Basic Overview

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human, Caucasian

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 127

Hair: Slicked back dark green hair with a light green tint

Eyes: Olive

Team: N/A

Color: Green (Specifically Sage)

Weapon: One WPSF (Weighted Pole-Sickle Flail) named Zhatey


Sage was born and raised on a farm outside of Vale. His family had purchased a good deal of a land generations ago, for cheap too since it was nearly on the edge of Vale’s field of influence. This means that there are few Hunters that swing by, and so a creature of Grimm is not an impossible sight. As such, it was normal for children to constantly be supervised and to be taught to run, and eventually fight, as soon as they could walk.

Sage is the seventh born of a big family, nine kids total. Between him and Varden, the sixth, there are four years, with Tawnee, the eighth, there is one year. This means that Sage was taught less by his parents, as they had to focus on his younger sibling, and was taught more by his older siblings, mainly by Alvern, the eldest. He was taught how to work on a farm, since that was his family’s lively hood. Little to no math or science was taught to him, and he was only taught to read and write very basic things.

In terms of fighting, he was taught to fight with common tools found around the farm; hoes, axes, scythes. However, he took a liking to two tools specifically, a sickle for cutting crops and a hammer for driving fence posts in. Alvern noted that not only did he prefer fighting with one of those than anything else, even the more efficient scythe, but he also was proficient with them.

One day, when he was ten years old, he and his whole family were working outside. He and his sister Tawnee were working to harvest some of the crop. There was a loud ruslting and the crops swayed violently; Alvern yelled that there was a hole in their fence. They were all attacked by a large group of Vulpeculas, led by a five-tailed one. Sage was using a scythe at the time, and used it to help fight them off. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tawnee get swiped by the five-tailed Vulpecula's paw. She fell to the ground, clutching her side in pain. Sage threw the scythe at the Vulpecula he was fighting, it embedded into its head. Sage then dove to protect his sister from the old Vulpecula looming over her; he grabbed her tool out of the dirt and smirked slightly. She had been using a sickle. He swung around to face the Vulpecula, and then hacked into its neck with the sickle. It backed off slightly, sizing up its new aggressive enemy, then went on the offensive. It lunged at Sage, but he side-stepped and brought the sickle down onto its neck, embedding the sickle in and deeping the cut he had made. He followed that up by pulling the sickle straight towards him, nearly severing its head. After a slight pause, Sage began to glow green and then he swung his sickle down on the Vulpecula one last time, severing the head clean off.

He looked up to see his family staring at him, there were no other Vulpeculas in sight. He was told later that the rest started running when he started hacking into the eldest Vulpecula's neck. By the time he killed it, it was the only one left. After that day, his parents bought him a sickle, with the explicit directions to always have it on him. His job on the farm changed, he became guard first, farmer second. On a trip to a junkyard a week later, he found an old lump hammer, and carried that around too since he liked using a hammer too.

That year was the most eventful year in Sage’s life. At least once a week, a Grimm or two would barge their way onto the farm. Each time Sage could take them down faster and faster, eventually treating it as practice more than anything. Teasingly, Tawnee said that he should tape the hammer and sickle together so he wouldn’t have to choose which one to use. Sage lit up, and that is exactly what he did. As you’d expect, it didn’t work well and fell apart as soon as he tried to use it. So he went back to the junkyard, and looked for a sickle, hammer, and a metal rod. He found it, and attached the sickle blade and hammer head to opposite sides of the rod. He called it a Weighted Pole-Sickle, and he used it so well, it was as if using them independently was just practice for when he got his hands on this.

At age twelve, his parents made a decision that was a first for their family. They decided to send their son to school. Sage was to attend Signal, in order to learn how to better defend the farm. At Signal, he was scoffed at for his make-shift weapon. He saw all the other students had weapons that could shoot and slash, or flipped into completely new weapons. Meanwhile his weapon was just two weapons taped together. When the time came for him to make his own weapon, he took his initial design for the Weighted Pole-Sickle, and modified it. When he finished, it was no longer a Weighted Pole-Sickle. It was now a Weighted Pole-Sickle Flail. He named it Zhaty.

He went through the Signal rather uneventfully, skating by in his academic classes and exceling in his combat ones. After graduation, he decided that becoming a Hunter would be better than returning to his farm right then and there. Plus, he wanted to stay in this new place for awhile.


On the farm, he is your average good-natured farm boy. Nice, polite, a bit naïve, but not too bright. However, when moving to Vale, he decided to reinvent himself. Modeling after what he thought a cool, hip city dweller would be like, he became a ladykiller. Or at least tried to. He ended up trying too hard, looking and acting like a tool and making himself look like a fool in the process. He tries to flirt with almost every girl, but doesn’t quite know how to. As such, he misses signals that a girl may give him, or they think he is just being sarcastic. All in all, his movement from farm to city brought out his naivety.


Sage looks like he came from a Greaser gang, if it located itself in the Emerald City. His hair is slicked back, and he has a pair of sunglasses with dark green lenses. He wears a leather jacket with green stripes around the cuffs. He leaves the jacket open, with a dark green shirt on under it. His pants are black, with a green leather belt. He wears black shoes with green laces.

Weapon and Abilities

Sage’s weapon of choice is a WPSF, Weighted Pole-Sickle Flail, named Zhaty. The weapon consists of two ends; a thick sickle blade and a large lump hammer head, connected by a metal rod about four feet long. Inside of the rod is a length of chain, which is used to turn either end into a flail at the push of a button. When the sickle blade is extended outwards by the chain, the blade splits into four thinner blades. At the push of the same buttons, the ends come back in. The sickle blades rejoin when it is brought out of flail mode.

Sage's Semblance is strength. When he uses it he glows sage and his attacks are stronger. However, using his Semblance saps his Aura quickly, making him progressively weaker as he uses it. As such, he only uses it in bursts. Even then, it causes him to need to rest a while, meaning that unless it is a last-ditch effort he only uses it as a finishing move.

Author's Notes

  • He is a long time coming.
  • Second OC, I think one every six months is good enough.

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