Hero of your homeland? Defender of the wall?? Dont make me laugh! Someone like you is no better than me! No better than a DAMN MONSTER!
— Saffron to his partner Aval
Saffron Hurst
Age 22
Nickname Saff, Saffy
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Dark orange
Eyes Bright red
Height 5'4
Weight 70kg (without arms)
Professional Status
Affiliation Hurst family, Beacon
Partner Aval Herzen
Occupation Student, Lawyer
Personal Status
Relatives Crimson Hurst (sister)
Additional Info
Likes Law, his sister, wearable clothes
Dislikes Spiders, parents, staring


Saffron is a lean and short man with red eyes and shoulder length and rather messy dark orange hair. Saffron has a lean but solid build, with well toned muscles and especially large muscle buildup around his legs and midsection from having to carry his robotic arms around. Saffron's body is also especially pale and battered with a number of painful scars around his back and chest from previous medical proceedures. 

Saffron's two most noticeable traits when it comes to his body are his arms and face. Saffron's arms are interesting because they are not there, and have instead been replaced with robotics that start at the shoulder and end in massive clawed gauntlets instead of a hands. These gauntlets are especially large, bulky and crude look to them, looking like they were made of scrapyard material. The main section of the gauntlet consists of a large amount of metal that looks puzzled together and that can be 'opened' when required, and the claws at the end of the gauntlets are segmented, allowing for more mobility despite the crude design. The arms were made with little thought for Saffron in mind, and he has difficulty with standing, sometimes going down onto all fours to ease the weight off his body, and has trouble with even some of the most basic actions due to his claws. 

Saffron's mouth has gone through considerable surgical changes that have caused its current state. Most noticeably his cheeks have been removed, revealing the teeth underneath and causing the weakening of his jaw. To counteract this Saffron also have a pair of small mechanical hydraulics attached to the top and bottom half of his jaw on either side of his mouth, designed to help them close far stronger than they use to and increase the lethality of his his bite. The other major part of Saffron's mouth changes is the fact that he has had all of his teeth replaced with sharp metal fangs. These fangs are designed to shred flesh and crunch through bone at the cost of Saffron's overall wellbeing, as the fangs make simple tasks such as chewing difficult and leads to Saff having a raspy sounding voice. 

Saffron's outfit is a lot flashier than one would think it would be. He wears a pair of long gray chinos held up by black belt and wears a pair of brown sandals on his feet. Saff keeps his midsection wrapped in a large array of bandages as he finds it easier than finding clothes that fit over his arms and it helps ease the pain of his scars. Over the top of this Saff wears and old and battered dark brown longcoat which he has specially made to clip around his arms instead of needing fit over them, and he values it highly as it has been with him since he escaped his parents and stands as a testiment to everything he has accomplished in his eyes. To complete the outfit Saffron wears a large dirt colored wrap-scarf around his neck which he keeps propped up to mask the lower part of his face and he also wears an orange sash around his midsection over his coat to keep it tight and stop it from moving too much in combat. 


Weapons and Abilities


- Saffron is a orange spice used in cooking.

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