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Sairyō Ryōshi (最良漁師, The Best Hunter Four) is a title given to the most notable hunters and huntressess in Remant.


The Sairyō Ryōshi are meant to be a list of recognisable huntsman and huntresses who have served their generation well. They are chosen by public opinion and are declared in a hall of fame.


When man had found what they now appropiately call, dust and lead their way out of the void, how ever 4 people relied on thier own skills in their own struggle to push mankind on top of the chain. These four excelled in their own type of arts(doesn't mean there wasn't more than four). After, they were recognised as the first generation of the Sairyō Ryōshi.


Second Generation

  • Lacidem Wingshine
  • Veloce Sabbia
  • Yusin Swolsmun
  • Njing Bunsal

Third Generation

  • Lynette Wingshine
  • Suoengi Rocker
  • Fabrian Abgestanden
  • Xavier Lynx

Fourth Generation

  • Raymond Panner
  • Aleski Berg
  • Helenia Panner
  • Ian Berg

Sixth Generation

  • Siavash Hami
  • Pametan Pogoditi
  • Eis Schneider
  • Glace Bouclier

Seventh Generation


  • Team JORE is not going to one(just something I thought you should know).
  • No one will be replacing them.
  • I only wrote 4 of them because I'm too lazy to write 100 names.
  • Depending on how long ago humanity found dust, the generation numbers will change.
  • 69% of the names I probably made up. I'm not kidding you.

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