends to do that to a person. He has a charismatic, laser-straight, pearly white grin matched only by the sophisticated way he dresses. While he may don any outfit a particular venue may require, in his own bar he normally wears a white shirt along with a royal blue vest, bolo tie, and pants. His emblem is set into the bolo tie's buckle.

This man always seems to be putting on a show for some unseen audience at any given moment, and as such is constantly smiling, winking, and telling allegedly witty jokes that tend to rapidly polarize those in his presence: They see him as either the cool, confident fellow they want to spend a few hours with, or the sleezy barhop who tends to take advantage of gullible patrons and raging alcoholics.


Royce is nothing if not free-spirited. The reason he's always so chipper and confident is because he sees his current circumstances as the most contented way of living he'll ever achieve. He's always surrounded by good food, good drink, and good friends (even if he can't quite remember most of their names). And above all, he knows his business is secure. After all, how many hyper-dangerous undesireables wander into the hottest bar in town, right? Right?

He sees it as his own personal mission in life to make every person who drinks at a bar he tends, or indeed passes him by on the street, feel a little bit more at home in their surroundings. While some people can be overwhelmed by his whole-hearted exuberance, others may see it as a refreshing change of pace from their usual company. He's quite the chatterbox, and his goal of solving a single patron's problems a day combined with the lip-loosening effects of alcohol means he has a way of knowing things he's not quite supposed to, even if he doesn't quite notice it.

That said, he has to make a living too. Good will and enthusiasm are all well and good, but without money the liquor rivers would run dry! So if the opportunity presents itself, he's not above lining his business's pockets by, say, ripping off a crime ring conducting business nearby his bar, or grabbing some money from the pockets of the burly bastard he had to bust a table with to protect a patron. Purely to scare off the thugs or replace the table, of course.

Oh, and he likes to party.

Abilities and Skills

Royce fights not mainly with his fist, or a gun, but he a proficient combatant, nonetheless. His fighting style revolves around the usage of his semblance. This power, quite versatile when used correctly, is a type of low-strength telekinesis. How low strength? Low enough that he probably could never lift much more than two pounds unassisted. This lack of moving power is due to Royce's sub-par aura, which he has to exert a high level of focus over to use in the conventional way. Blocking an attack of even moderate strength is exhausting to the barkep, and his best way of preventing damage is to dodge, and possibly divert some of the force with his semblance. The semblance itself takes the form of dimly lit blue flames, that wreath whatever item he moves. When lifting dust, the flames take the color of the dust being moved.

But enough about boring old combat, lets get to the really interesting part: The drinks! Royce is a world class brewmaster and barkeep, and he will jokingly recount how he earned a Phd in mixology from a university of... debatable validity. Nevertheless, patron and competitor alike will acknowledge Royce's unquestionable skill with a variety of cocktails, mixers, and lullabye brews, the depths of which has never been fully explored before the explorers succumb to unconciousness. Gin, sake, rum, wine, champaigne, grog, vodka, ale, tequila, all have served in his veritable alcoholic arsenal, but none have ever served him as faithfully as a good ol' shot of burbon.

Weapon and Fighting Style

When breaking up bar-fights or fending off troublemakers, Royce uses an Automated Dust Dispersal Unit (A.D.D.U.) named Boilermaker. This device- at a glance a simple cobbler-style cocktail shaker filled with dust- is a hand-crafted reservoir built to contain large quantities of dust and easily acess them in a pinch. It's typically worn in a special holster on his right hip, but people tend to overlook it until the dust inside starts to glow. He fills it with a variety of different colors of the powdery substance to prepare certain "cocktails" to power his techniques. On command, the shutter over the spout of the Boilermarker opens, and dust in scattered into the air, where it can be drawn direcly into a technique using his semblance.

Now, he uses his semblance in a crude form of dust-wielding: he moves the dust scattered by the Boilermaker into shaped clouds, which he can then detonate remotely. Of cource, different mixtures composing the clouds produce different effects: Clouds of red dust ignite in a classic, firey explosion, blue clouds encase the radius in ice, and yellow dust couds electrucute victims, as examples. He's learned to manipulate clouds in ways to immitate gunfire, beam-weapons, even grenades by varying the size and speed of his projectiles. additionally, he can come up with a myriad of utilitarian uses, such as precisely sculpting an ice-dust cloud to generate handcuffs or bindings when it detonates.

Royce does have one glaring weakness: he's out of practice. After eight years of not bothering to train and not having any foes tougher to fight than the occasional drunken hunter or unruly pack of thugs, his skills have atrophied considerably. While he's as adept at manipulating his semblance as he ever was, he's forgotten the effects of some dust mixtures, as well as which mixtures cause certain effects. He remembers that they're possible, but just not how. On top of that, even at his peak he never had been good at taking hits thanks to his lackluster aural strength. His strategies often rely on overwhelming the enemy with an all-out offensive, denying the enemy a chance to retaliate. If this fails he is often forced to violently backpedal, until he can find a more adventageous angle of attack.


Royce was born to "Bloody" Mary Blenheim, a single huntress who ultimately left the Grimm hunting business to raise her son. Growing up, Royce always felt some measure of guilt over his mother's change of careers; her having gone from a skilled Huntress to something as mundane as a barmaid. So, as soon as he could try, he always put his best foot forward to make sure his mother bore as little of his burden as possible. Eventually this led to him enrolling in Signal and later Beacon Academy. Sadly, he was ultimately unable to graduate due to financial troubles, and he ended up doing odd jobs as well as tending bar in several clubs around town to help make ends meet.

Despite all of this, Royce remained optimistic, and took to his bartending jobs with great zeal and talent that was soon made apparent to nearly every patron he served. Bars he tended  began to draw extra clientele like moths to a flame as word of the new barkeep with delicious new drinks and a winning personality spread. It turns out that between the large wages bar owners were eventually willing to pay for his services and the monstrous tips patrons tended to pay him, he was able to pull both himself and his mother out of debt, slowly but surely. Eventually, Royce even saved up enough money to purchase a pub of his very own: the Blenheim Brew and Bunk. Both the drinks and the money have been flowing like water ever since. In the end, Royce may not be rich, but he's happy and well-off, and so is Mary. You could say he's content.


  • Royce's name, nickname, weapon name, and technique names are all names of various types of cocktails.
  • Royce's profile image was kindly drawn by JunoDagger of Deviantart.
  • While "flowing fire" is a good visual effect to match up with Royce's adaptable and passionate personality, his emblem was originally unrelated. In fact, at first it was just a "Firewater" pun.
  • While not inspired by any specific character, Royce is loosely based off of the friendly tavern-owning quest-givers that can easily be found in almost any RPG ever.
  • In a similar vein, his unassuming mannerisms combined with his all-out fighting style pays tribute to high-level NPCs who have zero tolerance for an unruly player's BS.


This character is the brainchild of Gumby1011. Please respect others' property, and ask before using.

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