Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past...
— Unknown Historian
Ryuki Hiyama
Age 30
Alias Dragon Flame
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Japanese
Born September 6th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Semblance Discharge
Height 6'2"
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Sabrina Fersken - Adopted daughter
Occupation History Professor
Additional Info
Special Skills Mixed Martial Arts, Visual Arts
Character Theme

Hiroyuki Sawano - Krone
Battle Theme

ONE OK ROCK - Jibun Rock
Ryuki Heijin and Destiny Bound are the property of Shingeki no Kyojin. Please don't steal any of the mentioned concepts.


Ryuki appears as a lean, healthy looking man with black hair and black eyes, indicating an Asian heritage. He usually wears a neat red button up shirt with tie and black pants for a formal look. However, he also has combat gear ready on hand if he ever needs it. His combat gear includes a long-sleeved red overcoat with a satchel and a utility belt to hold various gear and fail-safes. In addition, he usually wears black, red striped pants and thick, leather boots to give him a refined, yet rugged look even when battling.


The following is from a conversation with the professor.

"My history? Heh. If you wish...

"I came from a very poor family, truth be told. My mother and father loved each other, but were unskilled in their work, for their own families didn't have the money to educate them properly. They overworked themselves to their breaking points each and everyday, coming home as if they were ghosts themselves. I actually used to pretend that they were phantoms coming to get me. They would always go along with it, even though I didn't know that they were exhausted. (laughs) 

"Anyways, I didn't see much of my parents, for they were often out at work. I did the chores like a good little boy would. My toy was just this little tiny stick that I would always play-fight with. I had always admired the Huntsmen and Huntresses when I was young. We had a little old television that never seemed to work correctly, but it did show my heroes at work. I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. I told this to my parents, and they said they would do anything to get me into Signal and Beacon. This improved my mood greatly.

"For nearly 7 years, I dreamed of my going to Signal. I even had nightmares about it! (laughs) I was so excited to become a hero, fighting evil and bringing the bad guys to justice. I played with my toy even more and did more chores than I needed to. I was just that excited.

"When I finally got there, however, I found that I was outclassed. I could never get the hang of just one weapon. Axes? Too heavy. Guns? I couldn't aim properly. Daggers? I was incredibly clumsy. Whenever a weapon was in my hands, it was gone in a second. The others made fun of me for this, and I would often get bad grades for my poor skill. I started to lose confidence in myself.

"Then, about 2 years into Signal, I lost both my parents in a Dust accident. Along with my grades, my life was destroyed. The person that came in to replace my parents didn’t provide much support. I was always in a depression, reclusive from the other kids, and bullied even more, even beaten. It’s incredibly painful to watch someone’s efforts go to waste. At the time, I felt like a failure to everyone and everything. Even my parents.

“I wanted to disappear.

“My only solace at the time was art. Everyday, with the materials I had, I would draw whatever suited me, from people to buildings. I thought that it would help if I had an actual talent to impress my teachers and classmates with. But it only served to alienate me even more. No matter what I drew, either they didn’t care, were jealous, or teased me. Not once did I receive praise. I wanted to be accepted so desperately, to be normal. I never received that in Signal.

“Having repeated a grade to graduate Signal, I entered Beacon a year later than usual, barely getting by as I was. By that point, I was about ready to give up, and my adoptive parent had gone away by the time I turned 18. Malnourished, fatigued, and unskilled, it was only a few weeks into Beacon that I found out more news.

“I was diagnosed with cancer.

“It was a rare type of cancer, affecting the heart, and already 4 months in. They predicted less than a 10% chance of survival. I was immediately hospitalized to prevent the spread. The doctors did everything they could. I was subjected to chemo, surgery, all sorts of nasty stuff. Despite that, though, the cancer kept spreading: first, to my lungs, then my thyroid, and then my bones. They estimated about a month until I died.

“During that month, I was allowed to travel around the hospital in a wheelchair as much as I wanted. I thought of it as a sort of pity, as well as a last act of desperation. It was by this that I met Inori Natsubana. She was incredibly pretty, serving as a volunteer nurse because of the semblance she had: healing others at the cost of strain to her body. She was assigned to me as an easy job: she simply had to take care of me until I died.

“Inori was a kind soul, always trying to assist me. She always tried her best, even if she didn’t succeed sometimes. I appreciated her efforts. I only needed to say a location, and she would take me there in my wheelchair. A glass of water, and she would bring it to me pronto. She would be always at my side.

“She was also a bit of a talker. Inori would try to start a conversation whenever we were on one of our ‘walks’ together. I was feeling suicidal at the time, so I told her my entire life story.

“’I want at least one person to remember me,’ I remember saying.

“When I looked up at her, I was shocked to see tears flowing from her eyes. I never expected her to sympathize with me; only listen as I expected her to do, as I had experienced all my life.

“After wiping her tears away, Inori revealed that she had a similar past: She was from a relatively normal family who only cared about education. Inori wanted to save people, like me, but by her semblance, not by fighting. After studying medicine and physiology extensively, she graduated at the top of her class with perfect marks. Yet, she was hated for her dedication and skill. To be honest, I was a little impressed myself.

“We talked for nearly four weeks, about our hobbies, about our talents (which I had really none to share, other than my art), and just life in general. It was a strangely peaceful end to my short lifetime.

“What I couldn’t have known was that Inori fell in love with me during that month.

“On my last day on Remnant, I was gasping for breath, my bones aching unbearably, and the world spinning before my eyes. It was hell. I just wanted it to end, an end to my poor, miserable little life. It looked like the Reaper wouldn’t let me go without a little pain, though. And by little, I mean a lot.

“Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I fell into blackness. My last thought was: Finally, peace…

“…Until I woke up again. The strange thing was, I felt refreshed- No, not refreshed. Like, stronger than before. I felt good again.

“I woke up to doctors and nurses staring at me. Some of them were crying. I asked. They told.

“During my last seconds, Inori came rushing in, gave one doctor a letter, and kissed me right on my dying mouth. As she did, she activated her semblance to the extreme, giving it her all to save me.

“She... had died… giving her life… so that I could have something I never did have…

“A better life.

At this point, the professor started to break down.

“As I looked down, I could see her pale corpse on me. A little smile was on her face. She looked so damn serene. Like an angel from heaven. The doctor holding the letter gave it to me… You know what it said?

“It said ‘Thank you for making my life worth something.’ Below it was a little flower from the garden she used to show me… she said it was her favorite out of all of them…”

After this statement, Mr. Hiyama cried for about 30 minutes before continuing again.

“…It was also determined that Inori’s semblance was not actually a healing semblance, but more of a body enhancement semblance. She only used it before to counter wounds. My body was actually physically stronger than my previous body was. Thus, I could graduate Beacon with flying colors. All thanks to her.

“In my time at Beacon, I was reunited with my team, but I considered a different profession than fighting. I conferred with this to Ozpin, and he said he would look into it. I always thought about Inori whenever I could. I kept a picture of her wherever I went. I cried about her every night.

“Also, I started to think about why all this happened. The people that ignored me didn’t know me; I didn’t open up to them. Inori was willing to do that because she was friendly with me. I realized that she was a naturally good person who was willing to understand people. Normally, people don’t try to get to know other people they aren’t familiar with. It’s because people don’t trust each other that racism, prejudice, and ignorance happens. Or, rather it’s the unwillingness to actually get to know each other in order to understand. I eventually related this to how human interaction works, and as a result, decided to pursue history.

“Ozpin luckily had a spot for me in the department. After I graduated Beacon, I studied Remnant history for four years at a separate school, then came back to Ozpin. He accepted my application then after I told him my whole story. That’s how I got here.”

I then asked him where Inori was buried, out of curiosity. He smiled and said:

“Inori’s family was kind enough to bury her in my backyard. They said it was the least they could do to keep her as close to me as possible. I initially refused the offer, but they insisted and I relented. She’s always in my dreams, to this day.”


Ryuki's weapon of choice, Destiny Bound, is classified as a Tactical Versatility Melee Firearm (TVMF). It's said to be one of the most balanced weapons in Remnant's military history. The weapon itself can turn into three different forms for different situations.

The first form is the mid-ranged, basic melee weapon: a pair of twin swords, one filled with yellow lightning Dust, and the other red fire Dust. The two swords are both about 4 feet in length and can cast Dust to about 20 meters. Ryuki usually fights with a balance when engaging with this weapon mode.

The second mode is designed for long-range, heavily armored targets: a singular hammer that doubles as a anti-material sniper. The stock of the sniper rifle, also doubling as the head of the hammer, is where all the Dust is stored, both red and yellow: it serves to launch the bullets at immense speeds (red Dust), produce explosions upon impact (yellow Dust), and provide even more force in the hammer's swings (a mixture of both on each end). In this transformation, the cartridges hold 8 high caliber rounds that have a range of up to 1.4 miles. The rate of fire is about 1.5 seconds between each shot.

The third mode is for fast, close-combat, and lightly armored targets that are hard to catch: a pair of twin semi-automatic pistols with daggers on the ends of the handgrips. For this, Ryuki can perform incredibly quick and agile maneuvers without being burdened by the size of the other two forms, in exchange for damage. As with the sword form, each pistol contains a different type of Dust: one red, one yellow. The cartridges for this contain 12 shells of small caliber, designed for fast shooting of about .5 seconds between each shot. The Dust is used purely for launching the bullets and providing some lethality in the daggers. The range for this mode is about .6 miles.

Now, the cartridges for Destiny Bound are actually two cartridges stuck together, one for each of the two modes. In the sword form, the cartridges are held on the pommels of the swords, and the two other modes make room for the extra cartridge. The weapon itself being smart, it picks out which cartridge to use and loads the Dust for Ryuki.

Ryuki's fighting style is adaptive, changing like his weapon. When using his sword form, Ryuki retains a basic, attack-based style, being slightly aggressive but careful at the same time. When using the hammer form, Ryuki relies on quick judgement to counter the sluggishness of the weapon. When using the pistol form, Ryuki relies on quick evasion and guerilla tactics.

Ryuki's semblance, Discharge, increases the coefficient of friction in the various dust molecules and oxygen particles in the air around him in a spherical area with a radius of 20 meters. This means that the particles will become ionized, conducting electricity easier and increasing the heat of the specified area at the same time, creating more lightning and amplifying the heat of fire simultaneously.


Ryuki's personality is a complicated one.

First of all, he always considers events from other people's perspectives to gather more information and understand how other people feel at the same time. It's one of the parts of his personality that prevents him from being prejudiced.

Secondly, he never assumes anything unless there's logical evidence to prove that it does exist. This is also both logical and emotional in a way. For example, he always makes the best moves in chess, but also considers the emotions and feelings of his students to paint a picture of their lives at Beacon Academy.

Thirdly, he believes in adaptation. If an environment doesn't suit his needs, then he'll adapt to it, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If he can't change his environment, then he changes himself. 

Fourthly, he always tries to find balance and compromise. This is in tangent with his first part of his personality, as he considers what both people want, and tries to make a compromise out of that. 

Fifthly, he always thinks about others and himself at the same time. Like parts one, three, and four, he'll adjust himself so that he'll have the best life and give the best life to others at the same time.

Sixthly, his decisions are always made with confidence, never with hesitation because of parts one and two. In his opinion, if he doesn't do it with confidence, then there's something wrong with the decision.

Seventhly, he believes that all sentient beings, whether Faunus or human, are equal, and therefore deserve the same rights.

Eighthly, he believes that all beings have the right to love what they want, whether it be weird fetishes or forbidden people, for it makes him sad to see other people sad.

Ninthly, he tries to know what to take seriously and what not to take seriously. If it's a game or a joke, then he takes it lightly. But if it's for an entity's (human or group) own good, then he'll take it seriously.

Tenthly, he always tries to make himself seem trustworthy. If people don't trust him, then in his opinion, they won't believe a word he says, which in some cases can be harmful.

Eleventhly, he believes that no person is truly good or evil, just something in between. He knows that all people are not perfect, even himself, so he never bashes himself or others because of this.

To sum it up, he believes in a balance of dual aspects.

Ryuki himself is fairly friendly and sociable, and has a warm smile. His demeanor denotes a sensitive person and is someone to talk to in times of distress. He has a rather lax way of teaching, but his methods always have a meaning behind them. He will always support his students however much he can. He is also surprisingly sensitive, taking any matter almost seriously.


  • Yes, this may seem like a Gary Stu, but I just wanted to get this out. Plus, he already has a developed backstory as an adult.
  • Ryuki can actually hold his pistols in two different ways: the normal way, and the way Death the Kid from Soul Eater usually does it.
  • If you can't imagine the pistol form, just imagine the handgrips of the pistols and the daggers combined, with the lethal part of each weapon facing different directions.
  • Hiyama literally means sun mountain in Japanese.
  • This is probably my most detailed OC to date. 

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