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I'm not experienced in the misfortune of others in the world due to my wealthy upbringing. But that's why I purposely put myself in this position. So no else will have to.
— Rufus to Jorey

Rufus Sabbia is a member of Team JORE. His weapon of choice is a Fire Dust Rifle Katana(FDRK) called the Natura Orbis (Greek for Nature Orb), despite it being the only one of its kind, he simply calls it Leafey. Rufus is the heir to the Sabbia Steelwork Factory, which provides many weapon materials.


1st Year

Rufus appears as a tall sized boy, looking very young and thin. He has russet hair and shockingly green eyes. For clothes, he wears a dark green hoodie with a white hood, plain denim jeans and a black top under his hoodie.

2nd Year

Rufus, like Jorey, decided to grow his hair long to see if they could attract girls towards them as a challenge to beat Onyx As his hair got longer, he now has a ponytail which Emma did for him. 

For apparel, Rufus now wears a green military jacket with black cargo trousers. He also wears greyish boots.


Rufus is typically displayed as quite wimpy and much of a coward, he doesn't seem to like fighting all lot thus prefering to assist his teamates while they're fighting. Because of his wimpy behaviour, he is normally pushed aound by other people around school. When in a panicked situation, Rufus will try to call for help.

Despite his wimpy behaviour, he seems to be confident in talking to  people.  Rufus has a lot of determination too. Because of this, Rufus seems to be more tatical and smarter when fighting, even though he is the weakest out of the team.

Rufus is a very polite person. He's always courteous and greets people by bowing towards them. Rufus appears to have respect for other people too. He can be quite mature even though he is always caught up in the antics of Jorey and Onyx.


Rufus was brought up to the Sabbia family where they owned the Sabbia Steelwork Factory, which were well known for buliding weapons. Rufus was taught manners and how to behave which is how rich families seem to act like. The family also had it's own personal Huntress. Everytime Rufus came home from school, he used to have conversations with her. This inspired him to be a Huntsman. Whenever Rufus did something incorrectly, he would have got told off by his parents. They always made it as if he would bring the family down everytime he did something wrong. This made Rufus more fearful of trying anything out because of failure.

His parents were against his decision to want to be a Huntsman but his mother Fiamata Sabbia crafted his weapon Natura Orbis for him. Rufus was enroled into Abyss Academy, he seemed to the best in terms of intelligence and had got top marks. However when it came to fighting Rufus was quite cowardly at using combat. This led to him getting bullied a lot throughout school. 

After school, Rufus was brought to detention after he had continously avoided combat classes, he noticed Onyx Rocker and they talked after detention. Both of the two became best friends. Onyx had decided that they should work together. Rufus had told Onyx about Mountain Glenn because he wasn't paying attention. Onyx decided they should both be Huntsmen to protect other establishments. At a time, Rufus decided to go Beacon Academy, despite his parents arguing for him not to go. However, Rufus pleaded with them and thus they agreed.

Introduction Arc

Before entering Beacon, Rufus was watching a fight ensue between people. However, it was interrupted because Eli Leictreach had set of a bomb that had nearly injured all lot of them. Rufus came to their aid and noticed Onyx chasing the culprit.

As Rufus and Onyx got into Beacon, they noticed they were being stared at by 4th years and then got approached by two 2nd years. One of the second years had started to bully Rufus. Getting sick of itt, Onyx had punched the 2nd years and a fight had started. Rufus was worried for him as he didn't want him to get hurt.

Battle of Beacon

Rufus was on a mission while the Battle of Beacon was going on. Hearing that Beacon was in trouble, Jorey had called his dad to get them an airship back to Vale to help. However, they were too late and the Grimm were found to be frozen. Rufus was saddened that Beacon was lost thus he decided to to go home for a while to rest.


Sabbia Steelwork Factory

The Sabbia Steelwork Factory is the buisness that Rufus's family owns. Rufus is the heir of the company. Rufus doesn't really care about the factory, but cares as they make the materials for weapons and actual weapons. Even when an insult was made about his company, Rufus didn't seem to care and just walked off.

Jorey Diamond

Jorey is quite friendly towards Rufus. Rufus also acknowledges and treats Jorey like the leader he is, unlike Onyx. Rufus seems to have fun with Rufus, but when the fun is taken to far, they seem to argue all lot. When Onyx and Jorey are argueing, Rufus seems to be in the middle of everything and is trying really hard to try and stop the rivalry between the two of them.

Onyx Rocker

Rufus is Onyx's best friend, they met since they were in Abyss Academy. Rufus acknowledged Onyx's strengh in battle and the struggle he's been throughout his entire life. Rufus cares for Onyx and is normally the first person he looks for.

Eli Leictreach

Rufus is highly scared of Eli the most and he normally tries to avoid talking to him. Despite this, Rufus can work with Eli as a pair as shown when they were in the Emerald Forest. Rufus is also very grateful towards Eli when he gave him his special cupcake but it ended up shot by Jorey.

Emma Austri

Emma seems to have a crush on Rufus all because of falling in love with him in a poster. However, Rufus seems to run away from her all lot. Rufus seems to not mind this all lot and is likely that he'll accept her as a friend.

Later, Emma and Rufus start to get into a serious relationship. This sorta stops Emma's multiple personality disorder from getting too worse to handle but she does show it quite a lot.

Powers and Abillities

Athletic Skills

Rufus lacks some athletic skills but he is known for being very fast. Rufus can run at great speeds this is the result of his cowardice attitude which makes him so fast. He uses this quite a lot to his advantage whenever trying to run for an attack.

Along with this, Rufus is very evasive. He is capable of dodging attacks. Paired with his speed, Rufus is able to dodge really quick attacks. He's also quite flexible with evasive manuevers as he can preform rolls and is able to strafe quite easily from attacks.

Despite this, Rufus is incredibly weak. He can be easily taken out of fights very easily. Rufus tries to avoid being taking out of fights due to his tendency to try an avoid attacks. He is also let down by his lack of confidence which makes battles a struggle.


Natura Orbis is Rufus's weapon. It takes the shape of a regular sized katana. The brown handle has grip for where the dust chamber is is. The blade is double edged and on the side of the handle there is a chain. When pulled, it switches the weapon to it's rifle form. The blade extends and then shows the barrel and then the blade falls down allowing the rest of the barrel to show. This then transforms into the rifle. Rufus's main use with his weapon is shooting them when it transforms into a rifle. The rifle is only a semi automatic with a small barrel at the hilt of the sword. Rufus is good with accuracy and quick reload time with the weapon. Using the katana, Rufus rarely uses it because he's scared into going into close quarters combat. This doesn't mean hasn't had any training. He is useful when it comes to his dexerity and can use both hands to fight. Since he's really rich, Rufus has a lot of money to buy herbs and gives them to his team mates. Natura Orbis also enables Rufus to be able to attack his opponents quite easily. He is very able to spin his weapon quite simply only using one hand. Also, Natura Orbis uses fire dust bullets, so this empowers the shot damage. This makes this the strongest weapon ever in the team, but because of Rufus's cowardly behaviour it is never used up to it's full extent.


Rufus aura is a russet colour. His semblance enables him to summon up a dome shield to protect himself from damage for a mere 20 seconds. While using it, he can not be attacked by people outside. People can enter shield while it's up though. This makes him vulnerable very easily.

Rufus Sabbia's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Jorey DiamondOnyx Rocker, Rufus Sabbia and Eli Leictreach vs White Fang Members

Chapter 6


Season 2

Fight Chapter Outcome
Onyx Rocker and Rufus Sabbia(assisted) vs Virginia Demad Chapter 13 Victory
Team JORE and Johannes Leictreach vs Grimm Chapter 19 Victory


  • Rufus's last name, Sabbia is Italian for Sand, which is the color brown.
  • Rufus does share similar qualiteis to Jaune Arc.

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