Russel Tefirma
Age 17
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 26
Handedness Right
Complexion Dark
Hair Bald
Eyes Dark Brown
Height 6' 5"
Weight 210 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ORCD
Occupation Huntsmen-in-Training
Personal Status
Relatives Harley and Eton Tefirma (Adoptive Parents)
Additional Info
Emblem Russel Emblem
Likes Fighting, Quiet,
Dislikes Bullies, Strangers,


Russel is tall, dark skinned, and very fit. He is bald and has a few facial tattoos, two lines under his eyes that curve downwards on the outer sides of his face, a small curved fang shape just above the end of his mouth on his right side, and in the same place on his left side he has what looks like a broken fang. His left ear is missing a small chunk in the upper rim.

Russels outfit is barbaric, and has an overall "orcish" asthetic. There is a basic strap going from his left hip up to a small shoulderpad on his right shoulder. Another strap goes over this one. The second strap is wider, has a dull yellow look with a brown crack mark like pattern covering it. The second strap goes up to his left shoulder, where it forms a ring around his arm. On the ring are snap buttons that connect to a removeable sleeve. The sleeve has a layered style, and goes down long enough to just cover his left hand. The two straps cover a very simple white undershirt. 

He has a very large belt on his waist. The overall design of the belt is reminisent of a championship belt, being much wider than a regular one. The center of the belt displays his emblem, and is circled by a gold coloured ring. It has two metal bars coming from either side connected to small metal hinges to the left and right. He wears dark brown pants with leather 'skirt amour' on his left and ride side. He has two steel kneepads that each have a tear drop shape. Just below his knees he wraps his legs down to his feet. He wears basic shoes with the addition of 3 small spikes on the straps of the shoes and a slightly larger one on the tip.

Underneath his torso clothing he wears his weapon. Because of this he has a metal strap on his upper arms, a metal strap on each lower arm which is connected to a bracer pad. He also has two metal straps around the palm and backs of his hands. On his back on each shoulder he has a black box about the size of his hand.


Anyone meeting Russel for the first time will most likely veiw him as very quiet, grumpy, and cold. Until they get to know him, or he knows them, this is pretty true. After becoming familiar with someone he tends to loose the grumpy and cold aspects, while still being, albeit not as, quiet. Despite being a quiet person, Russel is not someone who will back down in an arguement. Russel likes to think things through before speaking or acting, though his anger problem sometimes stops that. He isn't quick to anger, and most things wont bother him, but there are some subjects or attitudes that make him see red. Russels biggest triggers are bullies and racism against Faunus. While he is not personally Faunus, he was adopted by a Faunus couple at a very early age and came face to face with alot of the racism that was directed at them, and him by association.

While doing great with physical academics, he falters with the more mental courses. He isnt stupid, not in the slightest, but due to his combative attitude towards bullies and his anger at the Faunus racism he missed alot of school through out his younger age. While this didn't hurt him getting in to Beacon Academy, it is making the more studious classes more difficult for him than they should be. 


At a very early age Russel was adopted by a Faunus couple, Harley and Eton Tefirma. Russel has no memory of his birth parents, or any desire to find them thanks to the kindess and love from Harley and Eton. Russels home life was great, though outside of home he dealt with a fair ammount of bigotry. His parents were the only Faunus in the immediate area, so Russel was forced to learn to defend himself at an early age. Despite being bigger than most kids his age his entire life, he was still targeted as "that kid who was raised by animals". Russel ended up getting in many fights throughout his school life, and got suspended often. He was never expelled though, thanks to the school staff saying "You acted in defence". 

His parents Harley and Eton, despite wishing he wouldn't get in fights, always stood by him. They even stood by him in his later years when he got 4 small tattoos on his face that gave him a more animalistic look. His parents knew that no matter how he looked, he was still a good person. He had always stood up for other Faunus from the area, and they felt that his tattoos were a way to take attention from other Faunus and bring it to himself. The only fault that his parents ever saw in him, was that he enjoyed fighting a little bit too much, but were content in the fact he would never go looking for a fight.

Despite the difficulties in his school life academically, he managed to get into Beacon Academy, which managed to make his parents even prouder of him than they already were. They also knew that Beacon would be an eviroment with less situations that could potentially get him suspended, or worse.

Weapons / Abilities

Weapon: (TBUG) - Torso Based Utility Gear.

Name: Dagger

Ammunition: Very small dust cartridges, only used for one of Daggers options.

Russels weapon is Dagger, a harness that he wears at all times. Dagger is mostly concealed under Russels outfit. The more apparent pieces are the metal bands around Russels upper, and lower arms, and hands, along with the arm guard on his arms. Under Russels shoulder pads are metal shoulder plates.

Dagger has many different options, to suit Russels "school yard -everything is a weapon-" fighting style. In its basic combat state, the metal bands on his arms extend and cover his entire arms, and the bands on his hands become metal gloves.

Both bracers, when activated, cover his arms from his hands to his shoulders, adding to his rather large, intimidating presence. 

The hands and forearms of these bracers can transform in two ways, or stay as their default knuckles form, depending on the weaponry Russel needs at the time.

The first transformation has a large katar-like blade protrude from the back of his hand, that can extend roughly a foot from Russels fist. He uses this to add slashing and stabbing to his typical bare-knuckled fighting style.

The second transformation has the braces from his forearms down morph into something resembling arm cannons, this allows him to fight from somewhat of a distance using energy blasts powered by Dust. He can also use these cannons to assist in movement.

Regardless of what form Dagger is in, they sport two box-shaped protrusions above each shoulder. Inside these each is a barbed tow cable with roughly 50 feet of line. Russel can use these cables to assist in his mobility, grabbing onto trees and other parts of the terrain he's fighting in, or to pull himself towards larger Grimm.

Russel also has exceptional strength, and combat prowess. While fully capable with holding his own against most Grimm, he has more experience when fighting other people. Russel also enjoys fighting, though he does try to hide it. As long as one of his triggers were not pulled before combat, Russel is able to stay calm and happy the entire fight, even if the opponant looses their cool, or Russel loses. The more enjoyable a fight is to Russel, the more he opens up, sometimes but rarely getting to the point of cracking a joke or too. Though if the opponant is not able to even keep up with Russel he will quickly loose interest in them, as well as the fight.



Russel is able to create 'living' statues from the ground around him. The statues take a look similar to him, but wearing a very basic plate armor and have no distinguishable facial features. The compasistion of the statue is the same as the surrounding ground, which greatly affects the statues durability and effectiveness. Sand results in statues that are no more effective than throwing a pile of sand the size of Russel at the target, as they do not last long and do not hold together well. Making a statue in the middle of a street results in a statue that will likely look deformed, with large pieces of concrete  through out the statue, resulting in more rugged movements and being able to be broken apart easier if hit near the pieces of concrete. This can be avoided if Russel first breaks up the concrete himself, though doing so takes a momment of time he may not be able to spare in combat, and potentially telegraphs his plans. 

Monastery is able to work on different levels, Russel has the ability to only make one statue. This causes the single statue to be less durable, and much quicker in speed and reflexes, almost, but not quite being on par with Russel himself. He can make groups, which increase in durablity, but decrease in speed. Russel can make upwards of what most people would consider a "small army", but these end up being no more than a slow moving strong wall. 

Russels semblence, while strong, has a very large weakness. It only works on normal ground. It is very rare that Monastery will work inside a building. Russel also tends to avoid using it on streets, as he prefers not to damage the them and potentially get in trouble, but will not hesitate to use an area that has already been damaged. Russel is also unable to use it in a vehicle, in most proper arenas, or on ice. Even a thick enough layer of snow can make it troubling to use Monastery, as it forces Russel to dig down to the ground below.  It also leaves the ground used uneven and damaged, which while not technically a weakness, is not something Russel is fond of doing in most areas.


Olivia Viridi : Russels team leader. Russel gets along very well with Olivia, though he doesn't get excited as easily as her. Though Russel and Olivia can both realate when it comes to dealing wtih racism and mostly have similar veiws regarding it, they disagree with how it should be dealt with. Whereas Russel is more than willing to physically respond, Olivia prefers to take a much more peaceful path. 

Canvas Ao Shun: Russel and Canvas seem to have a very good realationship, though it could just be that they are both on the quieter side of the spectrum. They seem to have a mutual respect for each other. From an outside point of veiw though, it may just seem that the two don't associate with each other.

Duke Tempest: Duke is almost always in a positive mood, or atleast putting on a good show, something Russel has never gotten acustom to. Socially they get along very well as Duke was the first person Russel really met in Beacon. Both also greatly respect the other for their combat skill. 


  • Russels name is derived from russet, a dark brown colour. His mother, Harleys name, comes from a shade of green. Russels father, Etons name is from a shade of blue. The families last name, Tefirma comes from tera firma, a latin term for "solid earth", and gives each member of the family one of the signature colours of earth, blue, green, and brown.
  • His weapon name, Dagger, comes from the phrase: Cloak and Dagger, since it's normally hidden under his clothes.
  • Russels birthday is April 26, making him a taurus, which is usually paired with the element of earth. 
  • April 26 is also the day of the chernobyl disaster, matching Russels anger problem. Large explosion which could have devistating effects.
  • Russels design has many similarities with orcs from generic fantasy genre.
  • Characters from other media that share a similar weapon type and fighting style are characters from Attack on Titan for the way Russel is able to move with cables, his arm cannon is similar to many used in pop culture, including but not limited to Samus Aran from the Metroid video game series. Daggers katar option is visually similar to Edward Elrics katar transmutation from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. 
  • Russel's semblence's name, "Monastery", is actially an anagram for "stone army", since that is literally what it is.

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