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Because of what has happened in my life, I will never let someone close to me die again, even if it would cost me my life.
— Rufina telling Argyris why she decided to follow him.

Rufina Ormr
Age 26
Status Active
Color Rosso Corsa
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Red
Eyes Golden Yellow
Height 5'8"
Weight 132 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Partner Argyris Xiuhcoatl
Occupation Unknown
Character Theme

Ignite by Jayn [English] Ballad Ver.

Her name is pronounced:

  • Rufina - 'r-oo-f-ee-n-uh'
  • Ormr - 'oh-r-mi-er'


She a woman in her 20s dressed in a low, tight white tank with black and bright red jacket over it, being zipped up halfway, accenting her medium sized bust. The jacket is bright red with black on the back half it, trailing down the arms and the raised collar of the jacket is black as well. Her emblem is upon her back. Upon her hands are white finger-less gloves that are trimmed at the fingers with black.

Her pants are bright red in color with black pockets, the pants being slightly tight to her form but also has many pockets, have 4 in total; on her hips and outer thigh. A thick black belt holds the pants up, the buckle being a light gray color. The legs are actually cut halfway up her shin, making them shorter than most pants are. Upon her feet are shin length boots that are black in color with gray laces.

Her hair is bright red that reaches down to her waist, her bangs cut short, slightly spiky and in a messy bunch, framing her face. She has long bunches of hair over both her ears that she keeps tied with small bands. Her hair in the back is also tied at the end with a small band, somewhat keeping it out of her way. Her eyes are a golden yellow, with a hint of orange to them. Her skin is very pale, appearing more so with her dark clothing and bright red hair. She has a built form while retaining the feminine curves.

She sleeps in her clothes, not bothering with changing, however, when out in the field, she will find a lake or pond to wash out her clothes every few days.


She is a slightly confused female, having trouble expressing one emotion from the next. She cannot feel happiness anymore, for the tragedy that had happened in her past caused her to not seek it. She believes in companionship and will stop and nothing to upload that feeling, possibly even confusing that emotion with love and affection. She also has trouble finding connections to people, feeling socially awkward and almost like she doesn't belong in a certain place.

However, when it comes to someone she considers in close to her, she will do just about anything for that person. And this covers 'anything'. She could kill for that person, if they ever asked for it. Worse yet, if the event called for it, she would die for that person. However, she does not feel this closeness with just about anyone. She has only felt this way about one person and she has decided to stick to that person no matter what.


Rufina grew up in a happy family that were considered noble, being one of the main families in charge of protecting their town. There were two families who were of the 'noble' title, also thought as guardians, everyone one of them having members who were hunters or held a role in the military. Rufina was the daughter of a five member family, have and older brother and sister as well as parents. She also had a grandfather who was very strict and valued strength. She was the youngest in the family, with her twin sister, being 3 years younger than her sister and 7 years younger than her brother. Her brother would treat her and her twin sister with such care, being very protective of them like any other big brother would.

Her older sister however treated her with much malice, always paying attention to Rufina's twin sister. However, Alba does not like the fact that Rufina is ignored, so she likes to trick the older sister into doing many things that eventually gets the older girl in trouble with her parents. Cruz blames Rufina for all the trouble she gets into and ignores the girl to no end. Her mother is very similar, acting as if Rufina does not exist as she dots on Alba. Alba often tries to get away but finds herself unable to as her mother is very persistent.

When the girls came of age, this being 7, they were to begin either Hunter Training or Military School, Alba was sent to the Hunter Academy and Rufina was sent to Military School, something that she did not want to do. Often times, Rufina would sneak out for days on end to visit her twin sister, who would teach her everything she was being taught at the Hunter Academy. Two years after, the two of them were returning home for a small holiday and finds their home in ruins. Their family was also fighting the other 'noble' family, their older sister being hurt beyond saving and their father starting to fall back. Rufina was going to join in and help her family when Alba stopped her, saying they were not ready for a fight like this. Rufina finally got mad at her sister and yelled at her, saying that they had to help their family, regardless if they were ready or not.

With that thought in mind, Rufina ran in to help her family. She was somehow able to save her father but eventually during the fight, was struck in such a manner that caused her bodily harm. She was unable to fight anymore and seeing that final blow from a knight, she closed her eyes, ready for death. However, it never came and upon looking up, she saw her twin sister there, taking the blow. Bleeding out, Rufina watched Alba as well as the rest of her family killed in cold blood. The soldiers saw that she was still alive, barely, and decided to not bother with the killing blow, leaving her to die of blood lost.

While laying there in her house ruins and among the bodies of her family, thoughts plagued her mind, how she could have saved everyone but had been almost killed in the process. She was useless, unable to do anything right. Ready to finally die and be reunited with her family, she was saved by a passing townsman. He had been able to bring her back to health and he had told her that he had buried her family's bodies while she had been recovering. When she was back to full health, having it taken half a year, she visited her family's graves. Saddened by the fact she had not been able to save them, she told herself that she would become strong so that no one would have to die like they did.

She joined the Hunter's Academy under her sister name, only one knowing her real name while she was there. A boy who she thought of as a partner, Argyris Xiuhcoatl. The two found that their fighting styles fit well with each other, as she used much of her military training in her style. He told her she as a good support for his magic based skills. The two graduated from Signal, however, she was surprised and hearing Argyris say he didn't want to go to Beacon. Even though she wanted to go to Beacon, she felt that if she left him, she would never find anyone whom she could think of as family again. With that thought in mind, she followed him.

Upon finding out his true reason to become a hunter, she felt that this was her time to show that she could help someone, to prove that she wasn't useless. With that thought in mind, she followed him and helped him find this group of people he wanted to take vengance one. They did at least 8 years later, she helped him wipe out those faunus thieves. She was surprised to see that the leader had been waiting for Argyris to come and kill him. Once the deed was done, she felt a strange disturbance in her soul, but she ignored it. Feeling that if she fully tried to figure out what it was, she would cause her to stray from Argyris' side, which she would not allow.


  • Invierno and Leiptr are a pair of duel CZ 75 with the full auto component attached to it, allowing for the option of automatic shots as well as the single shots. Both guns have a certain dust usage as well a charging mechanism that allow for charged shots, mostly infused with the dust properties within the guns. The guns are made with a metal that is strong and resistant to blunt attacks, allowing for a good blocking tool.
    • Invierno is equipped with ice dust bullets, as well as the standard bullets. The gun itself is white with a black base, her emblem atop the barrel in red.
    • Leiptr is equipped with shock dust bullets, including the standard bullets as well. The gun itself is yellow with a black base, her emblem atop the barrel in red.

Fighting Style

Her style consists of shooting long range as well as short range, using charged shots when far away and in close quarters. She is not afraid to fight up close and personal as well as using her feet and arms to get a better advantage when fighting up close. She blocks attacks from blunt or bladed weapons easily with the barrels of her guns. She relies heavily on her pistols for damage as well as her kicks, often using her pistols as a stunning tactic in order to deal more damage with her kicks or charged shots.

With the option of the full auto component on her pistols, this allows her to fire rapids shots, this assisting her in long range by keeping her opponents back. She can also use dust properties with her rapid fire, this giving ice and lighting effects with her shots. As she also fights with her legs in the form of kicks, she can knock an opponent back to hit them with her dust shots. With her charged shots, she can give them an explosive quality when shooting her standard bullets, or with increased dust effects.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • She has a very skilled aim, having a steady arm when shooting because of the little training she had when in Military School.
    • However, even with her steady aim, there are times when she does miss, this is mainly due to some sort of distraction that she did not anticipate.
  • When she is ready to fight, she has a cold attitude, not letting any form of reaction her opponent may try to get out of her.
    • As a result to this, she affected if she gains any sort of high pain. A stab to the gut will greatly affect her, where as a graze from either a blade of bullet will hardly do a thing to her demeanor.


Her semblance allows her body to gain the ability to not be effect by the recoil of her gun, this giving her a more steady aim that most likely will make contact with her opponent if they don't dodge. It effects her eyes and arms, giving her an almost zoom like quality that allows her to focus upon her target and make a more accurate shot. With her arms, it tenses up the muscles, thus making them more resistant to the recoil of the guns, to a degree that she is almost unaffected by it, allowing for more steady shots and better accuracy.

As a down-side to this affect, once she deactivates the semblance after long use, it effects her eyesight, making it less clear than her eyesight originally is. Her aim also decreases in accuracy because she is not used to the kickback of the gun, but it only takes a few minutes for her eyesight and her body to go back to normal, however, she is unable to fight in those few minutes, for it also effects her perception as well.



  • Argyris Xiuhcoatl - He is an old partner she had back in hunter school, the two of them being partners in crime. Like him, she decided to not even bother going to Beacon when the two of them graduated from the hunter academy. She knew why he didn't want to continue studying, and she respected that. She knows that he can only think of her as a little sister but she wishes she was much closer than that. For now, she is fine with being his partner, but she hopes in future she can convince him that she thinks of him differently.


  • Flavio Ormr - He was her father, whom seemed to love her and her twin sister the most. It was later explained that they were his actual children, their older siblings being from another marriage with their mother.
  • Cruz [Luz] Ormr - She was her mother, whom was very distance with Rufina, often dotting on her twin sister. She acted as if Rufina did not even exist.
  • Leonardo Luz - He was her older half brother, but loved him and was loved by his as if they were a true family. He was very protective of her her and her twin sister, often keeping them from getting to too much trouble.
  • Imelda Luz - She was her older half sister, however, much like her mother, was treated as if she wasn't even there. Imelda, who thought was she close to her twin sister, was often tricked by that same sister when she treated Rufina wrongly.
  • Alba Ormr - She was her twin sister. Rufina feels responsible for her sister death, as she feels that she could have done something to save her and had been unable to do anything.
  • Amaranto Ormr - He as her grandfather, whom taught her and her twin sister many things so that they could follow in either the line of hunters or soldiers.



  • Rufina is based of the Chinese legend, Gong Gong, a destructive creature also known as Kanghui, a water god or sea monster who is often depicted in Chinese mythology, folktales, and religious stories as having red hair and the tail of a serpent (or dragon).
  • Rufina means in Spanish, 'Red Haired', referring to the fact that the legend she is based is often depicted as having red hair.
  • Ormr is an Old Norse name, derived from the word, ormr, which means 'Serpent, Dragon, Snake'.

Rufina Ormr's Stats :

Primary Role Gunwoman
Secondary Role Support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


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