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Self defense is better, how are you sure you can defend others?
— Rufus's code of fighting.

I'm not your snot nosed rich kid!
— Rufus first meeting with Jorey.

I hold my own responsibility, not my family's.
— Rufus about his family.

Season 1

I don't want to get in a fight, I really don't want to miss that date I have soon.
— Rufus avoiding a fight.

Rufus Sabbia, I like staying in the back row.
— Rufus introducing himself.

Season 2

I guess it was fate that we met!
— Rufus lying to his teammates about Emma Austri.

I'm very uncomfortable with stranger piloting my ship! My mother will kill me if it breaks.
— Rufus doubting Johannes's piloting skills

(Eli gives him cupcake) For me? (Only once) (is about to eat cupcake until it is shot by an arrow) NOOOOO!
— Rufus getting upset towards the demise of his only cupcake from Eli.

I'm piloting!
— Rufus wanting to pilot.

Season 3

Rufus:(notices Eli with cupcake) Can I have - Eli:No.

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