Fine. You wanna know why I treat you the way I do Faunus? Truth is, I don't hate you for what you are. Hell, I even married one of you! So why you ask me? Why I look at you with such disdain? It's because what some of your kind has done. I will never forgive you bastards from taking Xan away from me.
— Rukatin
Rukatin Ferrer
Age 27
Title The Blacksmith
Nickname Ruk
Color Onyx
Gender Male
Species Human
Born Unknown. Counts age in Summers.
Handedness Ambidexerous
Complexion Pale
Hair Onyx
Eyes Teal
Semblance Fire
Height 5'10"
Weight 200 Ibs
Professional Status
Partner Xan (Deceased)
Occupation Mercenary and Weaponsmith
Job Types Grimm-slaying, Body guarding, Bounty hunting, Weapons crafting and repair
Personal Status
Relatives None
Additional Info
Likes Sleep, Weapon smithing, Grimm-slaying, Memories, Revenge, Fire, Soul-searching, Learning
Dislikes White Fang, Needless death, Criminals, Naivete, Pain
Special Skills Weapon Smithing, Meditating, Tracking, Guns akimbo, First Aid, Basic mechanics
Weaknesses PTSD, Insensitive, Brutal honesty, Abrasive, Doesn't work well with others, Wrath, Pride


Rukatin is tall and moderately well muscled. His usual attire is thick jeans with heavy black boots, a black button-up t-shirt with a large black heavy canvas duster over it. His Duster has many pockets that he uses to store his possesions, and to hide whatever hidden weapons on his person. His hair is long, going to his shoulders, but clean and only slightly unkempt. His eyes are teal, and often times look a little empty or have a hollow look to them. Rarely does he have a spark in them, though the few times they do, it's in anger.

Rukatin has numberous scars across his body that he keeps hidden. He remembers how he got each and every one, having etched the mistakes he made to get them into his memory. The visable scars that he has are as follows: A diagonal scar going up his right cheek, a long horizonal scar above his left ear that's partially hidden by his hairline, a simple line up his left eyebrow, a cut along the ridge of his chin, and large burn on the back of his right hand that appears to cover a tattoo of his sigil. His nose looks like it's been broken and reset several times.

Armor-wise, Rukatin has little else than a bullet-proof vest. His target are criminals, not Grimm.


Rukatin is best described as morally abiguous with a very, very, very, small inclination on the moral compass towards good. He tends to be cynical and crabby most of the time, and blunt in almost every social interaction. Ruk is also very cynical, any idealistic part of him buried deep inside. He is a man of few virtues, and is not afriad of his sins, the most prominant being Wrath and Pride. He a good person in the past, but the loss of his love had turned him into a vengful person. There is a deep seated anger within his heart and soul, and the sad part about this is, Rukatin knows this. He knows that this anger inside him eats at the core of his being and that if he continues on the path he's on, the person that he was will disappear compleatly. That he will no longer be the person Xan fell in love with. He very much blames himself for not being able to save her.

But for all of these things, all of the hate and pain, Rukatin is a person who will not stand by when a wrong has been done. He is a person who stands against the tide when the monsters come. He is a person who will look into the depths of your soul, and his own. Rukatin cherishes the right to live and will damn whoever tries to take that away from him or anybody else.

Weapons and Abilities

For a soul filled with as much hate as his, it is unsurprising Rukatin's semblance is Fire. He has the basic ability to control the fire he produces, and not get burned by it. But it's not what he does with it in combat, but what he does with it creativly. Rukatin has a natural talent in blacksmithing, having long since taught himself through both trial and error and research. He can work a forge to an almost expert level, and he uses his fire to fine-tune the temperture of the forge. His flames are colored a Silvery Black, but strangly produce light anyways.

Rukatin made his weapon when he went to signal, and since then has upgraded, improved, redesigned, and reforged into the one he has today. Rukatin wields Duel Pistol Battle Axe (DPBA) named 'Black Angel'. 

Black Angel is custom-weighted and porportioned to Rukatin's stature and fighting style. The haft of the axe is a little under 4 feet long, with sharpened spikes of metal on either end. 


Rukatin never used to be this cynical. Socially abrasive and a little solitary yes, but he wasn't on the borderline of being consumed by hate.

Rukatin was an orphan who worked hard to get into combat school, suggested to him to get rid of his pent-up aggression (He got into many fights as a kid). 

When Rukatin graduated from Signal and went off to Beacon, he expected things to stay the same. He was wrong. There, he was partnered with a shy Hamster-Faunus named Xan. 

Of course they didn't get along when they first met, much less paired together on the same team. He was serious and always straightforward. She was imaginitive and crafty, but peaceful and philisophical. And as time passed, the barriers between them grew less and less. He started to come to her defence when she couldn't talk herself away from the bullies. She began to show him the books she read, the views she had on the world around her. Rukatin showed Xan how he made his weapons. Xan helped him with his homework and whatever else he wanted to learn.

And soon enough they were in love.

Many cried out against them, saying it was taboo, saying it would never work out, that they should stop their foolishness. Other cursed them, sent threats, harrassed them to no end. But Rukatin and Xan ignored the nay-sayers and when it became too much, called the police to end the threats.

When they both graduated from Beacon, They got married and moved away to somewhere quiet where they could live in peace. 

It worked, for awhile. For several years they lived together in harmony. In those years Rukatin worked as a Blacksmith and occasional Weaponsmith. Xan meanwhile worked in a orphanage. They had a simple life until the day came that Rukatin decided to take up his weapons and become the Hunter he trained all those years to become.

Rukatin returned to Vale, leaving Xan behind. But when Rukatin arrived, he was shocked at what he found. In the time that He and Xan lived in seclusion from the public eye, the Faunus civil rights movement had changed. The White Fang was now violent. Ruk had found himself in a rally that was quickly turning into a riot, and attepted to help quell it. In a shouting match with a rioter, Rukatin let it slip that he, a human, married a faunus. 

That gathered some attention.

The White Fang, no longer wanting to live in harmony, was appalled by Rukatin's claim. Rukatin had to flee to avoid being lynched.

Rukatin made the mistake of returning home, not knowing he was being followed.

Rukatin told his wife of what was happening in Vale. And she agreed that Ruk becoming a hunter again was something that could wait. And the next morning, Rukatin returned to his job as a blacksmith, Xan to the Orphanage, not knowing what was coming.

Rukatin was in his shop when they came. Molatovs were thrown, and when Rukatin fled outside, they were waiting. Rukatin may have gone to combat school, but he had not fought in years. And the ensueing fight almost killed him, as he was trying to use non-lethal force. But in the end, he had to resort to using his semblance to set his attackers on fire, not stopping the flames until they were burnt to a crisp. 

Traumatized at having to kill someone in such a gruesome way, when Rukatin saw a collum of smoke in the sky on the otherside of town, his first though was that he never wanted to see fire again. But then he remembered.


When Rukatin arrived, he was too late. The orphanage was ablaze and The White Fang nowhere to be found. All that he could do was watch and cry as he held his dying wife in his arms.

There, at that moment, Rukatin made the choice that forever change who he was and the path he walked. He swore revenge into his heart. He made anger his weapon. Vengance his purpose. The White Fang his enemy.

A year later, to those who were concerned of such things, news of a new bounty hunter that had a grudge against The White Fang had appeared...


Rukatin's Stats :

Primary Role Fighter
Secondary Role {{{Secondary Role}}}
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

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