Gears and tools are a lot easier to work with than humans, ya know?
— Ryland Clockwork
Yeah, um, I'm just going to
— Ryland whenever he's in an awkward situation

Ryland Clockwork is a first-year student attending Beacon Academy and the fourth member of Team METR


Ryland Clockwork belongs to ElectricEnder222 and no one else. Please do not steal his character or I will personally have him slice you with his weapon...thank you for reading.
Ryland Clockwork

The Somewhat Anti-Social Inventor






Bladed Gyratuses


MaleIcon Male




A white shirt with a teal vest over it, dark teal pants with laced brown hiking boots.


Silver glasses on his face, dark silver fingerless gloves and multiple bags and armband over his body.


March 14th 1993








153 Pounds

Hair Color

Caramel Brown

Eye Color



Rate Ratifier

Professional Status

Beacon Academy


1st Year Student




Ember Blaze

Personal Status



Anthony Clockwork (Supposedly Deceased Father) Marie Clockwork (Deceased Mother) Aidan Clockwork (Deceased Younger Brother) Opal Peterson (Adoptive Mother) Matthias Peterson (Adoptive Father) Ethan Peterson (Adoptive Brother)

Ryland is fairly skinny and not as well built as other guys his age. His hair is a bit unruly and asymmetrical. He is of medium height and has five scars all over his body, but he keeps them concealed. On his chest he wears a short sleeved white shirt. Over that he wears a green vest. This outer wear is made up of leather, but the inside of it is secretly metal. The vest goes down to his waist and has three silver buttons that are shaped like gears going down the middle. His pants are a darker shade of green and go down to his ankles. Each leg pant has two pockets going down the side. On his face he wears a pair of dark silver glasses that have a gear pattern going down the temples. When activated his glass lenses turn a light blue hue. His fingerless gloves are dark silver, Each glove is made out a hard, but flexible metal that is designed to be able to bend at each finger's joint. His leg braces underneath his pants are also metallic and are designed to fit around his legs with ease. They are made up of two rings that wrap around each calf and shin. The rings are connected by a flat metal piece that goes down the side of his legs. On both his arms he has multiple leather bands. On his right arm he wears a long dark brown band that goes from his wrist to his elbow. Attached to it are a compass and watch. His left arm band carries a miniature pouch that holds a pocket knife. On his waist, going across his shirt is a belt that holds two other pouches which hold miscellaneous items.


Ryland is seen as very intelligent and logical, having a wide range of knowledge when it comes to engineering, mechanics, and technology. However he is somewhat oblivious to personal emotions, feelings, and social life. He isn’t the biggest believer in friends but does have a few whom he talks to sometimes. To a lot of people his way of looking at life seems very blunt and cold, but in reality is just living in the most logical and practical way there is. He is a fairly level-headed individual but at times, mostly when his inventions fail or when someone is really, really annoying him, he can lash out. He also lashes out when people question his past and his family. Shown when he worked hard to help his new family, Ryland can be very determined when he puts his mind to it. He isn’t the easiest person to really read, or talk to for that matter, but once they break through his iron wall of “I’d rather be alone” he becomes a slightly more open person.

While in battle the first thing he does is study his enemy, then his surroundings, before finally making a plan of action. Since he isn’t a very powerful nor strong person, he tries to distance himself from physical contact as well as close ranged combat. He tries to use the world around him to his advantage and makes sure to study his enemy closely to see its weaknesses. However sometimes his own plans don’t work well with the ones he’s fighting with, and he often forgets to involve them in his strategy. He’s not afraid to take drastic measures nor do things his teammates disagree on because his plan makes that the most logical thing to do. When not in battle he usually is working on some sort of invention or reading a book.

Despite his intelligence, Ryland is a little detached from social life and prefers to work with machines more than man. His reason being fear of them learning about his leg braces, as well as his past. He has a dry sense of humor, most likely due to his brother, and although he tries not to show it, he has a sarcastic side to him. He will answer questions and talk in a sensible way, except for those he knows well, and is not used to people coming to him for advice or knowledge. Multiple times he has been made fun of for knowing a lot of stuff and because of this can be quiet. He isn’t the most experienced team worker but will give it a chance if persuaded enough. Some of his outlook on life is determined by his past, but most often by his way of thinking. He sees the world in a logical way, and the main choices he makes aren’t biased, but instead are determined by plain facts. However there are times when he will get upset about certain things and let his emotions determine what he’s going to do because of his past. For example the treatment of Faunus and how he was treated due to his disability.

While in regular classes as well as field trips and other events, Ryland doesn't try to interact much but will help another if their struggling in a certain area. He is not a man of words but will talk enough to get by. When talked to/asked something, he usually replies in a respectful and serious manner, unless talking to a bully or someone whose really ticked him off. When he's with close friends he will open up a little more, but still won't be the conversation starter.

Ryland Clockwork

As stated before, when questioned about his past and family, Ryland will sometimes have a rare moment of anger or uncertainty of what to do. He is a bit touchy about this subject and will try and avoid talking about it. A reason being it's too painful and another reason is that he doesn't want anyone to figure out about his "accident" and his leg braces. Despite knowing it's not logical to keep all of it bottled up his emotions don't allow him to let it out. He worries that others will judge him because of it and his lack of knowledge about people only adds to this paranoia.

Weapons and Abilities:


Ryland's greatest strength while in combat is his intelligence. He can analyze situations with ease and use his weapons to help him carry his plans out. Ryland is also fast, but doesn't have a lot of stamina and his leg braces often hold him back from performing dangerous stunts and dealing with physical damage. His logic and tactics comes in handy when in a fight and he is good at pinpointing what to do and when to do it.

Ryland is also an engineer and inventor, in the past often making his own machines to help out with his wheelchair and around the house. He loves to mess with gears and tools and keeps them with him a lot in case he needs something to keep his hands occupied.


Bladed Gyratuses: Ryland's main weapons, he designed and built them himself using his knowledge of mechanics and engineering. They consist of two foot long discs that are circular shaped, his gloves which control them, and his glasses which help the aim of the discs. The weapons go in Ryland's large pouch which hangs on his waist belt. They are made of metal and steel. The Gyratuses are separated into two parts, the outside rim and the middle area. The outside rim is a silver color and when the weapons are activated a circular blade pops out all around the rims of the devices. There blades are extremely sharp and can cut through a variety of things but aren't totally invincible. The middle area is a teal color and in the center lies three gray gears arranged in a symbol similar to a venn diagram. These weapons are activated by Ryland's gloves, and controlled via them and his glasses. He controls them by a transmitting signal and by moving his hands he can fly them through the air. However if these discs are damaged too much they will stop working and even though they're sharp they can't break through hard metal or some Grimm armor. The Gyratuses can transform into a smaller device, so he can put them in his pouch for safekeeping. If he isn't able to get his discs out in time and they are tossed aside or thrown off to a small distance, Ryland is capable of sending their activation signal to them. When in a situation where the discs are thrown far away, Ryland isn't able to get them back because they're too far away for his glove’s signal to reach them. The distance they would have to go to lose the signal depends on the area where he is located. (Example a forest, it would have to travel about a less of a mile away to lose the signal. When in battle, Ryland uses his weapons mainly for offensive attacks, but if necessary he will grab the devices by hand and use them similar to a way a person would use knives. However he is much weaker in close combat so he prefers it not come to that. Ryland is able to use them as small shields to protect himself from attacks but since they are fairly small in size they can't be relied on for this purpose. They can act like a boomerang at certain times by coming back around if they missed their target, thus hitting them from behind. However sometimes the weapon’s moves can be predicted easily as he uses the same methods over and over again. And at other times Ryland has a hard time controlling them, such as when he is in an area that doesn't have a lot of space.

Ryland's glasses also help him use his weapons by showing him the amount of damage they have taken, and the prediction of how much damage they can give an enemy. They can also pinpoint certain aspects in his surrounding areas and create detailed charts and percentages of what is to come if he uses the area around him to help in his fights. He also uses his glasses to select a target for the discs and aim them at 'said target'.


Rate Ratifier:

Ryland’s semblance allows him to increase the speed in his weapons when in mid-air. While doing this though it can drain his energy rather quickly. Without this semblance he can still control his weapons but to a weaker extent. He mainly uses this when trying to attack quickly, or trying to defend himself in time. When his weapons crash into things like trees or metal, it affects how fast they go unless Ryland puts more effort. This semblance only affects how fast they go, not which way or how they attack. He doesn’t use this ability to speed up anything else as, combined with the strength is takes just for his weapons, it would be too tiring. He also cannot move anything else with this semblance, as he designed his discs base on his amount of aura and semblance power, so anything heavier than his weapons he can't control.


Ryland was born in Atlas to a pair of advanced engineers, who originated from Vacuo. Ryland lived a normal life where he found a particular interest in mechanics and science. At age three he got a little brother, whom his parents named Aidan. Ryland was very gifted in academic studies at his school but was often frowned upon by his classmates for his unwillingness to play or do sports with them. His family would visit Vacuo every year by riding an airship. However, after his ninth birthday while on trip back to Atlas the aircraft malfunctioned and ended up crashing down into the earth. Ryland’s family was killed and the nine year old was deemed the only survivor of the horrific incident. Afterwards he was taken to a hospital in a coma-like state and had to go through a number of surgeries as well as get ten large scars patched up. When he woke up he was informed of the accident as well as the fact he was paralyzed from the waist down. From there on Ryland was determined to become an engineer like his father and mother so that he could invent things to help others. However, since he had no living family in Vacuo, and no one was able to take him in, he was sent to the Atlas Foster Care System in hopes of getting a new family. During that time he researched famous inventions, machines, and started to design his own, and though these sometimes failed, he kept trying. It was also during this period he learned how to use his wheelchair better, but for the most part, his life was pretty lonely . When Ryland was thirteen, a family finally agreed to adopt him and he moved to the northern part of the city to live with them. His new brother, Ethan, was only a few months older than him. He was kind and was training to become a Hunter at a nearby training academy. Whenever Ryland visited him he would always watch his adoptive brother battle others and became inspired by this to make his own weapons. Thus leading to the Bladed Gyratuses at the age of fifteen, as well as the gloves and glasses that controlled them. The next two years brought changes to Ryland’s life, as his adoptive father was downsized and life became a little bit harder for his new family. Determined to help, he sold some of his inventions, entered competitions to help earn more money. His brother continued to train at the academy but had to skip days so he could also pitch in. It was also during this time that Ryland was teased and bullied for his disability by others, something that would affect his outlook on life later on. Ethan helped Ryland deal with this by teaching him how to fight using his mind instead of his muscles. Ryland learned to use his weapons effectively and soon the bullying stopped.

At the age of sixteen Ethan was about to be examined to see if he was fit for Beacon. During the exam several other students were messing with a Faunus and Ryland stepped in to stop the harassment. This lead to the students challenging him to a fight and he agreed. Long story short, Ryland used his brains, semblance, and weapons to defeat them and he ended up catching the attention of a nearby official. A wealthy and kind man, he offered a spot in Beacon for Ryland, as well as a near type of surgery that could fix his legs. Ryland was hesitant at first, still wanting to pursue his career in engineering, but Ethan convinced him that he could still help people by not just becoming an engineer, but by becoming a Hunter. He accepted and was taken to the middle of Atlas for a few months in order for the surgery. Ethan, having skipped too many days in the academy, failed in the exam but nevertheless supported his adoptive brother. The surgery proved to be successful and Ryland regained usage of his lower body. Unfortunately the surgery encountered a few rough spots and in order for him to walk, he must wear a pair of genetically infused leg braces that will be able to let him balance and control his legs. Ryland still agreed and was fitted with them a week later. After that he had to prepare to go to Beacon and practiced his fighting style with his new ability before applying for the renowned school. Relationship to Teammates:

Ember Blaze: Ember and Ryland's relationship is somewhat mutual, but also, in a way, kind of nice. Ryland finds engaging and energetic, while Ember finds Ryland too anti-social and awkward around the team. She often tries to get Ryland to break down his iron wall of 'leave me alone' and so far it's working. The two share a faint amount of respect for the others abilities, but their annoyance at one another keeps them from admitting this.

Malva Mnemonic: Ryland finds Malva way too quiet, and has difficulty figuring out what type of person she is. Her reserved and soft nature often makes him frustrated, and her lack of leadership abilities makes Ryland even more annoyed. However, he doesn't go as far as Ember in terms of finding out Malva's secrets, as he understands how hard it is to talk to others.

Talcum Shennong: Being the only other guy on the team, Ryland tries to find comfort in knowing that, with Mica, he isn't alone when facing the girls (mainly Ember). The two have a somewhat close friendship, and Ryland feels a sense of gratitude towards Mica for the medic's understanding nature. They work fairly well in battle, and Ryland respects Mica's abilities. The two are seen hanging out at time, despite the fact that neither of them share a lot of interests.


  • Ryland means an island meadow.


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