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"You could judge me, yes...and tell me that I always recieved everything on a silver tray...almost everything; pain was given to me suddenly and without looking for it, and revenge will be a feast that I don't want to have it brought by my servants."

Mother, I'm not going to rest peacefully until I kill the Grimm that took my father's life with my own hands. I know it's dangerous, but I can't stay idle and I need to close this chapter.
— Ryan talking to his mother

Ryan Chartreuse
Age 18
Title Prince of Stela
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair, freckled
Hair Light blond
Eyes Jungle green
Semblance Increased resistance to Dust-based attacks
Height 195 cm
Weight 90 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BRGD
Partner Grizel Svane
Occupation Student, prince
Personal Status
Relatives - Cirrus Chartreuse (father, deceased)
- Esther Chartreuse (mother)
Additional Info
Emblem Ryanicon50
Likes Gardening
Dislikes Grimm
Special Skills - Physically strong
- Versatile
- Resistant
Weaknesses - Low movement speed (not attack speed)
- Lacks a reliable defense
- Some of his attacks can be risky


Ryan is a tall guy with light blond, wavy shoulder-length hair in a ponytail. He has jungle green eyes and pale, freckled skin. He's of average weight and he has an athletic, tonified body shape.
His outfit consists of a white shirt, white pants (tucked in his boots), a brown belt/hip pouch/sword holder and black boots. He wears a light green ascot tie around his neck. He also wears a dark green vest, and a green/terracotta long coat with gold and light green details. He wears black leather gloves too, matching his boots.


If there's a word that defines Ryan, it is "foreign". He lived most of his childhood and teenhood sheltered in a castle so he's shy, quiet, and isn't the best at socializing; however, he's gentle and well-mannered, and in his most private facet he behaves in a more playful, even naughty way.
His height, attire, quiet behavior and power make him look like an intimidating person to some strangers; opposite to this, he's sweet and cares a lot about his friends and family and doesn't like to discuss with most of people. He's a wise and strong-willed person.
He has good control over his emotions but sadness is devastating for him and can show the worst side of him (he can get really mean); it could be said that while his personality is mostly mature, he was pushed to become mature at a young age, therefore he retains some childish traits, such as this and his naivety when it comes to getting close to people in friendships and relationships.
In his first year at Beacon he had issues when talking to people because he didn't know how to act like a "normal" person and acted more like a prince (he acted way too formal, asked people to do stuff for him frequently, etc.), but now at his second year he improved (however, he's still introverted).
Even if he is in a good physical shape he's self-conscious about his body (he's covered with freckles and doesn't like it), and therefore he doesn't like to show it off.
Also, he loves plants and flowers and knows a lot about them (and keeps a lot of them as well; he even brought his favorite ones to Beacon), but hides this interest from strangers.


Ryan is the prince of a very tiny, isolated and unknown for many people but rich microstate called Stela. He's the only successor to the crown, and it could be said that his motivations to become a Huntsman aren't the most reasonable ones.
Ryan's father, Cirrus Chartreuse, was both the king of Stela and a skilled Huntsman, which enjoyed to take walks in the leafy forests of the little island. Ryan, being a little kid and liking nature, accompanied his father in these sometimes.
One day during spring, both father and son took a walk as usual and got into the forest. Ryan stopped to stare at a colorful bug that was on a flower, and his father was a couple of metres away from him. Suddenly, a King Taijitu slowly went near Ryan and almost caught him if it weren't for his father, who could notice that it was here and could catch his son and protect him. Cirrus took Ryan away from the Grimm and left him in a safe place, between some bushes so he couldn't be found.

"Don't worry Ryan, it's just a King Taijitu and I can deal with it. Hide there, I'll slay it. I'll be back in a couple of minutes".

This time luck wasn't in favor of Cirrus, as this King Taijitu was a particularly violent, territorial one.
As always, Cirrus took his weapons and ran towards the Grimm, comfronting it and using his Aura for defending himself. He easily dodged the enemy's quick attacks, but Cirrus took a misstep and the King Taijitu strongly had hit him, falling somewhat confused in the ground. Ryan listened to his father's scream and looked at the awful scene; the Grimm was approaching the stunned monarch, with the intention of killing him with its sharp fangs. Ryan cried, and screamed to this father as strong as he could. When the creature was going to open its mouth, Cirrus listened to his son's voice, grabbed his sable and stopped the Grimm's head, trying to push it away.

"Dad! Are you fine!?"

"Ryan, leave! Get out of here!"

"But you'll be alone!"

"It doesn't matter...get out!"



While he was screaming to his son, Cirrus struggled with the Grimm's head, but it was useless as the other head of the monster got closer to him and had hit him again, now failing unconscious. Ryan let out a loud scream and ran for his life, without looking back. He was so shocked that he ran without a clear route; he just ran as much as he could, crying and sobbing. He ended up exhausted and with cuts in his legs because of some branches that scratched them, but managed to arrive to his home.

"Mom! MOOOOOOOM!!", Ryan cried out loud. Both his face and his eyes were red because of how much he cried, and he was nervous and shocked yet stiff as a rock. His mother arrived and hugged him, and asked him what happened.

"Da...D-Dad...I-I think Dad got k-ki...killed!"

As Ryan wasn't a liar, Esther, carrying and comforting her son in her arms, personally went out with some guards to look through the forest to find her husband. There was no trace of the King Taijitu, but the disfigured corpse of the Huntsman. As soon as Esther noticed it, she covered Ryan's eyes and left him with a couple of guards so she could go to check the body of her husband. The other guards covered the body and carried it to the castle.

Esther ran to Ryan's place and hugged him tightly, crying even if she tried to stop it.

"He got."

After the incident, Esther Chartreuse turned into the Queen of Stela, taking the place of her deceased husband.
The insecure ambient made her took the decision of sheltering Ryan in their castle, and home-school him so he could be a good fighter, in case he needed to defend himself when he became an adult. This training, however, made Ryan wish for something dangerous: revenge. He wanted to take revenge of his father's death since he just couldn't get over it and felt the incident was his responsability in part, he needed to kill the Grimm that killed his father because he wasn't going to feel calm until he did so; he wanted to bring peace to his family and to his people and finally overcome his trauma, but since his father was already a skilled Huntsman he needed to learn from the best ones about Hunting. This also was accompanied by his wish of being able to defend his little kingdom with his own hands and to become a good Huntsman in his deceased father's honor.
Such a strong desire wasn't common in him and his mother refused this wish of him at first since she was scared of losing him too. However, Ryan wasn't going to give up that easily and was very persistent, until finally Esther ceased and let him get enrolled into Beacon. Since Ryan had a good social status and was both a wise student and a good fighter, he could get in.
But he also needed to get adapted to a completely different ambient.





Paristhorn's modes in épée form. From left to right: Red Dust + White Dust, Yellow Dust + White Dust, Cyan Dust + White Dust, White Dust, Aura, Aura + White Dust.

Ryan has a Dust-powered Revolving Canalizer (DPRC) called Paristhorn. It's a revolver with a collapsible canalizing blade (that turns the weapon into an épée) that has 4 Dust modes:
  • Red: Has Red Dust + White Dust. In épée mode turns the blade on fire, reaching high temperature; in revolver mode it does fire-charged shots, capable of causing fires.
  • Yellow: Has Yellow Dust + White Dust. In épée mode the blade is charged with electricity and can paralize or even electrocute; in revolver mode it does electricity-charged shots.
  • Light Blue: Has Cyan Dust + White Dust. In épée mode the blade gets icy, in revolver mode it does freezing shots.
  • White: Has pure White Dust. In épée mode it makes stronger the impact that the blade can cause (this is the default mood, which is also applied in the other 3 Dust modes in a lesser excent), in revolver mode it's able to make "air steps" (is useful to make big jumps if pointed to the ground when shooting).

For activating a mood, the bell guard is spinned. Ryan tends to use his weapon more as an épée than as a revolver since in that mode it wastes more Dust/it's slightly weaker, but keeps his weapon in revolver mode when he isn't using it.
The modes that Ryan uses the most are épée mode + yellow Dust (since it harms but also paralizes the enemy) and revolver mode + white Dust (for compensating his slowness when moving from one place to another). For final attacks he uses épée mode + white Dust + Aura, which could be considered the most powerful combination that he can attain. The first three modes have less impact strength since it has less White Dust (because it's mixed Dust).
Its name comes from Paris Green, a deadly green pigment that was widely used in the 1800's, and "thorn", refering to The Little Prince's rose.
Ryan also carries one of his deceased father's weapon, Pan-pan, a trident dagger as a secondary weapon. It's a silver trident dagger with golden and navy blue details, and has a small compartment to hold a Dust crystal. He sometimes uses it in case he needs to have more control over a foe and disarm them. Ryan keeps this weapon hidden under one of his sleeves.
Its name comes from pan-pan, a distress call in radiotelephone communications for announcing an urgency on board a boat, ship, or aircraft.



Ryan's stats (chart by Jo)

He's probably the most versatile and balanced member of the team since he has great control over Dust with his weapon, and has good physical resistance as well. He also can engage in hand-to-hand combat to some excent.
Weakness-wise, he's one of the slowest of his team (however, he isn't slow when attacking; he is when moving to one place to another), and has risk of getting defenseless if he runs out of Dust since his weapon works with it. Also, his height and weight can work against him in some situations, and while he has good control over his Aura his defense isn't completely reliable.
His Aura's color is chartreuse; all the members of his family have this aura color, it's hereditary.
Ryan's Semblance is called Outsider Shield and it's basically increased resistance to Dust-based attacks; he doesn't get hurt unless is a powerful attack (i.e: Dust rounds are useless towards him, but an attack made of pure Dust can hurt him). Since his body repels Dust, he can permeate himself with it for performing a more powerful attack, though this kind of attack can be risky if the Dust coating is too heavy, as it leaves Ryan unable to dodge physical counter-attacks until he finishes his own. 


  • Queen Esther Chartreuse: He thinks her mother is overprotective and melodramatic, but he's actually very close to her and loves her a lot, even if both of them don't always seem to show that.
  • Cirrus Chartreuse: Ryan misses him a lot, and always remembers him when he's walking through the forest of Stela.
  • Bruno Erraunt: Has an OK relationship with him; Ryan thinks he's funny but he doesn't talk to him too much since Bruno isn't the best listener. Bruno insists in treating Ryan as "his Majesty" or "his Highness" since he's old-fashioned, but Ryan always tells Bruno to call him by just his name.
  • Grizel Svane: Has a good relationship with her since both are more quiet and serious than Bruno and Della. They're partners too and work well together (to the point that there are times that Grizel just wants to work with Ryan and nobody else). Ryan looks at her as a role model (since Grizel is the strongest of his team and has a cool, assertive personality) and has a crush on her, but he's too shy to tell her.
  • Della Azure: Ryan has a OK relationship with her; he likes her carefree, relaxed attitude, and Della enjoys giving him hugs. He tries to push Della to stop being so lazy but it doesn't seem to work.


  • He alludes to The Little Prince.
    • Ironically, Ryan is pretty tall.
    • His love for plants and flowers and part of Paristhorn's name allude to The Little Prince's rose.
    • Ryan coming from a small, isolated kingdom alludes to The Little Prince's planet.
    • Ryan's father being killed by a King Taijitu alludes to the snake of the book.
    • This allusion has an important twist though, The Little Prince (Ryan) is alive but the Pilot/Narrator (Cirrus) is dead, when originally this situation is inverted.
  • Ryan wanting to take revenge is a reference to Hamlet (since he's a prince).
  • "Ryan" can mean "little king". "Chartreuse" is a shade of green (and a French liqueur).
    • Since "Ryan" has that meaning, and kings belong to royalty, it makes a reference to royal-named colors (i.e: royal blue, royal red, royal yellow, etc).
  • Because of the trauma provoked by his father's death, Ryan dreams weird stuff often and has nightmares sometimes.
    • He also has a well developed survival instinct due to this.
  • He blushes easily.
  • He's bad at cooking and doing house chores in general.
  • Unlike he does with Grimm, he doesn't hate Faunus and doesn't treat them like they were inferior to him.
  • He's an ISFJ.
  • Nobody knows the true reason why he wants to become a Huntsman besides his mother, some of his servants, and his partner Grizel.

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