I am the Little King of Collecting Heads.
— Ryan Reaper
This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.
Ryan Reaper
Age 20
Title The Hitman Hunter
Alias Genius
Nickname Red King
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born July 4th
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Snow White
Eyes Bloody Red
Height 6'3"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy


Team Team RBRT(Ex)
Partner Blair Bane(Ex)
Occupation Hitman
Jobs Assassinations and Hits
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Additional Info
Likes His job and information
Dislikes Grimm and those who do not give up.
Special Skills CQC and Weaponry
Weaknesses Dust & LRC
Character Theme

Ryan's Theme


Ryan is often described to be very playful and will often torture his target. Many who encounter Ryan have similar feelings about his lack of emotion towards people, but it may come from his mentality as he is often noted to be clumsy when he isn't paying attention and he is often noted to prefer being alone. Though Ryan isn't all terrible as his few ex's do note he can open up and show his soft side.
When Ryan gets serious, he becomes a very frightening man as most would describe it, if they have lived to see it. It can even be said that he becomes death itself as he flips from his natural playful side to a grim look and killer intent in his eyes. He will go straight for the kill and become something unlike anything else.



Ryan often appears dressed up to match his work ethic of being dressed to show. He often sports a black suit with a red tie. Though he does wear gloves, they are also black and there seems to be little to no other color, but black and red. He also sports black dress up shoes and black socks. It also appears his under shirt is black. On the back of his jacket is his symbol of a skull with his birthmark on it colored completely red.

Physical Details

Ryan is a tall male with broad shoulders up his slim body. He does have light muscle tone, but it is shown very well by his less body fat. Even more so, he has larger hands and larger feet with large fingers and toes. Below his right is a strange birthmark in the shape of a scythe that is colored a dull red with black along the top half. 

Weapon & Abilities

Rapine Impaler

His weapon is named 'Rapine Impaler' a bayonette-type knife colored red that resembles a US M7 MILPAR. It's special abilities are unknown, but it seems to be linked to hitting it's target. Though it is not a cutting tool, the long blade is perfect sized to wedge into tight spots. Rapine doesn't change, but the sheath seems to be able to take on the form of a Colt Python, though it is heavily colored crimson red on the grip which is stamped by a black version of his symbol. The metal is colored pitch black which reflects in it's sheath form that seems to be mainly black with two red harnesses that attach to his pants.




Ryan's greatest strengths lie in his vast skills in weapons and planning an attack. Ryan is a great tactician and one who can read an opponent. Using the playful nature to draw his opponent's stamina down, Ryan will abuse their lack of energy to finish them off. His lack of emotions towards people allows him not to be bothered by people's issues and even more forcing them to move forward. His greatest traits lie in his leadership, aura capabilities and close-range combat skills.


Ryan's lack of emotions make him a bit oblivious to the emotions of his team and others that may backfire on. Even more, his clumsiness when not paying attention could be another major downfall as he can be easily scared when he's relaxing. The worst one of the bunch is that, he lacks Dust experience and knowledge being a man who makes use of aura, weapons and close-range combat. In short, his weakness lies in his lack of range attacks and no use of Dust.


Ryan's family has never been disclosed nor does he speak of them, but Ryan's past seems not to inflict anything on his first year at Beacon. Ryan actually entered Beacon four years ahead of the rest and even more, he has training that leveled him with all freshman. He entered at 13, partnered with Blair Bane and became team leader of Team RBRT. At the end of the four years, he graduated top of his class along with his team not to far behind him. He was nicknamed 'Genius' by many for being four years ahead and even more being able to make use of his teams best traits. After graduation, his team lost contact with Ryan who took to the underground world and became a hitman for hire. Though no one knew why, he has a body count that rivals the best and it seems he's become a feared man due to his skill and precision.



  • Ryan's marking beneath his left eye is a birth mark
    • Despite it's odd color, it seems to change to a bloody red similar to his eyes becoming pitch-black with red slits when using his aura.
  • Ryan is noted to be a very light sleeper, because of Blair.
  • Ryan's marking of a skull with his birthmark beneath his right eye also plays on a joke on his last name Reaper and being a hitman
    • his character is very much the embodiment of death.
  • Ryan is a technically diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome
    • which include with being physically clumsy, being an introvert and being emotionally distant from most most which reflects in his introvert nature, being clumsy when he isn't paying attention and his detachment from most people.
  • Ryan's name means 'Little King' which reflects in his nickname paired with his aura color making 'Red King'.


  • Ryan's character takes pieces from different hitman throughout different media with the heaviest influence from Reborn of KHR.
    • Xanxus specifically
  • His color red is play on a hitman from Boston
    • He was known as Red

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