Alright, Grimm Slaying Time!
— Saffron, upon landing during the Initiation.
Saffron Cimmeria
Saffron Cimmeria
Age 17
Status Inactive
Color Golden Yellow
Gender Male
Species Human
Born Jan 13
Handedness Right Hand
Complexion White
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Height 5'11"
Weight 169 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AEGS
Partner Albus Bayeux
Job Types Berserker
Jobs Close Combat Specialist for Team AEGS
Personal Status
Relatives Father(Unnamed, Deceased)
Mother(Unnamed, Deceased)
Grandmother(Unnamed, Age 72)
Additional Info
Likes Lots of Meat
Sunny Days
Prospect of a coming battle
Dislikes Vegetables
Enemies who surrender
Special Skills Strong
Weaknesses Reckless Impulsive behavior
1 limited Ranged Attack
This OC is the property of Zelkstone. Use of this OC is prohibited unless given permission.

Saffron Cimmeria is an original character based on the RWBY-verse. His partner is Albus Bayeux and a part of Team AEGS. He was created on December 7, 2013 and is the property of Zelkstone.


Saffron as a Chibi

Saffron as a Chibi.

Saffron Cimmeria is about 5'11" and has a slightly muscular build. He has short red hair(with a strand sticking out) and green eyes. He wears a blue jacket with red trimmings on top of a white shirt, blue pants with red belts on the pant legs, and blue shoes.

He can also be seen wearing brown gloves.


Upon first meeting Saffron, you can already describe him in a couple of ways: Loud, Prone to Fights, No regard for Personal Space, and generally rude with his answers. His teammates, who will also agree on the previous assumptions, also note that he can be quiet when he needs to, willing to stop fighting to save/protect someone, will leave if you ask him to, and apologize given enough time. Everything he does, you can say he does on a whim, or when it strikes his fancy. But there's not a more reliable teammate than him whenever you are in trouble or when someone needs saving.


The teachers couldn't explain Saffron's complete change in behaviour. A few days ago, he was happy, loud, had a few close friends and was generally nice. Now, he always had a frown on his face, wouldn't answer when called upon, and even isolated himself from his friends. Saffron, meanwhile, had just received word that his parents were killed by the Grimm when they were forced to walk on their way home. He would just sit there doing nothing until it was Practical Training. He would wait with an impatient look on his face until the Grimm he was practicing on was released. He would then rush in and kill the Grimm before it could even take a few steps.

One day, before the start of another training session, Saffron heard that he was being called to the teacher's staff room. Angry that he was being called off from his next potential prey, he grudgingly walked towards the room. There, he was face to face with his grandmother, which greatly surprised him. Having heard from his teachers, his grandmother offered him a proposal: If he would quietly finish his training in this school and then get admitted into Beacon, he could learn more about the Grimm and kill them as much as he wished. The teachers were understandably shocked by this grandmother's words, and attributed it to losing her son and daughter-in-law. Saffron, for his part, agreed to his grandmother's proposal immediately. He had heard about Beacon, and saw it as a great opportunity to vent his anger and frustration on the Grimm, regardless if they were the ones who killed his parents or not.

So, until he turned 17, he trained and trained. He occasionally asked for help from his teachers, from tips on weapons handling to advanced sword tactics. When it came to making his weapon, his grandmother offered her assistance. As a Dust Engineer, she asked him what type of weapon he wanted. He answered that he only wanted a sword, something that could be easily put away without using a scabbard, and extremely lethal against the Grimm.

After successfully completing his training on this combat school, Saffron was now heading for Vale. He had his grandmother's support as well as some of the money given to him when his parents died. He boarded the ship for Vale without so much as looking back. He was determined to learn how to swiftly end the life of any Grimm he faced, and Beacon Academy was his best bet. After the Ship landed in Vale, he got off and walked around the city. It wasn't long before he got lost. He tried asking for directions on how to get to Beacon, but due to his attitude and sour expression, he was completely ignored or shooed away.

After walking for what seemed like 2 hours with no progress, Saffron sat on a bench and did some thinking. How did he turn this way? His parents were killed, but he also surmised he wasn't the only one who lost family. He even alienated his friends, and while his teachers helped him, they did so knowing he would leave if he passed. Even though he still had his grandmother, he left her to go here, to Vale. He never felt so alone in his entire life. 

Just then, a noise brought him back to reality. He looked up to see a girl standing close to him, and he just stared in awe. As to the reason why, the girl was wearing clothes with completely weird color combinations. Saffron wasn't familiar with girl fashions, and by the looks of it, so did the girl in front of him. The girl then, with some slight hesitation, asked him for directions to Beacon Academy, but since he was as lost as she was, he said he didn't know. Crestfallen, the girl quietly said thanks, and started to walk away. He went back to his thoughts, and then came to the realization that Beacon takes care of the Grimm using teams, and since he was gonna be in one, he concluded that he must adjust his temperament. To do that, he must change back to his old ways, while only directing his anger to the Grimm. 

He then stood up to search for the girl, not only to help her, but him as well.

Combat Style

Saffron's Combat style revolves around being very unpredictable. No finesse, no tactical thinking employed, not even any basic forms of swordsmanship is present. It's just pure, unaldulterated carnage. He fights this way since, from what he can gather from his lessons from his teachers in his old school, every technique, every sword stance, always had a weakness. The Grimm were different, but if he met a human opponent who knew the weakness to whatever style he was using, they'll be able to exploit it. And knowledge was also very important in the battlefield, so how about using a style that was so unpredictable, so insane, that no one knew how to deal with it properly. It also isn't restricted to swords either. If he can grab hold of it, Saffron will use it. To win is the only law in the battlefield, and Saffron pledged to follow that law, no matter the consequences.


Saffron's Sanguinum Vastata

MS Paint FTW!

Saffron's weapon, the Sanguinum Vastata(named it himself), is a Dust-Powered Chainsaw Sword(DPCS). It stands at about 5 ft., while weighing at 10 lbs. With the help of his grandmother and two teachers from his previous combat school, as well as some urging from Saffron himself, this weapon was created using Hunter-Grade materials. 

This weapon only has one form, but it can be given different abilities depending on what dust crystal is socketed at the "Engine" guard of the sword. The following abilities so far:

  1. Red - Increased Attack Power.
  2. Cyan - Increased Armor Penetration.
  3. White - Decreases the weight of the weapon.

The 10 gray rectangles on the side of the weapon are the indicators for the energy obtained when Saffron uses his Semblance. He can fire one small crescent wave for every indicator that get's filled up, with a total of 10 charges. Or he can wait until all 10 are full, then fire an extra large crescent wave. Another alternative is to save all 10 charges, point the sword at an enemy, then begin charging with the green bar acting as the indicator. When the bar reaches the yellow circle, Saffron can then fire a concentrated energy beam.

When not in use, Saffron attaches the weapon on a locking mechanism located on his back, with the mechanism resting on a belt.


Saffron's Aura is Blue in color. When he activates his Aura, the blades of the chainsaw are given a "keen edge", allowing extra penetrating power into an enemy. It also powers the chainsaw's engine, doubling it's spinning velocity.


Saffron's semblance is named "Blood Bond". A small field with a distinct marking forms on the ground around him, and any hunter/huntress in the field gets a smaller version of his emblem on the palm of their right hand. If any of them takes damage, it goes to Saffron instead. After passing into his body, it then goes into Sanguinum Vastata, visibly strengthening it. If enough energy is collected, Saffron can either fire:

  1. A large Crescent Wave.
  2. 10 smaller Crescent Waves.
  3. A concentrated energy beam.

This ability obviously comes with it's disadvantages. He must consciously receive any damage from anyone(except the Grimm) inside the field it generates. The energy he receives depends on the damage inflicted by the enemy. If he passes out before he releases the energy that was collected inside the sword, the energy dissipates. This is his only known range attack.


  • Saffron Cimmeria is alluded to Conan the Cimmerian, or more commonly know as "Conan the Barbarian".
  • Sanguinum Vastata is Latin for "Bloodthirsty Ravager".
  • Saffron can only socket a dust crystal only when the slot is empty, or if he ejects the previous crystal first. The engine automatically starts when he puts one in.
  • Saffron is a color that is a tone of golden yellow resembling the color of the tip of the saffron crocus thread, from which the spice saffron is derived.

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