One cat down, 149 to go!!
— Safira, facing a horde of Ocelots

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Safira Lionhart
Age 16
Title Lightning Beauty
Nickname Saffy,


Status Active
Color Blazing Yellow
Gender Female
Race Human (American)
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Yellowish-white
Eyes Light Green
Height 5'1"
Weight 125 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Student (present)
Team Team ESPR
Partner Ein Schwarz
Additional Info
Likes Hanging out with friends, eating, pets, sleeping, running laps, sweets
Dislikes Reading, boring classes, annoying people, perverts


Safira's appearance is that of a "typical" blonde girl: Slim body, Messy waist-length hair, Bright green eyes, and an outstanding beauty. By standards, she can be considered "sexy" by some male students at Beacon.

She usually wears a red shirt underneathe a yellow jacket with the zipper zipped down just enough to show her cleavage (for reasons unknown). She wears a short, red, checkered skirt with a thick, brown leather belt. She sports a hairpin with a design of the Sun on her left side of her bangs, dual titanium bracelets on both wrists and armor-padded gloves to complement it. A bandage wraps around her left thigh while the right has a belt of shotgun shells around it.

When she attends the academy, she wears the formal Beacon uniform and her trademark Sun hairpin, although that she wears it on the right side, instead of the usual left.


Safira is an unusually very active and cheerful type of person. Her friendliness often goes to the extreme, as she would even go to the extent of doing anything just to befriend a person she likes, regardless of their external appearance or personality. Her extreme liveliness and friendly personality has earned her many friends, although she often considered by many as an eccentric person at times. One might say she is a happy-go-lucky person.

She is not the type of person that is to be taken lightly when she gets mad though, as she'll pulverize and destroy anything that'll annoy her. This can oftentimes cause some students to be sent to the medical ward due to serious injuries. Even then, she is always quick to recover, reverting back to her happy and cheerful self, although unaware of the damage she's done.


Her main armament is a pair of High Density Metal Boot-guns gHDMBs) called [Iron Maiden]. Normally, they look like a pair of ordinary boots when not in combat, but they rapidly transform into metal-clad boots with shotgun muzzles at the front and back part when she stamps her left foot twice.

The shotgun mechanisms of each boot, powered by a solid core of yellow dust, are fed by an automatic belt of shells, which is rarely replenished, as Safira rarely stays in a battle for too long. In the event that a shell would jam the entire loading mechanism, she can easily access the belt mechanism via the back part and carefully rip off the jamming shell from the belt without damaging the reloading system.

Her boots' metal parts are constructed from an extremely dense mixture of titanium and a mineral called "adamant" (possibly diamond), an extremely rare and very strong rock that is comparably light but equally hard to work with. Her father, the one who crafted her weapons, is shown to be a highly skilled craftsman in forging weapons, as the delicate parts of the weapon are very complex and hard to create without possessing such skills.

The Story So Far

Safira Lionhart is the only daughter of Christopher Lionhart, a veteran hunter. He often would tell little Safira of stories about hunters and their heroic deeds. She would later become fond of these tales as time passes, and she soon aspired to be a great Huntress. She told her father about her dream to become one, and he was happy for her. But he asked her what kind of weapon she would use, as he has no idea what she wanted. Young Safira told him ,"I want to kick those ugly Grimm's butts!". Her father, although he was oddly surprised at her statement, got the initial idea and later made her her weapons of choice.

He would always train her everyday, instructing her on the moves she needs to adjust, or the angle of her kicks. This continued on for weeks, which turned into months, that would later turn into years. When her father deemed her sufficiently trained, he called her and took out an old, wooden box. In the box was a picture of a young adult boy with a mechanical sword in hand next to photo of an academy with a handwritten words on it that read, "Beacon". Safira took out the photos and tried studying them hard. Her father chuckled and took out a blank envelope. Inside was a paper with the words "Beacon Academy Application Form". Safira became so much excited with joy, as she was finally coming one step closer to achieving her dream.

Her happiness was cut short ,however, as when she was returning home from the Academy, she found her home being ravaged by a Jäeger. She saw a glimpse of her father grievously injured. At that very moment, all her previous thoughts was replaced by one, enigmatic feeling that she never experienced before: Utter Rage. She charged at the Gigantic Grimm without thinking and immediately started attacking it relentlessly, growing more and more stronger with every landing hit. The surprised beast tried fighting back but it was unable to keep up with her continuous attacks, as she was too fast (Safira used her metal boot-guns' blasts as propellant). Little did she know that it was at that moment that her semblance was awakened. When the Grimm could longer take it, it decided to retreat and recuperate for now.

Satisfied that she drove off the battered and fleeing Grimm, Safira suddenly came back to her senses and remembered her grievously injured father. She immediately came to his side, cradling his head into her lap. She knew that it was already useless to bring him to a medical center now, as he has mostly bled out from multiple scratch and bite wounds suffered from the beast. All she could think of was to cry. Her father, although struggling with every motion, managed to wipe off a tear from his daughter's face. He smiled as he said his final words..

"Do...not one... Because...I..will side..."

Semblance, Aura and Abilities

She calls her semblance "Thunder Kick" which is actually a strength enhancer semblance, which she often uses to augment her own attacks (The origin of her semblance's name comes from the booming sounds her kicks make, similar to the booming thunder). Her aura grants her fast healing abilities, which she often uses to deal with minor injuries dealt by her opponents. This can be very handy in situations where unrelenting, continous attacks are needed to combat sturdy Grimm without being hampered by injuries.

Although she usually uses blanks, Safira will occasionally use a myriad mixtures and combinations of dust on her shells to efficiently combat certain foes, giving her an edge in combat.

She is a very excellent support fighter, efficiently backing-up the openings her teammates make, although she can hold her own just fine if she's alone, given her stamina is at full and her ammo count isn't depleted. It is notable that she gets powerful enough to face powerful enemies (e.g. Jäeger) if she gets angry, although this "advantage" is very unlikely to happen again since the incident.



Full view

- Her given name, "Safira", stems from the name of the main character from the movie "Eragon", while her surname, "Lionhart", comes from her tendencies to possess the fierceness of a lion, from which I also derived her color, Yellow.

- She constantly flirts with her Ein, intentionally showing him her cleavage or even lifting up her skirt, although he merely ignores the attempts.

- Safira still tracks down the Jäeger that attacked her father, although she still hasn't successfully found any clues to its whereabouts.

- She is more of a "glass cannon" than a tanker in her team.

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