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The Sabbia Steelwork Factory (SSF, Sabbia Factory), owned by the Sabbia Family, is one of the largest

Sabbia Steelwork Factory

Weapon Manufacturer






Veloce Sabbia


Fiammata Sabbia

Notable Members

Scomodo Sabbia
Rufus Sabbia
Ashley Sabbia
Veloce Sabbia

producers and exporters of weapon materials(normally made of steels) in the world. The materials are transported by airships, for quicker and more easier construction. Unlinke the Schnee Dust Company, who are known for their contraversial labour forces, the SSF are known for changing the way hunters work, by letting them make what they want with their materials. They also have their own weapons too.

Notable Employes

  • Veloce Sabbia: Original Owner of the Sabbia Steelwork Factory
  • Scomodo Sabbia: Investigator of the Sabbia Steelwork Factory
  • Rufus Sabbia: Heir to the Sabbia Steelwork Factory
  • Fiammata Sabbia: CEO of the Sabbia Steelwork Factory

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