Fan Fiction:
Author LordKeyZ
Genre Adventure, Romance, Comedy
Narrator Silver Shrike

Description: The Amnesiac Hero

The Mute Faunus

The Fated Dancer

The Runaway Heiress

Four separate heroes, bound together to rise against a threat even more grave than the Grimm themselves.  Together, these heroes shall rise among Vale's greatest protectors or lead it to its own annihlation.  Inspired by Monty Oum's series, RWBY.

This is: SLVR 



Every child whose ever lived on Remnant, whether they are Faunus or Humans, has heard the numerous tales of Hunters and Huntresses.  Heroes, guardians and sentinels against the dark looming threat of the Grimm.  All tales show them as knights in shining armor, fantasies of great battles and romance fill our heads when we are young… but the storytellers often leave out certain parts.  Or certain tales.

Many years ago, there was a Hunter born.  Concieved under the watchful eyes of the bird of black, the parents of this young boy named him after the legendary bird.  Raven was his name, a prodigy since birth he grew up to be a hero known throughout Vale.  He was unmatched in skill, mastering many styles as the years went by.  He led a team of those who could support him, and he fell in love with the most beautiful Huntress in all of Vale.  They were fearless in battle, Grimm would fall at their feet to the immense power of their love.  The two warriors, Raven and Dove, got married and were to live happily ever after… but Fate had other plans.

Sent on another mission, Raven and Dove went alone.  Dove was killed and Raven was alone.  Finishing the mission, Raven turned his back on the Hunters and Huntresses who had sent him and his Dove into the fray.  Raven went off into Forever Fall, never to be seen again.

Now, 8 years ago, a man was on his way home found a young boy beaten and unconscious on the side of the road.  Taking this boy home, the man treated the boy’s wound’s when he saw a mysterious symbol on his back.  The tattoo of a midnight black raven in flight.  The symbol of Raven.

These are the tales of this boy, the one who bears the symbol of the legendary warrior Raven and those affected by his legacy.  These are stories uncovered by the four teenagers fated to ease the pains of the past.

My name is Silver Shrike.  And this, is my story.

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